Complex exercises for chronic pancreatitis and cholecystitis, charging for the pancreas

The pancreas very quickly manifests a response to the stresses experienced by the body. Any adverse factors immediately respond to its condition. Stress, poisoning, influenza, poor quality food are just a few of the reasons that make your pancreas begin to experience difficulties. As a result, acute inflammation.

Along with a healthy diet for the prevention of pancreatitis it would be nice to perform special exercises that have a positive effect on well-being.

Charge for pancreatitis

Pancreatitis today means any inflammation in the pancreas. At such disease categorically are forbidden loadings. The pancreas responds with acute pain to any physical strain. Patients with this diagnosis can be engaged in so-called respiratory gymnastics. To start a class, lie down or sit down so that you feel comfortable and comfortable. We proceed.

  • Deep breath. Now exhale. Draw your stomach into yourself, temporarily ceasing to breathe;
  • Do everything the same as in the previous exercise. Only now, how can you blow your stomach with great effort;
  • Hold the breath, approximately in the middle of the inspiration, during the diaphragm strain. Stop breathing for about 2 to 3 seconds, then inhale. Again, hold your breath, inflate your stomach for three seconds, and draw it in the next six seconds. Then inflate the stomach as quickly as possible and draw it back. Relax;
  • Perform each exercise four times. Charge can be done daily.

If you have pancreatitis, the benefits of charging and breathing exercises can not be overemphasized. The fact is that such exercises improve blood circulation throughout the gastrointestinal tract, reduce inflammation and help in the pancreas. Of course, nothing will replace the medical treatment of the pancreas, as well as the right quality food. However, when performing breathing exercises with pancreatitis, you can reduce the chance of recurrence of the disease and prevent unwanted progression.

Charging exercises are not heavy and do not require excessive physical strain. The technique of gymnastics is quite simple, so that a patient with pancreatitis can calmly cope with gymnastics alone.

Complex exercises for chronic pancreatitis and cholecystitis

Physical exercises performed by a person directly affect not only his health, but also the work of the pancreas. In this regard, we can recommend a set of exercises aimed at maintaining the efficiency of the internal body. Given the fact that strong physical activity in chronic pancreatitis and cholecystitis is categorically contraindicated, the following light loads can be recommended:

  1. Slow walking, lasting about 30-40 seconds.
  2. Walking on toes with hands behind head, lasting about 35 seconds.
  3. Walking with the alternate raising of the leg, without bending the knee - 4-5 times.
  4. When walking - jerks hands back, after which stretching hands to the top with straightened palms.
  5. Standing still, turning elbows back and forth.
  6. Standing still, slowly raising hands upwards through the sides( inhalation), after which they should smoothly lower to the bottom( exhale).
  7. From the position on the back with the arms raised( to the top) - the slow lifting of the straight leg( without bending at the knee) to the top. Performed alternately for the left and right legs.
  8. Being on the back - in the position of the bent legs( at the knees), tilt them to the right and left at a slow pace.
  9. With the position on the abdomen - the removal of the straightened legs back at an accelerated pace. Performed alternately - first left, and then right foot.
  10. Unhurried walking for - 50-90 seconds.

In addition to exercise, with chronic pancreatitis and cholecystitis, great attention should be given to nutrition, the use of useful natural products. Despite the fact that the types of pancreatitis are very different, this complex will provide an opportunity for a person to feel good.

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