Effective methods of recovery after a stroke and information about rehabilitation centers

Stroke is characterized by acute circulatory failure in the human brain, which can develop quite rapidly( from a couple of minutes to several hours).When one of the blood vessels in the brain is clogged or if a spasm or sharp narrowing occurs, blood no longer flows to it, and hence oxygen. The whole process leads to oxygen starvation, which causes nerve cells to die. Stroke now occupies the next place after a heart attack, which most people need to follow certain medical recommendations to prevent recurrence and complications of the disease.

Consequences after cerebral stroke

Since there are three types of stroke, the consequences of each of them may also be different. Depending on the cause of the onset of the stroke, this disease is divided into several types:

  • Ischemic
  • Hemorrhoidal( hemorrhagic)
  • Right side
  • Left-side
  • Extensive
  • Micro-insult.

Consequences of ischemic stroke

Ischemic type of stroke is considered the most common( about 80% of cases).This type of stroke is characterized by a spasm or blockage of the blood vessel with a thrombus. The consequences after an ischemic stroke will depend on a number of reasons for which it was caused. But the very degree of brain damage is very important:

  • When a small vessel is affected, the ischemic type of stroke in most cases proceeds favorably under the condition of appropriate treatment, that is, the probability of complete recovery of impaired brain function is high.
  • A prolonged course of ischemic stroke can attract serious complications, including worsening of the disease, repeated strokes, pneumonia, etc. But this case can also have a favorable outcome if treatment is scheduled soon.
  • There are also such rare cases when, despite the treatment, the condition does not improve and the symptoms increase. This indicates the presence of a subacute period of ischemic stroke.

Consequences of hemorrhagic stroke

The hemorrhoidal type of stroke is still very often called hemorrhagic. It is characterized by the rupture of the vessel and the outflow of blood from it into the substance of the brain. This leads to the appearance of a hematoma in the brain, which by its presence puts pressure on the tissues surrounding it, thereby causing swelling, and then death of nerve cells. The risk of occurrence after hemorrhagic stroke will depend on the localization in the brain:

  • Cerebellar lesion will lead to disruption of the coordination of movements
  • The opposite side from the lesion can be paralyzed or on this side of the body( on the arm or leg) there will be paresis
  • When the hematoma is localized on the left sidethe brain can be disturbed until it is completely lost. There is a violation of the letter, memory and psycho-emotional sphere.

Stroke can cause vascular dementia - acquired memory impairment and intellectual abilities of a person due to cerebrovascular disease. With a lack of oxygen, the brain cells responsible for behavior and perception die, changing the patient beyond recognition.

Hemorrhoidal stroke is one of the most severe forms of brain pathologies. Learn about what can be dangerous this disease you can here.

Another disease that can develop after a stroke is cerebral edema. The edema of the brain is a reaction of the human body to excessive loads. More information about this can be found here: http: //gidmed.com/ bolezni-nevrologii / sherepno-mozgovye-travmy / otek-golovnogo-mozga.html

Consequences of right-sided stroke

Right-sided stroke is diagnosed much later than left-sided. Consequences of untimely referral to physicians with a stroke of the right side of the hemisphere are:

  • Paralysis of the face, legs, or hands on the left side
  • Impaired perception and sensation. That is, a person can feel that he has many hands or feet paralyzed, or there are none at all.
  • Memory loss or lack of memories of recent events.
  • . Difficulty in estimating the size, distance, landmark. A person can be improperly dressed or dressed.

Consequences of left-sided stroke

Left-sided stroke is statistically more common than right-sided( about 57%).Since the left side of the hemisphere of the brain is directly responsible for speech and logic, in addition to paralyzing the body from the right side, the consequences of a stroke can be:

  • A speech violation, fuzzy, incomprehensible and incomprehensible sound, a person can speak only a part of the word or at all speak in sound sets
  • Paralysis of the body on the right side, hands or feet on the same side
  • Violation of reading, writing, articulation
  • Lost speech memory
  • Over time, a person can gradually begin to closein itself, because communication with other people it is limited.

Consequences of extensive cerebral stroke

The extensive stroke of is characterized by the involvement of a significant amount of brain tissue in the brain hemorrhage process. The larger the brain lesion area with the larger stroke, the more complex the consequences can be:

  • The appearance of the paresis( when the movements are partially violated) or paralysis( when the human body can not move at all)
  • When the left region of the temple is damaged, speech is disturbed, because the temporal partthe brain is responsible for the ability to talk
  • The most dangerous consequence of an extensive stem stroke is a coma condition or sudden death of
  • . In a large stroke, brain tissue impregnated with blood diedThey can not recover again, therefore, not only the motor functions of a person, his hearing, sight, speech, may suffer, but persistent disorders of consciousness may also appear. The most severe cases are characterized by the stopping of breathing and the cessation of cardiac activity.

