The causes of hearing loss in a child after otitis media: treatment and prevention

Any inflammation of the ears in a child can cause severe hearing impairment. This happens for various reasons. Therefore, the doctor must be engaged in diagnostics and restoration of hearing. The specialist conducts a detailed examination and selects an appropriate method of therapy.

Otitis in a child

Otitis occurs in children very often. It is characterized by inflammatory lesions of the ears. Especially often, pathology occurs at an early age. All otitis media are divided into different categories - external, medium and internal.

If you have any signs of ailment, you should immediately consult a doctor, as self-treatment can provoke negative consequences. One of them is hearing loss.

Symptoms and signs of the disease

The key manifestations of the acute form of otitis include the following:

  • acute pain in the ears;
  • stuffiness of the ears;
  • hearing impairment, which improves with a change in the position of the head;
  • headaches;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • discharge from auditory orifice;
  • diarrhea;
  • dizziness;
  • temperature increase.

Different stages of tympanic inflammation during otitis

Complications after otitis, causing hearing loss

Impairment of hearing in children is observed for various reasons. Some factors are a natural process and do not have a negative effect on a person. Others can be eliminated only with timely detection. In rare cases, the child has complete hearing loss due to damage to the key components of the hearing organ.

To the appearance of hearing loss after otitis lead to various factors:

  • the occurrence of edema of the ear tissues - in particular, the auditory canal;
  • eardrum disorder;
  • appearance of exudate;
  • change in membrane shape;
  • blocking of auditory ossicles;
  • problems with sensor transfer;
  • is an inflammation of the brain.

As a rule, a temporary hearing impairment is observed in the child when the body cavity fills the exudate. It is the fluid that interferes with the full transfer of sounds and affects the sensitivity level of the membrane.

Otitis can provoke complications. Among them is a chronic form of hearing loss, complete loss of hearing, facial nerve lesion, brain abscess, inflammatory damage to the temporal bone or the development of meningitis.

Hearing restoration after inflammation of the ears is possible in such cases:

  • pathology with cholesteatoma;
  • chronic form of otitis with purulent contents;
  • small perforation of the mucosa;
  • atrophy of the auditory ossicles;
  • no damage to the auditory tube.

Perforating stage of purulent otitis

Treatment of

To detect the deviations of hearing from normal indices, use a special device - an audiometer. To restore hearing after otitis doctors apply a variety of methods. The main methods include:

  1. Ventilation of the auditory canal. In this case, blowing is done with the help of a POLITZER cylinder. This construction is a rubber bulb that resembles an enema. The doctor places a special tip in the ear canal, after which the child must pronounce a certain word. At this point, the procedure is carried out.
  2. Washing of the ear cavity with antiseptic substances. Using this method, you can get rid of pus.
  3. Vibromassage of tympanic membranes.
  4. Washing of ears. This method is effective in the event that the cause of hearing loss is excessive accumulation of sulfur. After washing the plugs, the child begins to hear normally.

Medication Therapy

Drug therapy is usually performed to eliminate the focus of inflammation, which is the cause of hearing impairment. Most often, experts prescribe antibacterial drugs. In some cases, the use of steroids is indicated. This avoids the deterioration of hearing during therapy.

Folk remedies

Folk recipes can not fully restore hearing in anomalies of elements of the organ of hearing. However, with reversible damages they are quite capable of accelerating the healing process. For this you can use these tools:

  1. Oil propolis tincture. For its production, 50 g of propolis should be ground and add 100 g of alcohol. Leave the product on for a couple of weeks. Then it must be filtered and mixed with vegetable oil. Tampon is recommended to moisten in tincture and enter into the ear. After 10 hours it needs to be replaced. The course of therapy lasts 2 weeks. Camphor oil and garlic. The clove of garlic should be finely chopped and mixed with 2 drops of oil. The resulting composition should be wrapped in gauze and placed in the ear. After the burning, the tampon can be pulled out. The drug is used before bedtime.
  2. Melissa tincture. To make this tool, the leaves of the plant must be mixed with alcohol and left for 3 days to insist.
  3. Beet juice. This method is effective if the cause of hearing deterioration after otitis is a chronic cold. To treat the disorder, you need to inject a few drops of the drug into each ear.

Dr. Komarovsky on hearing loss in children after otitis:

surgery If hearing impairment is caused by the formation of adhesions in the area of ​​the ear canal, hard seals consisting of connecting strands must be surgically excised.

Complex perforations, which can not be delayed naturally, must be closed with the element of the temporal fascia. A membrane of a special polymer is placed on the medial zone of the membrane. When necrosis anvil, located between the stapes and the handle of the malleus, you need to install a spacer. It is pre-modeled.

Artificial materials should be used only with severe destruction of the auditory ossicles. This requires complete prosthetics of the membrane, malleus, anvil and stapes base.


To prevent the emergence of infirmity in children, the following recommendations should be observed:

  1. Do not clean the ears of a toddler with improvised objects. It is also not recommended to penetrate deep into the ear canal.
  2. After bathing, you need to get wet with water that has got into your ears.
  3. Children under one year of age should not be in the wind or draft without a head covering, which covers the ears.
  4. It is important to timely treat all pathologies of ENT organs - tonsillitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis. Bilateral otitis is often a consequence of the common cold and enlarged adenoids.

After otitis in children, hearing loss is quite often observed. In most cases, it has a short-term character and passes by itself. If this does not happen, it is very important to consult a doctor in a timely manner. The otolaryngologist will carry out diagnostics and select the best therapy.

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