Ankylostoma( ankylostomiasis, hookworm) in humans( photo), symptoms and treatment of worm-headbands in children and adults

Helminths are quite common in human life. One of the common parasites are roundworms. They can cause such a disease as ankylostomidosis. This is quite a nasty disease, which in turn can be divided into 2 types:

  1. Ankylostomosis;
  2. Nekatoroz.

Ankylostomiasis in humans living in tropical and subtropical climatic zones. Of course, there are cases of infection with ankylostomosis of people living in Russia and the Caucasus, but this happens in rare cases. The most favorable period is the time of torrential rains.

Clinical picture of ankylostomosis

The disease appears after a worm called hookworm enters the body. Also this worm is sometimes called a "curved head".The worm reaches 13 millimeters in length. At the head end of the curve is a mouthpiece with chitinous teeth. At the moment, there are 2 ways of appearance of larvae in humans:

  1. Fecal-oral;
  2. Transcutaneous.

In the first case, ankylostoma kaninum in humans appears after drinking raw water. Eggs enter the outside world with feces. In the second case, hookworm hooks get through the pores of the skin. This occurs when the body is actively contacted with contaminated soil. For example, walking barefoot, doing agricultural work or lying on the ground.

Ankylostoma duodenale getting into the human body, being in the first stage, causes the following symptoms:

  • Strong cough;
  • Sputum is excreted( sometimes with blood);
  • Migraine;
  • Muscle Pain;
  • Elevated temperature;
  • Weakness.

Ankylostomidosis after 1 -1,5 months causes:

  • Nausea;
  • A gag reflex;
  • Bloating;
  • Violation of defecation;
  • Pain in the navel.

A worm inside a person is able to go through 3-5 months in the third phase, while the patient manifests:

  • The patient quickly becomes tired;
  • Migraine and weakness are felt;
  • Appears shortness of breath;
  • Heart palpitations;
  • The skin becomes pale;
  • Hair and nails often break;
  • Feet swells.

It should be remembered that hookworm duodenale penetrates the body in several ways, so the symptoms may differ. When penetrating through the pores, a clear manifestation of the disease becomes a rash and redness at the site of penetration. When hookworm occurs after penetration of the parasite by the oral method, clear symptoms are a strong cough.

If the first signs of the disease have appeared, you should contact the clinic. The doctor will send the patient for diagnosis. If duodenale is confirmed after analysis and diagnosis of hookworm, the symptoms in adults, as well as the invasion itself, will need to be eliminated as soon as possible.

Diagnosis of ankylostomiasis

After ankylostomiasis in humans provoked symptoms, it is necessary to seek the help of a specialist. To make an anamnesis, the doctor interrogates the patient, it is necessary, in order to determine the ways of infection with ankylostomiasis.

To confirm the diagnosis, the patient must pass the following tests:

  • General blood test. With the help of this analysis, you can see the appearance of iron deficiency anemia and an increase in the level of eosinophils that appear with the disease;
  • General analysis of urine. Analysis can be done at any clinic;
  • Stool analysis. In this way, you can notice eggs or an adult in feces;
  • Biochemical analysis;
  • Chest X-ray. Thanks to this analysis, you can see the larvae on an X-ray photo.

In some cases, specific diagnostics are assigned, which will allow to determine at what stage the ankylostomidosis is located, since the symptoms can not always allow to determine this, only after this treatment is prescribed.

Specific diagnostics include:

  • Research of the duodenum. It is best to take a photo and take a mucous membrane for analysis;
  • Serological diagnostic methods.

It should be remembered that the curve of the duodenum can get along with other types of helminths.

Consequences of ankylostomosis

The ankylostomia duodenale glaive can bring a lot of trouble to the patient. In addition to pain, weakness and dizziness, the patient experiences swelling of the extremities and loss of body weight. The ankylostoma parasite feeds on the blood of its carrier. With the help of their teeth, the worm is attached to the intestinal mucosa. In places where the duodenum stems are attached, ulcers appear. Each wound can have a diameter of 2 centimeters. With a permanent loss of blood, the patient develops hypochromic iron deficiency anemia, and also the protein in the blood decreases.