Microinsult can be called the most dangerous type of stroke, because its people sometimes do not notice. The microinsult in a person is characterized by a change in the blood vessels in the brain after suffering hypertension, atherosclerosis and other diseases, which can lead to the following consequences:

  • There may not be significant consequences, but if they appear, they have the form of ischemic or hemorrhoidal( hemorrhagic) stroke
  • Veryoften after a micro stroke, people become irritable, aggressive or even whiny
  • Dementia may develop gradually, which is caused by a vascular disturbance in mozg.

The effects of stroke in older people

Elderly people suffer a stroke much more often and more difficult than the young, due to changes in blood vessels with age. After the onset of 55 years with every subsequent ten years, the likelihood of occurrence and development of a stroke can be doubled. The older the age of a person suffering from a stroke, the worse the consequences.

The main cases of stroke after 80 years later resulted in paralysis, a year later there could be a slight improvement, but, unfortunately, after two years, one should expect either deterioration or relapse.

Rehabilitation - methods and timing of recovery

The process of rehabilitation after an attack of stroke is very important, because it is he who can help a person to continue to live almost the same life. For an early and effective return to the old life, rehabilitation is best spent in specialized centers, where stroke treatment is complex. Usually this process can take a long time, but each case is individual, so some people can get back to normal faster, and some later.

The procedure for recovery after a stroke to date, there are quite a lot, but one of the most effective is the special general fortifying complex of LPC, details of which are written below.

The recovery period is divided into three parts:

  • Restorative early( 6 months)
  • Restorative late( 6 months - 1 year)
  • Residual period( when at least 1 year after the attack).

In the first three months of the early recovery period, forces and movements are established in the affected side of the body. Mental and social rehabilitation requires a longer time.

Treatment and rehabilitation after a stroke at home

Rehabilitation is also possible at home, although it is considered not the most effective, because in specialized institutions, it is usually carried out in combination with drug therapy and exercises.

Motor and speech rehabilitation

To restore the motor activity, it is necessary to select individually a physician a complex of physical exercises( physical exercises), which will consist of active as well as passive limb movements and breathing exercises. Physical and respiratory exercises should be started at the earliest possible time after the attack.

Effective speech recovery program after a stroke

To effectively restore speech, you need to know with what type of stroke a person is dealing with. For each patient, a different logopedic load is selected, and exercises are gradually complicated. At home, the patient can simply sing - using the elements of music therapy very often gives persistent, rapid positive results in restoring speech, because singing is usually accompanied by a positive atmosphere.

Left or right hand

Restoring hand movements after a stroke is the most difficult, because most of the nerve connections in the brain are responsible for hand movements. But you can still restore it if you connect it to everyday life as early as possible. It is necessary to understand that this is labor-intensive work and the process can be long and at the same time effective. It will be best if you fix a healthy hand on something near the body for 5 hours and all this time you try to work at home with a sick person - eat, walk with a dog, print on a computer, wipe dust, etc. These 5 hours should bethe most active.

Vision recovery

Only the help of a qualified ophthalmologist can restore vision. Considering various factors, each ophthalmologist individually selects a program for restoring vision for each patient, which can consist of medical treatment, surgical operation, a complex of exercises and gymnastics.

Restoration of swallowing

After a stroke, some people may feel food or drinks on one side of their mouth. Here, there is a need to learn again. In parallel, you can perform the following exercises that help restore swallowing:

  • Let the patient mimic swallowing
  • Simulate yawning with a wide-open mouth
  • Rinse the throat with simple water
  • Simulate cough
  • Let the cheeks inflate and hold this position for 5-6 seconds
  • Stretches the sound "and"this finger will tap on the larynx.

Proper nutrition after an ischemic stroke

Nutrition and a diet after a stroke attack has certain important principles that consist in the use of a minimum amount of salt and animal fats.

Complications after an ischemic stroke can be minimal if a highly effective treatment using modern drugs starts during the "therapeutic window" that lasts for three hours after ischemic attack. Therefore, it is important to give the patient as much as possible first aid in case of stroke.

More information about the treatment of ischemic stroke and further rehabilitation can be found here.

