Sanatorium treatment of gastritis( in a sanatorium), where they are treated?

Many people prefer sanatoria as a treatment option for gastritis. But this is only one of the options offered to the patient. In principle, their mass. But to choose a better individual additional treatment is desirable together with the attending physician. Of course, during a period of exacerbation no resort will be in joy, and not much it can help. Sanatorium treatment of gastritis means rest, proper nutrition and saturation of the body with useful vitamins and minerals, which will have a positive effect on everything as a whole.

Gastritis is a common disease that affects a large proportion of the world's population. Every year, medicine sees an increasing number of patients with this diagnosis. First of all, this is due to improper diet and non-compliance with his regime. In addition, the nerves, tension, bad ecology and stress are detrimental.

In addition, not necessarily the emergence of gastritis, many people suffer and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, the main thing in time to consult a specialist, consult and conduct a phased restoration of the entire digestive system. So as a preventive measure and is a sanatorium survey. Sanatorium treatment implies a proper diet, adherence to diet, rest, activity and various kinds of supplementation to enrich the human body.

Prevention of gastritis in the sanatorium

Many sanatorium establishments focus on improving the digestive system, and this is the gastrointestinal tract, and the stomach, and other organs entering there. Especially, as for chronic gastritis. His treatment is a long and serious stage, especially in the elderly. Such sanatoriums offer a comprehensive, wellness therapy that beneficially affects the gastric mucosa, exposing it to the least risks of exacerbation and not violating its integrity.

Many experts advise to visit their patients health resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and Belarus. It is here that gastritis is given special attention. In these institutions must provide:

  1. Drinking treatment with mineral water.
  2. Correct and healthy diet in accordance with the severity and degree of development of gastritis.
  3. Trainings on resistance to stressful situations.
  4. Complex of physiotherapeutic and balneological procedures.
  5. Climatotherapy.
  6. . Terrenkur.
  7. Strict power mode.

Where is gastritis treated?

It will be more correct to determine the list of sanatoriums that specialize in the healing and prevention of gastritis and the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Sanatoriums in Belarus:

  • Minsk region:
  • Pines;
  • Priozerny;
  • Children's sanatorium Nalibokskaya Pushcha;
  • Naroch;
  • Birch;
  • Belorusochka;
  • Crash;
  • Children's sanatorium Solnyshko;
  • Children's sanatorium Sluch;
  • Narochansky coast;
  • Dawn;
  • TOK Naroch;
  • Pralesca;
  • Preventorium Satellite.
  • Brest region:
  • Yaselda;
  • of Ruzhansky;
  • Trunking.
  • Vitebsk region:
  • Borovoye.

Prevention of gastritis in the Greater Yalta:

  • Gurzuf:
  • I-Danil.


  • Vitebsk Region:
  • Letts;
  • Lepel military sanatorium;
  • Children's resort Rosinka;
  • Forest;
  • Railwayman.
  • Gomel Oblast:
  • Gomel Branch of the Belarusian Railway;
  • Machine-building engineer;
  • Silver keys;
  • Pines;
  • Golden Sands.
  • Grodno region:
  • Svitanak;
  • Porechye.
  • Mogilevskaya oblast:
  • Children's resort Svisloch;
  • of the Name of Lenin;
  • Dubrovnenka;
  • Shinnik.

Krasnodar Territory:

  • Anapa:
  • Pension Ural;
  • Hope;
  • Ancient Anapa;
  • Small cove;
  • Holiday hotel South Sail;
  • Russian;
  • Boarding house Niva;
  • Anapa-Ocean;
  • Ashberries
  • Sochi:
  • Golden spike;
  • Black Sea;
  • Svetlana;
  • Rus;
  • Stavropol region;
  • Quiet Flows the Don;
  • The Odyssey.

This list of familiar resorts, specializing in the prevention and treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, operates in the territory of and close to Russia. Continue this list for a very long time. Our country is very attractive for various kinds of resorts. Choose only to taste and money.

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