Exocrine function of the pancreas

The exocrine function of the pancreas is designed to ensure that the pancreatic juice released for digestion and cleavage entering the stomach of food is supplied in sufficient quantities. It is thanks to the exocrine function that this organ is reliably protected from possible self-destruction, because pancreatic juice is allocated in the amount corresponding to the amount of food consumed. Accordingly, neither its lack does not complicate the process of digestion, nor its excess does not lead to the fact that the walls of the intestine are gradually destroyed.

It should be noted that it is due to the exocrine function of the pancreas that not only the amount of pancreatic juice is regulated, but also its composition. At the same time this body has a rather interesting feature - it easily adapts to the type of food preferred by its owner. So, for example, if the diet contains excess proteins, then in the juice that enters the intestine, most of the enzymes will predominate. Thanks to this function, the iron manages even with large volumes of incoming food, adapting to almost any menu.

What is important, the main purpose of exocrine function is the direct secretion of pancreatic juice. And in this case the process consists of several consecutive stages, including the release of hormones and enzymes that regulate all metabolic processes in the body. However, it is important to understand that, despite the fact that the pancreas often copes well even with excessive loads, often violating the principles of proper nutrition, addiction to alcohol and fatty foods, overweight - all this leads to the fact that it does not performtheir functions in full. As a result, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency leads to the fact that the food is not digested properly, and accordingly, there are all kinds of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the most common among which are gastritis and pancreatitis. For this reason, it is still necessary to control one's own diet, so as not to create additional stress on the pancreas, and, consequently, the condition of the whole organism.

The exocrine function of the pancreas provides an important stage in the digestive process, and therefore its dysfunction can be very, very dangerous. In order for this to happen, do not overload this body with overeating and eating disorders, then with digestion there will not be the slightest difficulty.

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