Herpes on the lips: treatment, ointment, causes, folk remedies

The appearance on the face, especially on the lip of sores in the form of a group of vesicles, indicates that the herpes virus is exacerbated. How much this event is dangerous for the body is determined by the state of the immune system. We will tell you in this article how to quickly get rid of herpes on the lip, about the causes of the appearance and folk treatment, we also will not forget.

Features of the disease

There is a wide variety of herpes viruses( remember, including cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, shingles, chickenpox, etc.).For a person, there are eight kinds of danger. Herpes on the lip - this problem is initiated by a virus of the first type.

Virion causes the cell to produce proteins necessary for its vital activity and reproduction. New cells of the virus quickly spread throughout the body. The virus multiplies in any cellular structures, but the cells most suited to it are:

  • blood,
  • epithelium,
  • lymph,
  • mucous membranes.

An increase in the number of cells of the virus in the body causes and external manifestations. A rash of vesicles begins to form. The immune system includes its own action and begins to destroy the viral cells.

As a result, the exacerbation of the viral infection in the body goes into a dormant form. The disease is incurable. The virus is stored in the depot - in the nerve nodes near the spine. The next aggravation is possible when conditions are created that lead to a decrease in immune defense.

The virus manifests itself equally in the male and female body. His life activity does not depend on the age of the sick person. Women who experienced an exacerbation of herpes during the carrying of a child should be supervised by a doctor.

Herpes on the lips( photo)

Stages of

The process of the appearance of a bubble rash takes place in four stages.

  1. First a feeling of discomfort on the skin. Such phenomena occur on the lips, on other areas of the face, discomfort can spread to the whole face:
    • redness,
    • itching,
    • tingling,
    • tingling.
  2. The second stage of the development of the process occurs when just the discomfort on the skin passes into the inflammatory process and in the future there is the appearance of small bubbles, which are very painful. Inside the formations there is a liquid of transparent form. As the bubble size increases, the liquid becomes increasingly cloudy.
  3. At this point, the bubbles burst and the contents go to the surface. During this period the patient is most contagious, because in the released liquid there is a large number of viruses. The sore - this is the place where there was a vial of liquid.
  4. Scabbard formation occurs over the sores. It is not recommended to clean them, because this aggravates the problem. Crusts it is better not to touch.

About features of herpes on the lips will tell this video:

Causes of herpes on the lips

The disease occurs when the herpes virus enters the body of the first type. It is known that most people - up to 90% are carriers of this virus. Infection occurs as a child.

A person whose virus is active is the source of infection, so infection of other people occurs:

  • when in direct contact with a sick person:
    • during a kiss with it,
    • by airborne droplets when coughing or sneezing;
  • when using his personal belongings:
    • cutlery,
    • towels
    • and other items on which the saliva of a sick person or traces of contact with the focus of infection may remain.

Another way of sudden illness of type 1 herpes is the awakening of a sleeping infection in the body, caused by the fall of the immune defense. This can be provoked:

  • undercooling,
  • overwork,
  • exhaustion, including after diets;
  • experiencing severe stress,
  • by the transfer of bacterial or viral infection,
  • during menstruation,
  • abuse of sun baths,
  • due to colds,
  • as a result of trauma,
  • after chemotherapy procedures.

Symptoms of

The symptom of the disease is a rash in the form of bubbles:

  • on the lips of
  • or on another part of the face,
  • on the nasal mucosa.

On the eve of this:

  • on the skin appears redness and itching - the first harbingers of herpes infection,
  • weakness,
  • fever;
  • when the bubbles burst, there are ulcers that are covered with crusts - at this stage it can be said that this is a symptom of the fact that the cycle of the active phase of the virus is coming to an end.


The disease is determined by the appearance of the eruptions, and in the earlier stages, with a careful attitude - on the symptoms of redness and discomfort. There are cases when a specialist is not sure that this is herpes, and not signs of another disease.

