Mucus in feces with dysbiosis

Mucus in stool, in principle, is not considered a normal phenomenon. It can occur with a large number of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, mucus is one of the symptoms of dysbiosis. This is due to the fact that the function of its formation has the epithelium of the small intestine, so that its surface is protected from active acids and alkalis.

However, when microflora is disturbed, useful substances begin to die, and, consequently, the mucus discharge function is disturbed, which contributes to its greater secretion. In the event that you have found mucus in the feces, you should analyze how you have been eating recently, and what other symptoms of dysbiosis you are experiencing.

How to determine the dysbacteriosis of mucus secretion?

If there are mucosal discharge from the rectal cavity, the doctor will be assigned the passage of such analyzes as:

  • Coprogram.
  • Bacteriological seeding.

Such studies provide an opportunity to determine pathogenic microorganisms in fecal masses, and if they exist along with the presence of symptoms of dysbiosis, then it is possible to accurately diagnose the disease and determine the correct treatment tactics.

How to get rid of mucus in a feces with a dysbacteriosis?

The appearance of mucus in the stool involves medical treatment taking into account the examination and a complete history. In the case of dysbacteriosis, initially, drugs will be prescribed that normalize the intestinal microflora. So, pre- and probiotics will be prescribed. In some cases, when the disease is caused by infection of the cavity of the gastrointestinal tract, antibiotics may be prescribed.

As other recommendations for the removal of mucus from the stool for dysbiosis are:

  • Compliance with the diet. The list of restrictions includes products that are acute, roasted, sour, very coarse and hot.
  • Carrying out an easy gymnastics if the disease is accompanied by constipation.
  • Use only boiled water or decoctions of medicinal plants.
  • Control of the correctness of food heat treatment: boiling and steam cooking.
  • Compliance with personal hygiene.

Before using such techniques, it is worth to determine if you have concomitant severe symptoms of dysbiosis. Self-medication is just a waste of time. In the event that the reasons are banal in nature, then you can try to eliminate them, but only after consulting a specialist.

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