Bran with colitis

A product such as bran that is a waste product of flour milling has a unique ability to help in the treatment and prevention of various diseases of the digestive system, especially inflammatory bowel disease such as colitis. The best option is those that were formed during the production of wheat bread.

Their therapeutic effect is based on the fact that when ingested in the stomach and intestines, this product is not subject to digestion. They are designed to accelerate the movement of slag. In addition, they are able to hold water, create a feeling of satiety.

Rules for taking bran in colitis

This product should be started with a minimum dose of 1 teaspoon per day. Within a week it should be increased to 3 teaspoons. If no pathological disturbances have occurred during this time, and the patient's tolerance of the product is good, the number of them per reception can be increased to a tablespoon.

Do not forget that for those who use in dietary nutrition for colitis, bran, you should increase the amount of daily fluid by 50%.It can be not only water. Specialists recommend the use of this disease compotes of dried fruits, broths of wild rose or herbs, vitamin teas.

To properly prepare a bran for a patient whose colitis is with constipation, a metered dose should be poured into half a cup of boiling water, let it brew for 5 minutes, and then drain excess liquid. Prepared in this way the mass should be eaten in its pure form, adding raisins or prunes to it, and also adding to any dishes allowed by a specialist.

With prolonged constipation accompanying colitis, a recipe from this product proved to be well: a tablespoon of bran is poured into 200 ml of skimmed yogurt, insisted for half an hour, and before this mixture is consumed, it should be added to it vegetable oil in the amount of one teaspoonfulspoons. Take the bran so prepared during colitis should be overnight.

Also, we should not forget that when taking bran should be kept modest, and do not exceed the maximum allowable amount( 1 tablespoon per reception, and not more than 3 times a day), which can be consumed within a day. If you do not adhere to this recommendation, the consequences will not be the curative effect expected with this disease, but an even greater disruption of the intestinal function.

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