In most cases, ankylostomidosis is capable of provoking depletion of the body and a delay in physical development, it can be seen on any relevant photo. In some patients there is a violation of the central nervous system. If you do not treat ankylostomidosis, a fatal outcome can occur.

Treatment of ankylostomiasis

In most cases, the patient goes to a polyclinic after he has a second or third degree of ankylostomidosis, which can be recognized not only in the photo. This is due to the fact that the manifestations of the disease resemble poisoning or a cold. Difference occurs when the cutaneous form of helminthiosis.

Referring to a doctor, patients ask a question, how to get rid of hookworm, which looks so awful in the photo? First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the disease. In order to eliminate ankylostomidosis, the course of therapy should consist of antihelminthic drugs. The doctor may prescribe one of the following medications that can damage the curve:

  • Mebendazole. It is recommended to take 1 tablet 2 times a day for 3 days. The dosage of the drug is 100 milligrams;
  • Albendazole. Take 1 tablet at a dosage of 400 milligrams;
  • Pirantele pamoat. Dosage is calculated based on the patient's body weight.

Worms inside a person can cause serious consequences, so therapy should also be directed at their elimination. For this purpose is assigned:

  • Folic, ascorbic acid and vitamins;Calcium gluconate, suprastin;
  • Ceftriaxone, ofloxacin.

Worst of all, when ankylostomiasis appears in children. Difficulties of therapy are associated with intolerance or contraindications to certain medications. To eliminate ankylostomiasis in children, the physician should become acquainted with the peculiarities of the organism. Only after this, you can begin to fight with the children's curve.

In some cases, adults can cause heart failure, then treatment should include drip transfusion. Before you start the transfusion, you need to get rid of the swelling of the blood. This can be done with the help of Mercucal.

Difficulties appear, if ankylostomiasis provoked the appearance of tuberculosis, then the therapy will take much longer. It must be remembered that the body is weakened, and the effect of strong drugs can complicate the situation.

Elimination of hookworm at home

For quick recovery it is recommended to combine modern and traditional medicine. Many patients are interested in how to get rid of hookworm at home.

Currently, there are many recipes that can be used to combat hookworm duodenale. The most effective are the folk recipes:

  • Prepare a tincture of mushrooms. It will take 0.5 liters of vodka and 0.5 kilograms of chanterelles. The tincture should be infused for 7 days. After that, the finished product can be taken 1 tablespoon before meals, 2 times a day;
  • Tincture from onions. It will take 1 cup of boiled water and a chopped onion. Everything is placed in one container. The tincture should be infused for 12 hours. A ready-made remedy for the curve, which looks scary even in the photo, it is necessary to take 1 time per day for 100 milliliters;
  • It will be useful to eat garlic every day in any form.

Than to treat an ailment, everyone should choose itself. In addition to drug treatment, it is best to adhere to proper nutrition. It is recommended to consume food in small portions 5 times a day.

Ankylostoma is quite an unpleasant parasite, you can see this by looking at the corresponding photo, it at the person eats up all useful substances. That's why you need to make a menu that will resist the disease:

  • Breakfast should consist of fruit salad and yogurt. Everything is washed down with tea without sugar;
  • For lunch you can use fresh apples;
  • Lunch should consist of vegetables, best in the form of porridge;
  • A fine pomegranate will be a grenade;
  • For dinner, the patient is recommended to eat mashed potatoes and a salad with lots of greens.

The menu may differ, because the diet is made based on the degree of the disease. To eat properly, you should discard the following foods:

  • Meat;
  • Fish;
  • Coffee;
  • Dairy products;
  • Fat and fried foods;Sweets and confectionery.

Worms can return to the body if they do not repeat the therapy after a while, as the eggs can remain in the body, this can be seen in the X-ray photo. If you follow all the instructions of your doctor, the worms will be quickly removed from the body. The same applies to the consequences caused by helminthiasis.

Do not forget about preventive measures. Personal hygiene and proper preparation of food products will reduce the likelihood of an illness.

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