The course of treatment of hemorrhoids - complex therapy of the disease

Hemorrhoids among people is a fairly common disease, and therefore the methods of its effective treatment are of concern to many.

Experienced proctologists, answering the question, what should be the course of treatment of hemorrhoidal disease, insist on an integrated approach to solving the problem.

What is a comprehensive treatment for hemorrhoids?

Under the complex course of treatment, as a rule, a combination of different therapies is implied. In most patients, this course includes the following mandatory activities:

  • following the principles of a specially selected diet;
  • regular exercise of a set of exercises;
  • reception of pharmaceutical preparations;
  • surgical treatment methods( if there is evidence).

This course of hemorrhoid therapy includes, among other things, prevention of congestion and prevention of constipation.

Even after completing the course of treatment and having coped the main symptoms of the disease, it is not necessary to depart from performing gymnastics and observing the diet. This way of life will allow you not to remember for a long time about hemorrhoids. The diet from constipation should include vegetables, fruits, sour-milk products, some cereals. But from astringent fruits, rice, coffee and alcohol should abstain.

Despite the fact that complex hemorrhoid therapy is impossible without exercise, from power loads and sudden changes in loads within one session should be discarded. It will be enough for ordinary gymnastics with the inclusion of special exercises Kegl.

The course of hemorrhoids treatment must necessarily select a proctologist taking into account the features of the course of the disease of a particular patient and the degree of its severity.

Most often, patients under conservative treatment are prescribed conservative therapy. It is highly effective in hemorrhoids of mild and moderate severity of any localization.

One of the most important conditions for successful treatment is normalization of the digestive system, relief of pain syndrome, elimination of inflammation, relaxation of the patient's rectum sphincter, elimination of thrombosis of the hemorrhoidal node and normalization of blood microcirculation.

Modern pharmacology offers a wide range of medical products to achieve the above goals. And the only problem you can face is to choose the right drug in order to successfully complete a course of complex therapy.

Features of the course of treatment of hemorrhoids

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of medicine, it is necessary to know the mechanisms of the work of medicines, and how they should influence the organism. So, within the framework of complex treatment of hemorrhoids, the following drugs are used:

  • thrombolytic;
  • is a laxative;
  • anesthetic;
  • antibacterial.

Drug treatment can be of two main types:

  • local( gels, ointments, suppositories, creams);
  • total( capsules, tablets, injections).

To eliminate pain in hemorrhoids, it is best to use painkillers of combined action in the form of ointments, suppositories or gels. Often prescribed medicines, such as Ultraprotect, Procto-Glivenol or Aurobin. Recently some proctologists prescribe to their patients anesthetics of a new generation - Emla or Neufuan, which includes substances such as neomycin and lidocaine. In some cases, non-narcotic analgesics are included in the treatment course. But usually this is necessary only in cases of severe or with complications of the disease. In other situations, analgesics are not used, as they can make it difficult to defecate and tonify the tone of the sphincter of the rectum.

As for anti-inflammatory drugs against hemorrhoids, it usually includes high-speed glucocorticoids( for example, prednisolone).

With a comprehensive course of treatment, special attention is paid to local effects, as it does not disrupt tissue repair and minimal risk of systemic action of glucocorticoids. Contraindicated local treatment only if the patient suffers from fungal, viral or any other lesions of the anorectal zone.

Sometimes complex hemorrhoid therapy involves the use of local anticoagulants. First of all, we are talking about troxevasin and heparin ointments.

The appointment of phlebotrophic drugs within the course of treatment is aimed at strengthening the venous tone and microcirculatory improvement inside the corpora of the cavernous type. Most often, the choice of proctologists is made in favor of Tribenozida, Troxerstztina, Detraleksa or Endotelina.

The most important thing is not to choose drugs for hemorrhoids therapy yourself. Therapy must necessarily be prescribed by experienced and qualified proctologists. Otherwise, the consequences may be most undesirable.

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