Contours of the pancreas on ultrasound - uneven and smooth, indistinct and clear, blurred, scalloped

Having studied the uneven or clearly marked contours of the pancreas, one can judge about the state of the organ in question. Such information can be obtained by conducting an ultrasound study of a person. Let's see what the contours of the pancreas differ in a completely healthy person who do not have deviations in the development of this body and its outlines in various diseases. Sometimes, with careful examination, there are obvious fuzzy outlines or a scalloped contour.

Absolutely healthy person, no matter how old he is, he has a beautiful pancreas with smooth smooth outlines. Her head gently passes into the body, bends are clearly visible. They are quite natural, and in a place where the tail turns to the spleen, there is a slight bulging.

Much other information is carried by the pancreas, which has contours that are uneven. In this case, their discontinuity, roughness, fuzziness or scalloped contour of the pancreas can be seen. And bulging appear in a completely atypical place. For example, in the neck area. Determining cancer can sometimes be very difficult. Some signs appear only at a sufficiently large defeat. However, it is quite typical for ultrasound imaging of the pancreas, on which small hypoechogenic formations with clearly visible fuzzy outlines are seen. In this department, and located a tumor. A more detailed examination reveals that it is slightly enlarged. Signs of a cancerous tumor can be uneven edges of the pancreatic duct. In this case, they can be, as partially destroyed, and are displaced or moved apart. However, such signs point already to the 3-4 stage of the development of the disease. At an earlier examination, patients have a scalloped contour of the pancreas with fairly even and clear outlines. Only an increase in the organ indicates an initial stage in the development of formations. Such an unpleasant picture can be seen in pancreatitis.

With the development of pancreatitis, the walls of the pancreas usually have an uneven thickening, and the contours of it are rather uneven and indistinct. In such cases on the adjacent tissues there are puffiness, which form these irregularities.

To dispel any doubts about the presence of the disease, study in detail the fuzzy contours of the pancreas in order to know the true state and get the necessary treatment.

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