A hard abdomen with constipation

Many people have a very delicate problem, which is often embarrassed to turn to doctors and which greatly violates the quality of a person's life. It's constipation. A firm stomach is his constant companion. A similar sign of dysfunction of the digestive organs is connected with the fact that when a delay of acts of defecation for 3 or more days in the human intestine a large number of fecal stools accumulate. They begin to decompose, resulting in increased gas formation. These processes lead to the fact that with prolonged constipation the stomach always hardens. Such a sign brings the patient considerable discomfort, pain and a lot of inconvenience. How to get rid of this pathology and what to do so that the negative manifestations associated with stool retardation cease to appear? This question worries many patients with this ailment.

In order to achieve the desired result, first of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of long constipation, and as a consequence, the hard abdomen. Factors that can provoke chronic disorders of the stool with difficult acts of defecation, a great many. If you have this symptomatology, you should consult a specialist so that through diagnostic tests you can exclude the presence of dangerous ailments accompanied by long delays in the stool. In the event that a hard abdomen during constipation is caused by the presence in the intestine of a large number of gases and stagnant feces that have resulted from an improper diet or lifestyle, experts recommend normalizing the work of the intestine. With this task, any person can cope independently at home, without resorting to the help of medicines.

Treatment of constipation is primarily in the normalization of the food process. This is achieved by stopping the accumulation of feces in the intestines and, as a consequence, excessive hardness and bloating disappear, which cause the patient a lot of problems. To achieve this, it is necessary to include in the diet a large amount of fiber contained in vegetables and fruits, not to neglect the daily use of soups, which also contribute to the normalization of the digestive system. Just do not forget that they need to cook on a weak broth, which will not cause increased constipation and, at the same time, hardening of the stomach. Drug treatment can also be applied, only all drugs for it should be prescribed by a specialist and taken under his control to avoid the occurrence of side effects.

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