Ventricular, atrial and supraventricular bigemnia of the heart: treatment, causes, first aid

Heart rhythm disturbances can occur unnoticed for the patient or cause discomfort and worsening of well-being. Knowing the signs of the disease will help in time to consult a doctor to see if medical care is needed. Timely appeal to a specialist will prevent the aggravation of the disease and the appearance of complications.

Features of the disorder

A large group of arrhythmias, when a rhythm disorder occurs due to the presence of an extraordinary contraction of the heart, called extrasystoles, is combined with the concept of extrasystole. Extrasystoles do not follow the impulse of the pacemaker, but are caused by impulses from ectopic foci.

To varieties of this disorder include arrhythmias, characterized by the number of extraordinary cuts occurring between normal heart beats - allorhythmias. If every normal contraction is followed by one extrasystole, then this is a sign of bigeminy.

The risk of abnormalities in the rhythms of the heart is determined by the cause that creates this situation. An analysis of how deep the problem creating arrhythmia, and whether it is possible to eliminate it, will show whether it is worth worrying about bigeminy.

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On the classification of such a heart rhythm disorder as bigemia, read on.

Diagnostics of bigeminy

Classification of

Bigeminia differs in what type of extrasystole manifests itself in the work of the heart.


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  • The nadzheludochkovaya form of bigemini means that the contraction of the heart caused by the sinus center alternates with a contraction initiated by a pulse emanating from the ectopic zone of the supraventricular dislocation. The impulses for the extraordinary reduction begin in the upper parts of the heart.
  • The ventricular form is a kind of allorhythmia, when between extraordinary contractions occur extraordinary, the impulse of which arises in the area of ​​the ventricles.

For information on how the apparatus looks bigeminy, see the following video:

Causes of

The bigemia appears for the same reasons as other types of extrasystole.

Factors causing allorhythmia, in particular bigemia:

  • use of stimulant drinks: coffee, tea,
  • physical and mental overload,
  • smoking and drinking alcohol or drugs,
  • eating foods unsuitable for the heart:
    • fried foods,
    • containing harmful additives,
  • insufficient amount or incorrect ratio of electrolytesminerals:
    • of potassium,
    • of magnesium,
    • of calcium;
  • toxicity of the body as a result of: poisoning with organophosphorous substances
  • side effects with the use of medicines, for example:
    • quinidine,
    • epinephrine,
    • novocaine,
    • novocaineamide,
    • as anesthesia:
      • cyclopropane,
      • chloroform.
  • rhythm disturbances with fever;
  • functional disorders:
    • neurosis,
    • osteochondrosis of the spine in the neck region;
  • for diseases:
    • cardiomyopathy,
    • cardiosclerosis,
    • heart defects,
    • myocardial infarction,
    • and other organic disorders;
  • rhythm disturbance may be a consequence of electrostimulation of the heart,
  • diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are capable of provoking arrhythmia:
    • probing,
    • coronarography,
    • operative intervention in the heart area.

Symptoms of

Arrhythmias, when a normal stroke is followed by an extrasystole, may not exhibit symptoms and leak unnoticed. In some cases, bigemini delivers discomfort and deterioration of well-being.

  • Patient feels heart failure:
    • alternation of weak and severe strokes
    • imaginary bradycardia - extrasystolic cardiac contraction is not felt and is perceived as a lack of contraction, so it gives the impression of a rare pulse;
  • may have such manifestations:
    • dizziness,
    • syncope,
    • nausea,
    • increased sweating,
    • sensation of lack of air,
    • pallor,
    • feeling of fear,
    • discomfort in the heart,
    • the patient may feel fluttering or blunt beats.

On what diagnostic methods, other than ECG, are used for bigeminia, read on.


The specialist listens to the patient's complaints, makes a survey:

  • heart rate tapping,
  • comparing heart rate per unit of time and heartbeats,
  • listening to heart rhythms.

If necessary, the patient is given a medical examination using the following equipment:

  • Echocardiography - the method gives full information about the state of the heart, can detect the cause of the extrasystole.
  • Electrocardiography - recording of electrical impulses of cardiac activity in a graphic drawing. Displays normal impulses, extrasystoles and in what rhythmic interaction they are.
  • Holter monitoring is the same method, but measurements are made by portable equipment attached to the patient's body in certain areas. It is used to obtain information about the pulse of the heart for, for example, a day. In this case, the patient keeps records of the way of pastime, physical and mental loads. Thus, it is possible to track which factor causes bigeminy.
  • Blood and urine tests - show the general condition, and whether there are inflammatory processes or other disorders to which attention should be paid.

About what treatment requires atrial, ventricular, supraventricular bigeminy and its other forms and forms, read below.


Depending on the results of assessing the patient's condition, a decision is made whether to treat bigeminy. The situation analysis includes the following questions:

  • the cause that causes the problem,
  • as the body tolerates arrhythmia,
  • characteristic of extraordinary extrasystoles.


  1. Treat the cause that causes allorhythmia.
  2. If bigeminia is caused by the use of drugs, they are canceled or replaced with others.
  3. Give recommendations for healthy lifestyles:
    • feasible loads, alternating rest periods,
    • walking tours,
    • create conditions for full sleep,
    • diet that takes into account a heart health diet,
    • stay in places with normal environmental conditions,
    • positive mood,
    • should avoid stressful situations,
    • abandon bad habits.


If the arrhythmia has arisen in connection with stress, a nervous breakdown, then prescribe a sedative medication:

  • tincture of valerian,
  • diazepam.

If the rhythm disturbance causes a significant deterioration in the state of health, discomfort, the specialist selects antiarrhythmic drugs for the patient.


Patient may be assigned an operation if other methods fail to improve his health. The purpose of surgical intervention: elimination of the possibility of an extraordinary pulse through cauterization of the sites that create them.

Treatment with folk remedies

You can apply folk medicine recipes only in consultation with your doctor.

Broths and herbal tinctures:

  • valerian, motherwort
  • , Melissa
  • , hops hoppers
  • , hawthorn
  • , heather
  • will be useful.

More details about herbal medicine for bigeminy and related ailments will be told by the following video:

Prevention of

Diseases of the heart rhythms respond well to bringing the lifestyle to the standards that are responsible for good health.


  • abandon passive pastime,
  • hypodynamia;
  • smoking,
  • fried, spicy food;
  • stimulating drinks.

It is necessary: ​​

  • to observe a calm state of mind,
  • to load the body to the first signs of fatigue,
  • alternate active activities with rest,
  • in time and up to the end to treat:
    • foci of inflammation,
    • infectious diseases,
    • other disorders.

First aid for the episode of bigemnia

Emergency care may be needed when symptoms increase and the condition changes to myocardial infarction. This moment can carry a threat to life. In this case, it is urgent to call an ambulance.

Complications of

Possible manifestations:

  • in infancy can be fatal due to the fact that a double wave is capable of provoking a sinus node to loss of cardiac rhythm control,
  • cardiac failure may occur,
  • is probably a manifestation of atrial fibrillation.

For predictions for a patient with ventricular extrasystole as bigeminy, read on.


In most cases, a heart rhythm disorder of this kind does not cause a deterioration in health and has a good prognosis. Sometimes it is enough to introduce healthy norms into your life.

If arrhythmia causes a deterioration in well-being, the result of treatment depends on whether the cause that initiated the arrhythmia is amenable to treatment or elimination.

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