Treatment of paraproctitis without surgery( conservative), how to cure the disease, the clinic and medicine of the disease

Some people have such an unpleasant disease as paraproctitis, whose treatment is impossible without surgical intervention. He is a very tricky ailment, however, along with the fact that his first symptoms can be detected in time, a person is ashamed to go to a specialist with such a disease, and this attitude can lead to a number of complications. How to cure paraproctitis at an early stage?

Paraproctitis treatment without surgery will be performed in several stages. Initially, medications will be prescribed. In addition, it is allowed to carry out microclysters, compresses, special trays, as the clinic of the disease is very similar to the symptoms of proctitis. It is worth noting that to eliminate paraproctitis in this way is unlikely to succeed, however, you will help yourself in alleviating pain symptoms, discomfort, burning and itching in the anal passage. Also at the stage of the conservative treatment of paraproctitis, medication is prescribed for antibiotics.

As it was mentioned earlier, it is not easy to get rid of paraproctitis, and therefore if conservative treatment has not given a positive result, purulent neoplasms are removed. Medicine considers this the only way out of paraproctitis. However, with acute current, paraproctitis can be cured without surgery, but in case of chronic - to a great regret, in any way. In any case, now it is worth giving the body an opportunity to rest and regain its strength.

At this stage it is necessary to treat a pathology with the predominant use of specialized drugs that will help in the recovery process. Obligatory requirement is observance of a diet and a general mode of day, and also passage of medical procedures in the form of exercises, trays, compresses and other.

Preparations for the treatment of paraproctitis

How can paraproctitis be cured when using medications without surgery? Mostly antibiotic drugs should be used to help the body fight infection and its clinic. Usually, they are general-purpose means. To conduct a local effect on the ailment, rectal suppositories are used.

How to treat paraproctitis with antibiotics without surgery? Of antibiotics in medicine, preference is given to Amikacin, Metronidazole, Gentamycin and others. It is worth noting that they do not represent a mandatory means. Mostly, drugs that have antibacterial properties will be used. However, the administration of antibiotics is prescribed only if it is known exactly what condition the patient has. Such conservative treatment should be used if the fistula has already been removed in case of chronic paraproctitis. Antibiotics can help if the temperature rises.

As supportive therapeutic measures in medicine is the use of candles. They have different properties: antibacterial, healing microcracks and wounds, antibiotic and other. They are used in case of elimination or reduction of the manifestation of the clinic of the disease. So, candles are perfect for those who are shown treatment without surgery. It is worth noting that candles can help children up to a year.

In addition, specialists in medicine advise the use of ichthyol ointment. It assists in eliminating the clinic of tension in the tissues surrounding the purulent formation. Also ichthyol ointment eliminates strong painful sensations. After long-term treatment with such a tool, patients prefer continuation of further therapy without surgery.

The body strengthening is mandatory. To do this, the intake of vitamins is prescribed.

Can paraproctitis be cured by folk remedies? It is mandatory to hold a salt bath. You need to spend it several times a day with a duration of 15 minutes. The course of treatment for paraproctitis is 15 procedures.

Will help in eliminating the clinic's disease, and medicinal plants, for example, St. John's Wort, Badan, and Air. The use of mummies and oak bark is permitted. Excellent advice was given to milk baths when adding onions and garlic.

In the treatment of paraproctitis without surgery, special attention is paid to adherence to a diet in which the body is provided in sufficient quantities of fiber found in vegetables, fruits and sour-milk products. Excluded in paraproctitis are foods that have a strong irritant effect on the cavity of the gastrointestinal tract. It is equally important to carry out specialized exercises in the course of the disease, in particular, this applies to people who suffer from excess weight.

Adherence to hygiene in the treatment of disease without surgery is an important factor and it is better to wash the anal passage after each act of defecation.

It is worth remembering that if the paraproctitis treatment is started in time, the disease will quickly disappear due to the above manipulations. In addition, the above methods presuppose the prevention of the onset of a chronic type of ailment and various consequences. However, if you do not pay attention to the disease, then there may be a large number of complications.

It is compulsory to consult a doctor before conducting any therapy, since paraproctitis is a very whimsical ailment and can react with the active substances of the medication. In the event that you decide to give preference to self-made therapy, you can expect that in the future it will be necessary to perform surgical intervention.

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