Restriction in the consumption of animal fats can significantly lower the level of cholesterol, which helps to avoid relapse of the disease. A minimal salt intake allows you to normalize blood pressure. After all, normal blood pressure indices greatly facilitate the recovery of the body after an attack of stroke and prevent the defeat of new areas of the brain. In addition, a specialized diet brings the weight of a person back to normal, which is important for complete rehabilitation.

It is recommended to pay attention to the consumption of fruits, vegetables, fiber, juice, fermented milk products and light vegetarian soups. Potatoes, carrots, cabbage, citrus and apricots are rich in potassium, which has a beneficial effect on the body after a stroke.

How to make massage after a stroke

The technique of rehabilitation massage consists of the following measures: the patient is put on his back, the injured arm is diverted to the side so that it lies at shoulder level, and the forearm, hands and fingers should be maximally unbent. You need to massage all the bending places( brushes, fingers, elbows).Massage should be slow, not cause pain and muscle tone.

For a paralyzed leg after a stroke, the same massage as for the hand is performed, only a small cushion or towel should be placed under the knee.


Nowadays the market offers a wide range of specialized simulators for restoring the motor functions of the legs, hands and fingers. Such simulators allow the home to restore, without lifting the patient from bed. Their work is based on training the limbs, even if the patient does not feel them, developing joints, stimulating nerve endings and restoring working capacity.

Medical rehabilitation

It is based on the use of drugs and injections, which restore metabolic disturbances in brain tissue, and they in turn affect hemodynamic parameters. Also, these drugs act on brain metabolism. Often physicians individually appointed nootropic drugs, beneficially affect the metabolism of neurons and integrative functions of the brain.

Rehabilitation after a stroke with folk remedies

There are no strict prescriptions for restoring the body after an attack of a stroke, but you can help the body recover by following the recommendations below:

  • You should spend the early time after an attack in bed
  • Tea should be replaced with sage or mint tea.
  • Before going to bed drinka glass of warm milk
  • Start eating more lemons.

Tincture on pine cones. Pile a handful of cones, after pouring them with 70% alcohol or vodka. The resulting mixture is poured into glassware and placed in a refrigerator for several weeks.1 spoon of this tincture, soaking in the morning after breakfast, will help the body to be rehabilitated sooner.
Herbal treatment. Decoction of garlic, or onion, dog rose, lily of the valley, hawthorn or beet will become an auxiliary measure to the main treatment. Using folk remedies, one must necessarily consult with the corresponding doctor, because the misuse of herbs can harm the health.

Rehabilitation Centers and Specialized Sanatoriums for Stroke Patients

Such facilities help stroke patients recover faster and more efficiently to return to their previous lives. Below you can find out more about prices, service spectra and view their addresses in different cities.

In Moscow and Moscow Region

The rehabilitation center for the recovery of people after a stroke "Three Sisters" is located in the Moscow region in the village of Mityatinino.
Rehabilitation in this center, which consists of 21 days, will cost 252,000 rubles. It is possible to place a relative with a patient, which requires an additional fee of 3,000 rubles.per day including meals. In detail about all services it is possible to call on ph.8( 499) 922-66-05.

In St. Petersburg

Mykolaiv hospital in St. Petersburg is engaged in the recovery of patients after a stroke, heart attack and various brain injuries. Located on the street. Konstantinovskaya, 1.Tel. To refine the prices: 450-57-26( 29).

In Novosibirsk

Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Clinic NIITO specializes in the recovery of the body after various diseases, including stroke. It is located in Novosibirsk on the street Nemirovich-Danchenko, 60-a. Prices should be specified by phone: +7( 383) 314-47-98;+7( 383) 314-35-64.

In Yekaterinburg

Pavlova Clinic in the city of Yekaterinburg offers its wide range of rehabilitation services, including recovery after the transfer of any type of stroke. There is a clinic along Butorin Street, 3a.

The cost of logopedic individual lessons of 1 hour is 550 rubles. Preliminary program and treatment, as well as their cost, are discussed specifically with the doctor. Phones for questions and information: 264-66-63, 229-95-45.

