How does conjunctivitis occur in infants and medical treatment?

1 Types of infirmity in infants

This disease is divided into viral and purulent forms:

  1. Purulent type in most cases affects one eye. It is characterized by the presence of purulent thick discharge, which in most cases is caused by violation of the rules of hygiene and care of infants. Treatment of pathology is much easier than a viral analogue, but the disease is more difficult for the baby to suffer.
  2. The viral type of malady in infants arises on one eye, and then it seizes both organs. Appears due to a viral infection. Although its course is easier than purulent conjunctivitis, it is more dangerous for the child, since the infection can spread to the internal organs of the baby.

Both forms of pathology are very painful, so the child constantly cries and worries, causing panic in the mother. Therefore, as soon as possible, take the baby to a doctor for examination.

2 Signs of pathology in young children

The main symptoms of this disease, which is of viral

origin and causing inflammation in the eyes of the baby, are:

  1. A plentiful flow of tears.
  2. Redness in the eye area.
  3. Appearance of lesions at first on one eye, and then recurrence of symptoms on the second.
  4. Appearance of a white thin film on the organs of vision.

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But if the disease begins in a more severe, purulent form, then the symptomatology of the disease will be slightly different:

  1. The eyes of the child are full of purulent secretions.
  2. After sleep, the baby hardly opens his eyes, as they stick together from the pus.
  3. Swelling in the affected area may occur.
  4. The child has a lot of tearing.
  5. There is redness and irritation of the mucous membrane in the eyes.
  6. In most cases, the defeat is captured by one eye, but sometimes both suffer.

At the first occurrence of the above symptoms, the child should be taken to a doctor for examination. Only he can correctly write out the right medicine and determine the duration of the course of treatment. Self-medication and instillation of eye drops can only seriously complicate the situation.

3 Inflammation in toddlers

Even in the case when all standards of hygiene and care for a small child are fully observed, the mother does not have a guarantee that the baby will not get sick with conjunctivitis. The causes of this ailment are diverse. Factors that affect the baby can cause a purulent or viral type of illness. The causes of conjunctivitis are basically the following:

  1. Infant weakened immunity.
  2. During childbirth, when the fetus passes through the birth canal, it may be infected with chlamydia or gonorrhea. These infections then affect the eyes of the baby.
  3. There are many different bacteria in the mother's body that can damage the fetus at birth.
  4. The disease can occur in an infant if his mother had an oral or genital herpes infection.
  5. There was no normal care for the child in compliance with all hygiene standards.
  6. In the eye of the kid got dirt or some foreign body.

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These are the main causes of the infancy in infants. Some of them can be excluded if the mother on time, before delivery, is cured of her illnesses, and at the birth of the child will comply with all hygiene requirements.

But some factors can not be prevented, so a woman should be ready for the possibility of conjunctivitis in a young child.

4 Methods of therapy of the disease

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, doctors prescribe medications and procedures that help to cure the child in the shortest possible time, clear his eyes of purulent discharge, eliminate the inflammatory process.

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For this, flushing with Furacilin is carried out. You can use and folk remedies, for example, decoctions of sage or chamomile. Doctors recommend injecting Levomycitin in the eyes. Massage of the nose and lacrimal sacs is mandatory.


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After receiving a prescription from the doctor, the mother should inquire about the expected duration of treatment, the dosage of medicines. If something is unclear, she can make an appointment for a consultation with a specialist. Self-medication is not recommended, as the health of the child depends on this.

It is necessary to know that in many cases, despite treatment, inflammation on the mucous part of the eyes in infants can be delayed. Duration of the disease often depends on the individual characteristics of the child's body, the level of its immunity, the full value of nutrition.

Therefore, the parents of the baby must have patience, because any nervousness of the mother is transmitted to the baby, and this prolongs the recovery. The course of treatment prescribed by a doctor can not be interrupted, as this can translate the disease into a chronic form. Then the process of recovery can last for several weeks, which will certainly have a negative impact on the child. You should never try to use folk remedies for cure for conjunctivitis, without consulting the doctor in advance.

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A child, in contrast to an adult, has weaker immunity, and it is not known how it will be affected by an inoffensive-looking drug made according to the recipes of our ancestors. Therefore, it is better to use officially prescribed medication and constantly consult a doctor.

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