How to make enemas in the treatment of hemorrhoids, how to put microclysters at home?

With the help of enemas it is possible to improve the condition of a person suffering from hemorrhoids at home. This procedure is used only in the absence of contraindications:

  • bleeding from the anus;
  • abdominal pain with an unidentified nature;
  • prolapse of rectum;
  • tumors;
  • prior surgical intervention.

Before starting the procedure, you should discuss this with your doctor. Enema with a lot of fluid can be difficult to tolerate, then a more acceptable option for hemorrhoids will be microclysters. The latter can be purchased at pharmacies.

Enema for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Enema is caused by constipation, which is often a factor contributing to the appearance of hemorrhoids, before medical examinations and procedures. It is also a therapy tool, similar in effect to rectal suppositories.

Ease of use makes enemas an affordable means of helping a patient at home, they can be put on their own without anyone else's help. For procedures, expensive means are not needed, simple and accessible ingredients are used for them: water;decoctions of plants;solutions of salts.

You can make an enema with hemorrhoids using a 2-liter Esmarch mug with a plastic or glass tip, an ordinary rubber syringe or a reusable syringe from Janet. For laxatives, microclysters with hemorrhoids use disposable tubes with a ready-to-use preparation, for oily - disposable syringes without needles.

Enemas help to facilitate the removal of solid feces, protect the mucous membrane of the rectum and anus, reduce pain and inflammation.

Laxative enemas with hemorrhoids

Constipation with hemorrhoids causes additional suffering to the patient, aggravates the disease. Mucous anus and hemorrhoids are injured, inflamed. Because of this, bleeding occurs easily.

If you can not eliminate constipation with diet, drinking regimen and exercise, you have to resort to oral and rectal use of appropriate drugs.

A cleansing enema with hemorrhoids is placed when it is impossible to empty the intestines on their own and before making curative microclysters.

What liquids are injected into the rectum from constipation with hemorrhoids:

  • First, the usual clean water heated to body temperature. The colder can cause spasms, pain and other unpleasant sensations in the intestines, and hot - burn the mucous, lead to swelling and bleeding.
  • Secondly, decoctions of medicinal plants: chemist's chamomile, horse chestnut, yarrow, sage, oak bark and others, possessing anti-inflammatory, healing, astringent effect.

One and a half liters of fluid pour into the enema, raise it upward, so that there is no air in the tube, put the smeared tip into the rectum. In the knee-elbow position, this can be done independently, with outside help - lying on its side in the embryo position. The stomach during the procedure should be relaxed, after the introduction of the entire fluid, several movements of retraction and ejection of the abdominal wall can be made, if it is possible to keep the urge to empty the intestine.

After defecation, the area of ​​the anus should be washed with cool water and greased with some anti-hemorrhoidal agent to soften, reduce irritation and pain.

Also, the introduction into the rectum of heated purified oils - olive, petrolatum, sunflower and others - can provide a laxative effect. Dense feces slip more easily due to lubricating properties, the rectal mucosa is well protected from additional trauma and pain.

Solutions of salts - magnesia, sodium thiosulfate, sea salt or English salt, are injected in smaller quantities with a syringe. Their action is aimed at loosening solid feces and strengthening intestinal peristalsis, accelerated elimination of toxins from the body.

Prepared for microblogging Microlax for hemorrhoids is easy to use for rapid evacuation of the intestine.

The use of enemas during hemorrhoids facilitates the patient's position, but they are not always interested in getting involved. This is only an ambulance, not a method of restoring a good intestinal motility.

Healing enemas for hemorrhoids

To influence the internal hemorrhoids, the removal of anus inflammation along with rectal suppositories, microclysters with mild anti-inflammatory and healing action can be successfully applied. They are easily transferred, because the volume of injected liquid during the procedure does not exceed 200 ml.

For them are prepared more concentrated broths of plants, starch solutions and various oils known for their curative effect: sea-buckthorn, cedar, oleoresin, linseed, black caraway and others.

You can prepare firry water for enema using several drops of fir extract or by purchasing a ready-made preparation. The vitamin, restorative effect of this drug when used inside is supplemented by successful application rectally and externally.

Microclysters with hemorrhoids with healing action are prescribed by courses until symptoms improve, in a day 1-2 procedures are performed.

You can combine enemas with other ways of getting rid of the disease - with ointments, creams, baths, tablets and drops. The procedure should be carried out very carefully and carefully, not allowing additional trauma to the inflamed mucosa and nodes.

The use of official means and medicine of the people can not be a substitute for the right way of life. Nutrition with the use of large volumes of coarse fiber, refusal to get carried away by alcohol, sweets, fatty dishes and cooked frying;consumption of a sufficient amount of pure water, physical activity and hygiene of the perineum are the best guarantee for the improvement of the condition and even the cure of hemorrhoids.

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