Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy at home with folk remedies - sea buckthorn oil, grated potatoes and candles from it, honey, aloe

It is not easy for most expectant mothers in the prenatal period, as they form hemorrhoid cones that become inflamed and can fall out even with little physical activity. With improper treatment or lack of it often develops inflammatory processes in the joints, in the organs of urination, the level of hemoglobin in the blood decreases. However, it is not always possible to use medicines for such problems, and then folk remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy come to the rescue. Therapy of the disease in a woman's home environment "in a position" depends on the stage of the disease's development and its term.

To treat at home hemorrhoids in pregnant women use:

  • potatoes in different forms and different shapes;
  • sea buckthorn oil;
  • decoctions of medicinal herbs and fruits;
  • birch tar;
  • honey and other beekeeping products.

The advantages of using folk remedies for hemorrhoids in pregnancy at home are their natural origin, which does not adversely affect the development of the fetus.

How to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant women at home?

Before starting treatment in home hemorrhoids, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The use of folk remedies by a future mother in case of a disease on the basis of advice received on the Internet or girlfriends may affect the development of the fetus. It should be noted that the folk method of treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy is effective only at the initial stages of the disease, when it is possible to guarantee a complete cure.

In other cases, folk remedies for hemorrhoids in pregnant women at home should be combined with drug therapy, and of course a special diet. The specific choice of how to cure varicose veins in the rectal zone during pregnancy by folk remedies at home depends also on the age of the woman and the number of previous births. The older the woman and the more she had to suffer, the more difficult the process of normalizing the venous circulation.

How to cure a hemorrhoids pregnant at home?

Councils how to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant women with folk remedies at home there is a huge amount, among them are very popular in the prenatal period of the bath. Their application shows excellent results. Their high efficiency is due not only to the direct impact of funds for medical purposes, but also the ability to regulate the temperature regime to achieve the goal.

Apply this method for:

  • pain relief;
  • regeneration of damaged tissues;
  • relieving the pathological muscle spasms;
  • stop bleeding.

For warm, comfortable and giving the maximum effect of procedures, recommend aloe juice. At home, aloe during pregnancy with hemorrhoids of the 1st degree in seventy percent of cases promotes complete recovery. With further development of aloe, used alone or in combination with other components, relieves individual symptoms( itching and burning), normalizes the walls of the vessels, activates the effect of tissue regeneration.

When hemorrhoids are most effective in the baths, potassium permanganate using coconut oil after the procedure. Preparing the solution at home is required with great care, as potassium permanganate is sold in granules, which, if ingested, can severely burn it. Dissolve several granules of potassium permanganate in a glass with warm water, stirring thoroughly. Saturated solution is filtered through cheesecloth and added to the container for the procedure( temperature 36 ° C) until a weak pink color appears.

After the procedure, the nodes are lubricated with coconut oil. In the treatment of folk remedies of hemorrhoids during pregnancy at home, procedures with herbal remedies are also very effective. Such fees may include sage, St. John's Wort, plantain, calendula and other medicinal herbs. For cool baths use celandine, plantain, young nettle leaves mixed with honey.

Honey in case of disease in women in the position can be used in the form of ointment, which is prepared by hand at home. Honey and bee products are included in ointments, compresses used in the treatment of the disease at home. Excellent results are obtained when treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy mummy. Mumiye is suitable for the treatment of nodes located inside and outside, moreover, at any stage of the disease at home. It is recommended to inject the patient into the anus as a suppository, spread on knots or drink 0.3 the morning and evening hours before eating. Mumiye not only effectively removes pain, but also has a restorative, tonic effect on the entire body.

Lotions from hemorrhoids during pregnancy occupy a worthy position among methods how to cure the illness of the future mother by folk remedies. They are prepared from a mush of berries rowan, grated on a grated carrot or red beet.

Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy with potatoes

Among the many folk remedies, potato from hemorrhoids during pregnancy is a universal and popular medicine. Its wide application is explained by the fact that it contains many esters of methyl alcohol, nitrogenous substances, pectic acid and vitamin C. In a boiled vegetable these elements are destroyed, but without heat treatment it retains its medicinal properties.

Crude potatoes from hemorrhoids during pregnancy at home can be used in the form:

  • candles;
  • enema;
  • compresses;
  • freshly squeezed juice taken orally;
  • lotions.

Juice has enveloping and analgesic properties, the ability to stop bleeding, as well as rapid healing of cracks in the anus. With the help of raw potato components, the edema is relieved and the tension in the anus is reduced.

Grated potatoes with hemorrhoidal knots in the form of gruel are applied to a tampon made of gauze, and apply it to a sore spot, fixing with adhesive plaster. Another way to use raw root from hemorrhoids during pregnancy is a lotion from his skin. Take 12 root crops, washed and dried. Grated with a peel, one potatoes are placed on a chair covered with a film, and sit tightly on it. After 12 minutes, put the second potato, and so on until all use.

The most famous in the pregnancy from hemorrhoids, candles from potatoes at home are prepared by cutting them from a mature fresh root crop up to 6 cm in diameter and 2 cm in diameter. Potato candles from hemorrhoids to future mothers are best used before bedtime. It is necessary to empty the intestines and carry out hygiene procedures. Potato for women "in position" is especially effective in the form of suppositories.

Sea buckthorn oil for hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Sea buckthorn oil from hemorrhoids is used as:

  • lotion;
  • rectal candles;
  • of the trays.

Sea buckthorn oil for the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy simultaneously prevents the development of infection, destroying pathogens. Folk remedies for women "in position" from varicose veins in the rectal zone are effective in combination with other measures and with the observance of all medical recommendations.

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