1, 2, 3, 4, 6 tablets from worms, single use of a large tablet for humans, the name of a disposable medicine for helminths

Such an attack as helminths, parasites living at the expense of humans and feeding on the resources of its internal organs, affects a large number of people each year, both children and adults. It is because of the diversity of parasite representatives, the differences in their localization in internal organs and the harm they cause, it is quite difficult to choose a course of treatment for worms with certain tablets. For some types of parasites, it is enough to take a single dose of a certain medication, and from other helminths you can get rid of only by applying 2, 3, 4 or 6 tablets from worms throughout the month.

Antiparasitic drugs are specific drugs that are used in medicine for various forms of invasion. They are divided into 2 groups - selectively acting on a certain type of parasites and having a wide spectrum, that is, destroying 1, 2, 3 or more species. The therapeutic course is chosen only by a specialist and a one-time or multiple-use tablet is taken from worms based on their name and under its control. For the most effective treatment, they are conducted in several stages. Usually assigned 3:

  1. The human body is prepared for the forthcoming expulsion of parasites with pumpkin or linseed oil. This process lasts depending on the type of worms 2 or 3 weeks. At the time of it, the patient may also be prescribed antibacterial pills and antispasmodics. This course of preparatory therapy is necessary in order to remove the toxic products formed in the body during the life of the parasites. Only after it is completed, anthelmintic medications can be applied once or repeatedly;
  2. This stage of treatment consists of prescribing the patient specific waxy tablets. They can be large enough, so before using them should be crushed. Treatment of them is carried out in most cases under the supervision of a specialist because of their high toxicity. Most often, such tablets are used from worms, the active substance of which is praziquantel. The names they have are different, so the choice of a suitable tool is performed by a specialist. If a person has flat parasites, the medicine is prescribed in a daily dose of 80-150 mg per 2 kg of body weight. This amount is divided into two or three receptions depending on the patient's condition. After 3-6 months, by examining the feces, the effectiveness of these tablets is checked from the worms;
  3. The third stage of rehabilitation. Its purpose is to restore the damaged internal organs. For this, cholagogue, laxatives and enzyme preparations are used.

1, 2 or 3 tablets are better from worms?

Any medicines intended to expel parasites from the patient's body, even single-acting, and considered safe enough, have great toxicity. It is because of this that their application should always be agreed with the doctor and strictly adhere to the instructions for admission, especially since there are several types of parasitic worms, to get rid of which requires either a single or multiple intake of a certain medication.

From nematodes or round worms it is best to dispose of large-sized tablets called Decaris. The active substance of the drug is levamisole hydrochloride, which has a paralytic effect against ascarids and pinworms. A single dose of these tablets from worms for an adult is 150 mg. It is used after meals once, if necessary, repeat this one-time procedure two weeks later. With the use of this drug, there may be side effects, so children under 3 years of age are not recommended.

From cestodes or tapeworms, experts advise such effective tablets as Albendazole. It is an anthelmintic preparation from the benzimidazole group. It is active both in respect of sexually mature individuals and their eggs. It is prescribed for diagnosing diseases that are caused by bovine or porcine chain, echinococcus and other representatives of this type of parasite. A single dose of a drug for an adult should not be more than 400 mg. The course of treatment depends on an accurate diagnosis. Contraindications for the use of this drug are pregnancy, eye retinal pathologies and liver disease.

If a patient has flat worms, he is most often prescribed a tablet called Vermox. This drug on the basis of albendazole promotes the destruction of sexually mature individuals, eggs and larvae. The daily norm for each specific patient is established by a specialist individually. These large tablets are not recommended from worms for admission to children who have not reached the age of two, as well as to pregnant women.

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