Disport and alcohol: consequences, interaction, feedback, through how much you can

Dysport - a preparation based on botulinum toxin, used in cosmetic medicine to smooth out facial wrinkles, for medical purposes to eliminate blepharospasm, torticollis. The intake of alcohol affects the effectiveness of the drug.

Disport and alcohol

The composition of the Dispensation includes botulinum neurotoxin, which is dangerous for humans. It is formed, for example, in spoiled canned food in the absence of access to oxygen, is a deadly poison if ingested with food.

When absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive tract, botulinum neurotoxin or botulinum toxin causes paralysis of the respiratory muscles, cardiac arrest. Without treatment, botulinum neurotoxin poisoning causes death in 50% of cases.

In cosmetology, microdoses of this neurotoxin are used, no harm to the body in such insignificant concentrations of toxin. Having completed its task, the toxin is safely cleaved by the body and after 2 days it is completely excreted by the kidneys.

How to perform the procedure

How the Disportation Procedure Works Botulinum toxin refers to muscle relaxants, blocks the transmission of a nerve impulse that provides muscle contraction. At the same time, muscle nutrition, blood supply is not violated. This property is a toxin and is used in the preparation Dysport for smoothing wrinkles caused by contraction of facial muscles.

For cosmetic purposes, injections are made between the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes, where most of the crow's feet, forehead, bridge of the nose, back of the nose. The injection is done under local anesthesia, after injection the injection site is treated with ice for 10-15 minutes.

If all the rules are observed visually, the effect of the Dispensation is manifested 2-3 days after the introduction, for a duration of 14 days the effect is strengthened, the effect of injection of the drug persists for 4-6 months.

The drug is administered intramuscularly after pretreatment with chlorhexidine solution. The injection is done after a local anesthetic cream. After the introduction of Disport, ice is applied to the injection site.

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Botulinum toxin is administered in small portions, at special points, relaxing muscles in areas with wrinkles. The session lasts 20-30 minutes. The best cosmetic effect is achieved by 2-3 sessions. The skin becomes smooth, fresh.

For the procedure to please the result, it is necessary to understand in detail the question of whether it is possible after drinking alcohol to drink alcohol and how much time it is better to abstain from it.

How ethanol affects

Botulinum venom, which serves as the active ingredient of Disport, has the ability to easily penetrate into surrounding tissues. In the instructions to the drug indicates that the place of administration of the drug can not be heated, you can not visit the sauna, sauna, solarium.

All these restrictions are caused by the need to concentrate the drug as much as possible at the injection site, to reduce its diffusion into surrounding tissues. This is necessary in order to get the planned result - a beautiful face.

This property of ethanol makes the combination of Disport and alcohol undesirable. After a glass of wine, the blood flows to the face, the diffusion of the neurotoxin into neighboring muscles and tissues grows. The result of taking alcohol can be a distortion of the outline of the face.

Possible consequences of

Although alcohol and Dysport do not interact directly with each other, there should be no alcohol in the blood at the time of drug administration.

Ethyl alcohol in the body:

  • Disrupts the distribution of botulinum toxin in tissues;
  • Affects the rate of absorption of the drug;
  • Retains fluid in the body;
  • Disables monitoring of the situation, leading to carelessness and violation of the instruction.

Why not? With the introduction of muscle relaxants in the presence of alcohol, the distribution of botulinum toxin in muscles is disturbed. Especially strongly this violation affects small, mobile facial muscles.

Alcohol intake changes the absorption rate of the neurotoxin, making the effect unpredictable. Increased blood flow leads to the migration of toxin into surrounding tissues, reduces the concentration of the drug at the point of introduction of Disport.

In addition, after the introduction of the Dispute, there are prohibitions that must be strictly enforced. For example, you can not touch the places of administration, massage them, you can not tilt your head for 3-4 hours.

Alcohol retards fluid in the body, and this is especially undesirable in the first day. The stimulating effect of ethyl alcohol increases the activity of peripheral nerve receptors regulating muscle contractions.

And this is exactly the opposite of that braking, paralyzing influence of the Dysport on the muscles that it renders while conducting. Thus, alcohol neutralizes partially the action of botulinum toxin.

Alcohol intake when taking Dysport causes such side effects as:

  • upper eyelid edema;
  • omission, lifting of the eyebrows;
  • pain at the injection site;
  • vision impairment;
  • promotes the emergence of allergies, increasing the load on the liver.

An unpleasant surprise of the interaction between Dysport and alcohol is the complete absence of the expected cosmetic effect or its short-term effect.

The tightening, rejuvenating effect of the drug becomes in some cases already 2 days after the injection. In other cases, you have to wait for the visible result for a week.

Through how much you can take alcohol

Through how much you can drink alcohol after Dysport To completely eliminate the possibility of alcohol in the blood, 2 weeks before the introduction of the drug should act as a dry law and only 2 weeks after the injection it is permissible to drink another glass.

The prohibition on alcohol within 14 days after the introduction is caused by the fact that the neurotoxin penetrates into tissues not instantaneously, but for 2-7 days. The most dangerous day when you can not drink alcohol, because it is very risky, this is the first day after the injection.

At this time, side effects of the action of botulinum neurotoxin may appear. Although it is introduced in microdoses, however, the body's response is always individual and unpredictable. And this is another reason why you should refrain from "washing".

Side effects of botulinum toxin may be dizziness, drowsiness, headache, pain at the injection site. Introduction Disport can cause allergies. Alcohol enhances the side effect of botulinum toxin, especially this is its property when allergic to Dysport.

These effects begin to appear after the administration of the drug and disappear in 1-2 days. And after this time, the result becomes visible, which grows within 2-7 days.

If you take alcohol in the first 7 days after the injection, then the action of ethanol will cause the blood to spread into the nearby muscles, which will distort the shape of the face.

The maximum effect of the introduction of the Dispensation is manifested 10-14 days after the injection. After the 14th day, it becomes possible to correct the facial features by introducing additional injections of Disport.

Conclusions of

There are some disagreements about the time of the ban on alcohol when treating Disport.2 weeks before the treatment and 10-14 days after the injection, some doctors consider it possible to limit 3 days before the injection and a week after the injection.

But is it worth the risk of health, beauty, material costs, finally, for the sake of alcohol? Would not it be safer to celebrate after two weeks, laid out according to the instructions?

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