Hong Kong Flu: Symptoms, Treatment

Hong Kong Flu

The incidence of influenza and ARVI is affected by everyone. Many know how to deal with such diseases, everyone is familiar with effective prevention methods. Another thing is the Hong Kong flu. Those who first hear about this exotic disease, wonder what is it? Today we will take a closer look at this.

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Doctors are afraid of this virus, since there is a high probability that it can cause a real pandemic. This is by no means an exaggeration, similar already happened in the distant 1968. This year, the virus flourished in Hong Kong, as well as in other countries. It was then that the strain got its proper name. The sad examples of the past show that

the disease must be treated at its early stages of manifestation.

Disturbing symptoms of

After the virus enters the human body, the incubation period is a couple of days. The whole difficulty lies in the fact that the symptoms are similar to other kinds of influenza:

  • there is a strong intoxication of the body, headache, general weakness, nausea;
  • chills;
  • fever, it is very difficult to knock;
  • pain in the lower and upper limbs, often in the back and lower back;
  • discomfort in the throat;
  • cough.

These symptoms of the Hong Kong flu are standard. There are unpleasant pain in the stomach, frustration, vomiting.

Important! The disease is especially dangerous for people of advanced age and children under two years old. Often there are various complications.

Hong Kong Flu Symptoms

What is the difference between an exotic virus and an ordinary one?

How does the Hong Kong flu differ from usual? These questions are primarily asked by patients. However, this is not really important. The Hong Kong strain carries exactly as much danger in itself, as usual. Striking differences this strain does not have, in comparison with the usual.

Important! With this disease, the so-called "folk remedies", which include honey, hot milk, onions, garlic, are ineffective. Remember, these funds can be used only for ARVI.

Therefore, it is wiser not to focus on the question of how to determine, but to proceed to effective and immediate treatment. For this, first of all, it is necessary to call a doctor at home. Most likely, he will prescribe the same drugs as with the usual flu. About how to treat and vaccination, we will describe in detail below in the article.

Treatment method

If the above signs of the disease began to manifest, this is the first signal that you need to stay at home. If you ignore this rule, and continue to lead your habitual way of life, you can aggravate the overall picture and infect others.

Important! Do not self-medicate and self-diagnose, refer to the help of qualified doctors. So you will stop the disease in the early stages of its development, and protect yourself from complications.

Treatment is conducted at home, with compliance with bed rest, according to the recommendations of doctors. You may need to be hospitalized when the disease is particularly difficult.

What is included in the mandatory treatment procedures:

  • need to drink plenty of liquids and exclude heavy food from the diet;
  • strictly bed rest;
  • standard antiviral therapy, which is prescribed by a doctor;
  • symptomatic treatment.

It should be emphasized that antiviral drugs are not always appropriate. They are used only in cases when the disease is started and with complications. If the disease is not in severe form, then the body will fight the infection itself.

Hong Kong Flu Treatment


Than to treat? The following is a standard list of medicines:

  1. Antipyretic drugs. The most effective are Ibuprofen, Paracetamol. You can use other antipyretic drugs. With this exotic virus, it is forbidden to use Aspirin.
  2. Drugs for sore throat. You can use sucking tablets, sprays, rinsing solutions. You can also resort to "folk medicine".It is very effective to use a solution of table salt of soda with salt and iodine. Gargle should be rinsed as often as possible, especially after eating. Cough syrups. In this case, everything depends on the nature of the cough. If a cough with phlegm, then the use of expectorants is prescribed. With a dry cough, softening lollipops or syrup are taken.
  3. Antibiotics. As a rule, they are used for very serious and neglected forms of the disease. In this case, the doctor prescribes a course of taking antibiotics.
  4. Sorbents. They are able to reduce the intoxication of the body at times. They must be used in the first days of illness.
  5. Vitamins. They are responsible for maintaining immunity. Often, ascorbic acid and vitamin C are prescribed.

Complications of

If you start a disease and do not treat it at all, you may experience:

  • pneumonia;
  • meningitis;
  • shock state.

In rare cases, there is dysfunction of the liver, endocrine glands, kidneys. But do not worry, the above complications are possible only if you do not heal at all from this disease and carry it on your feet.

As you can see, very unpleasant and deplorable symptoms. This again reminds us that one should not negligently treat the disease and its health.

Hong Kong Flu Complications

How long does the treatment last?

This question excites many, especially those who are ill. Well, in this case the main thing is not to rush. Even if you do not have a fever on the second day, this is not a reason to go to work or school. How many days the disease is treated depends on the human body and the neglect of the disease.

For example, in most cases, the third day the temperature drops. Treatment lasts about 10 days. All this time you need to stay at home, and keep bed rest. What is dangerous for this virus? And the fact that, if not cured, the infection will begin to progress with even greater force and necessarily entail complications.

Important! If the temperature persists for a long time, in such a case it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor, perhaps he will prescribe an additional treatment or hospital.

Treatment of children and pregnancy

It should be emphasized that the Hong Kong flu during pregnancy is treated exclusively in the hospital, under the supervision of doctors. There are drugs that do not affect the mother's fetus and do not pose a threat to the health of the future child. Strongly it is not recommended to perform treatment with antibiotics.

The Hong Kong flu in a child is also treated permanently, under the supervision of doctors. Children are prescribed the use of antipyretic syrups, candles. In rare cases, an antibiotic is used.

Important! Regarding pregnant women and young children, the most important thing is to turn to a doctor in time, at the first symptoms of the virus.

Hong Kong Flu Treatment for Pregnancy

Preventative measures

How is the virus transmitted? An important question, knowing the answer, you will protect yourself from illness. It is transmitted by airborne droplets. First of all, we note that the most basic method of prevention, gauze bandage on the face.

Important! If an epidemic of the virus in your city is declared, in that case it is necessary to wear a gauze bandage on your face when you leave the house.

Many are worried, but is there a vaccine? After all, in the end it will help to eradicate the problem altogether. Of course there is! Vaccination is done for children and adults. The vaccine needs to be done in advance so that the immunity can form. The best time for vaccination is the beginning of December.

Additional prophylaxis:

  • minimization of contacts;
  • airing of the working and home premises;
  • regular wet cleaning in the apartment;
  • intake of vitamins to maintain immunity;
  • regular hand washing.

You should take care of your health. Eliminate harmful food from the diet, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, walk more often outdoors, and go in for sports. Sure, adhering to the above rules, the disease will bypass you. We wish you good health. Do not be ill.

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