Rehabilitation center after a stroke in Krasnoyarsk

The Siberian Clinical Center of FMBA of Russia offers to undergo rehabilitation and rehabilitation after suffering various diseases, including stroke. It is located at ul. Kolomenskaya, 26. The cost of services, for example, the preparation of a program for rehabilitation will cost 266 rubles. Tel. For detailed information on services and prices:( 391) 277-33-55( 391) 262-40-67

In Chelyabinsk

Neurological clinic of doctor ID.Bubnova deals with the problems associated with various diseases and malfunctions of the nervous system. The clinic is located at ul. Pushkin d.12.Tel. For clarification of detailed questions and prices:( 351) 727-71-80

In Sestroretsk

Medical center "Adeli" restores people's health after a stroke. Address of this centerBorisova, 9.To clarify the prices and services, call these numbers:( 812) 437-40-75, 437-09-07

In Chelyabinsk

The health center for health restoration after the attack of the stroke "Academy of Health" will help to recover after a stroke. There is this center on the street. Sulimova, house 94 / c. To find out the prices, days and hours of reception, call: +7( 351) 750-48-75.

In Tyumen

Tyumen Rehabilitation Center, which has 2 branches:

  1. of the Republic, 148/1.References: 7( 3452) 32-24-96
  2. Latitude, 29 k3.References: 7( 3452) 34-95-45,

is engaged in the rehabilitation of people who have suffered various neurological diseases. To clarify the prices for services, you should call the above-mentioned phones.

In Ufa

Clinical City Hospital No. 5 will provide a service for drawing up a plan for rehabilitation after a stroke. Tel.to clarify the mode of operation:( 347) 272-61-20

In Kiev

The center of fungotherapy, bioregulation and Ayurveda in the Kiev region invites patients for rehabilitation and recovery after a stroke. The prices, a spectrum of services, an operating mode and reception hours can be asked on the following phones:( 044) 331-74-44;(050) 331-74-44.

In Dnepropetrovsk

The center of identity restoration, as well as the rehabilitation of Eden, which is located on the street. Vatutina, 39, performs complex recovery after a variety of diseases. All the detailed and reliable information should be received by phones:( 0564) 95-81-12, 53-40-42.

In Belarus

The leading medical neurological rehabilitation center "Eleos" is engaged in multidisciplinary programs for rehabilitation and rehabilitation of people after a stroke and is located on the street. F. Skorina 12 in the city of Minsk. The following phones are provided for clarification of additional questions: +375 29 165 60 47.

In the Aksakov district of

, the Republican polyclinic of rehabilitation in the Aksakov district is located 25 km from the city of Minsk. It deals directly with the rehabilitation process after a stroke, the cost of which can be clarified by phones: +375( 17) 509-72-42.Also on the above phone you should find out the address of the center.

In Crimea

Lermontov sanatorium in Odessa conducts treatment of heart diseases, blood vessels, central nervous system, neuroses, spinal injuries, recovery after a stroke and other rehabilitation programs. Located on the street. Lermontovsky Lane, 2. Prices should be specified. Tel.: +7( 499) 704-56-97;+3( 0692) 53-76-57.

In China

To apply for recovery and rehabilitation in China, call the following numbers:

  • For Vladivostok +7( 423) 246-46-00
  • For Moscow +7( 495) 721-48-40
  • For Yakutsk +7( 4112) 75-48-48
  • For Krasnodar +7 989 272-19-62
  • 24-hour hotline +7 914 960 12 10.

You can also ask about these phone numbers about the cost of rehabilitation.

In Israel

To go through the rehabilitation process in Israel after suffering a stroke, you can call the following phone number + 7-495-745-3376, send SMS here +380( 97) 323-78-56 or write an e-mail to lena @ hospitals-in-Israel.com. The average cost of rehabilitation in Israel per day can range from $ 750 to $ 950.

Where it is possible to undergo rehabilitation for free and under what conditions

To place an elderly person who has suffered a stroke for free rehabilitation, you need to contact the district social protection agencies, as well as the pension department with a statement. After this, the patient can be provided with a voucher for a free sanatorium at the expense of the state.

We offer a video of the program "Live Healthily" with Elena Malysheva, which tells how to restore motion after a stroke:

Prevention of a recurrent stroke

To prevent a stroke or to avoid a relapse, it is recommended to consider and adhere to the recommendations below:

  • If you carefully monitor blood pressure, strokecan be avoided, because it is high blood pressure that often provokes the onset of the disease.
  • If blood pressure is increased, adequately selected means against high blood pressure together with moderate physical loads will help it to normalize.
  • It is recommended to try to spend more time outdoors, outdoors and not hurrying a lot to walk.
  • It's better not to abuse alcohol, because it increases the risk of a stroke several times.
  • Normal weight will help not only to avoid a stroke, but also to feel better.
  • Try to experience more positive emotions, a good mood and find reasons for laughter and joy.
Virtually any disease lends itself to a complete cure, but for him the psychological mood of the patient and the surrounding people is very important. Therefore, believe in recovery and return to the old way of life.
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