Is it possible to smear hemorrhoids with iodine and zelenok, treatment with Iodinol, can I syringe?

Elementary iodine has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect in hemorrhoids. The drug has a local irritant effect, and in higher concentrations - a cauterizing effect. To spread hemorrhoids with iodine is advisable when disinfecting the perianal area in the case of microcracks formation, prolapsed nodes with bleeding.

Based on conventional iodine, Iodinol has been developed, which has a lower concentration of active substance and allows treatment in the form of douching of the anal opening. Also it is created on a water basis, which excludes burn mucous. Such manipulations can dry the damaged skin, sanitize the anal area, avoid infection of wet wounds with inflamed nodes. Iodinol can be applied to hemorrhoids. Iodine with hemorrhoids in pure form can be smeared in the form of a special pattern-grid, to avoid further injury to damaged skin areas. The drug is shown as an additional therapy for any form of the disease, as a powerful antiseptic.

Along with the treatment of hemorrhoids with iodine, it is possible to use a diamond solution( classical greens), which implies complete treatment with the composition of the affected area. Zelenka, being an antiseptic, prevents potential infection at the time of defecation. It is known for its generative properties, which contributes to the rapid restoration of damaged soft tissues of the perianal region. Treatment of inflamed nodes can be carried out by drawing a grid, and can be applied to the entire area of ​​the anal opening. The only contraindications are the patient's allergic reactions to the components of these agents. It is not recommended to smear hemorrhoids with iodine and zelenka because of the difficult visual determination of the effectiveness of treatment due to coloring pigments. Treatment with these specific drugs should be done at a certain interval, but not less than a day. The above refers to the methods of treatment at home and should not be the main way in the solution of varicose veins in the anus.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with iodine is indicated when it is not possible to use other medications because of the increased risks of allergies and the subsequent deterioration of the skin condition. It is not recommended for patients with thyroid disease( when the level of TSH is higher than normal, with the state of hyperthyroidism and other endocrine disorders).It should also be remembered that it is impossible to smear knots with a drug at high concentrations because of the likelihood of burning a delicate mucous tissue, causing additional pain and irritation. Thus, neither iodine, nor brilliant green should be considered as a hemohororoidal remedy.

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