Then use the following diagnostic methods:

  • Immunodelet test - gives you the opportunity to get information about the possible presence of herpes in the body and determines its type.
  • Immunoassay analysis of - can determine that the virus in the body was due to the presence of antibodies produced by the body in the fight against the disease. This method is not suitable for diagnosing children under six months. The type of the virus does not determine.
  • The reaction of immunofluorescence is the study of biological samples for the possible presence of an organism's reaction to a virus.
  • Polymerase chain reaction - in the samples of biological material, the DNA of the virus is searched.

On how to quickly cure herpes on the lips of men, during pregnancy in women, the child, we will tell you further.

Treatment of

The virus can be stopped in the further its reproduction and distribution in the body. How to get him out of the nerve nodes, where he settles forever, so far no way to think of.

Elena Malysheva in this video will talk about the ways of treating herpes on the lip:

Therapeutic method

All methods that strengthen the defenses of the body are suitable. It is better to do this for the purpose of prevention, without waiting for the activation of the virus. Do not forget about the diet.

About ointments and other remedy for herpes on the lip will be described further.


Ointments are used:

  • penciclovir,
  • acyclovir,
  • zovirax,
  • valaciclovir,
  • docosanol,
  • herpferon.

It is recommended to lubricate places where there is damage, up to five times a day. Passes the discomfort caused by the disease, and getting rid of the problem accelerates.

It is good to supplement the treatment with the use of drugs that strengthen the immune system and act as anti-inflammatory agents:

  • preparations containing Echinacea,
  • mummy,
  • lysine,
  • paracetamol( can be used as a local remedy to soak and apply problems),
  • vitamins.

On how to properly treat herpes on the lips folk remedies at home during pregnancy and not with her, we will tell further.

Folk remedies

There are many recipes for helping with simple herpes( on the lip) from folk medicine.

  • The use of fir oil is considered an effective method. It is recommended to use it to spread the lesion every two hours.
  • Put a layer of toothpaste on the problem.
  • Take vitamin tinctures:
    • lemon,
    • ginseng,
    • dogrose.
  • The lesion site is washed with valocordin.
  • Wet the affected area with alcohol.
  • Cauterize the problem area with a hot spoon after immersing it in hot tea.
  • Apply the plates of garlic.
  • Keep on a sore a few crystals of salt.
  • Used for lubricating medicinal oils:
    • sea-buckthorn,
    • tea tree.
  • Wipe the place of damage with fleece soaked in apple cider vinegar with honey.
  • Chamomile infusion is used as an external remedy, and for ingestion.

For the rapid treatment of herpes on the lips at home, this video will tell:

Prevention of the disease

The measures that prevent the onset of the disease include:

  • avoid contact with people who have herpes in the active phase( there are rashes on the lip or other places);
  • if there is a need to be at this time in contact with a sick person, then you should follow the rules of hygiene:
    • not to use his personal belongings, dishes;
    • to exclude contact with the source of infection, kisses.
  • strengthen the immune system so that the body does not allow the virus to be active:
    • is quenched,
    • gives the body useful loads,
    • adhere to a healthy diet,
    • to give up harmful habits.

Complications of

It is possible to spread the infection when the vesicles burst, and a liquid appears on the surface that has a huge number of viral cells.

  • At this point, if the infection has fallen into your hands, then the patient has to rub his eyes, the mucous eye can become infected.
  • The same happens when genital herpes is provoked by hand infection on the genitals.

Herpes can cause effects:

  • oral problems, such as stomatitis, gingivitis;
  • myocardiopathy and myocarditis,
  • colpitis, female infertility, endometritis;
  • meningitis, encephalitis;
  • colitis, hepatitis;
  • possible diseases of organs, which include the ENT area;
  • depression,
  • hearing impairment,
  • pneumonia,
  • optic neuritis,
  • prostatitis, spermatozoa become nonviable.


Medicine does not currently possess methods for removing the virus from the body or how to destroy it inside the patient. However, many people, being carriers of the virus, do not experience discomfort and do not even know that they are carriers.

It is important to have immunity in good condition and as a result of this the body is able to keep the virus in a sleeping form, not allowing it to become active. To people who are weakened, with other serious pathologies, herpes infection can complicate the general condition.

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