Measures against ascarids, how to kill, fight, remove, what are these worms afraid of?

Askaridoz is the most common type of helminthiosis. Every fourth inhabitant of our planet is infected on the globe. That is why the questions about how to kill an ascarid, which one to deal with this parasite most effectively, are very relevant. A person becomes infected with helminths of the described class by swallowing a mature egg, inside which an invasive larva develops. Eggs enter the host's body together with dirty vegetables, fruits and berries, dirty hands, street shoes that are brought home. Sources of invasion can be domestic animals( cats and dogs).Control measures against ascaridosis are well developed.

The fight against ascariasis is conducted in several directions:

  • The parasites themselves are neutralized first.
  • Then the dead or weakened worms come out.
  • Then the functions of all internal systems undermined by invasion are completely restored.

The final step is to strengthen the body by ingesting vitamins and minerals.

How to kill an ascarid?

The fight with ascarids in adult patients, children and pregnant women is conducted in different ways. The first category of patients used rigid complex therapy, which is based on medical measures, preference is given to highly toxic preparations of a wide spectrum of action. They help kill worms at various stages of their development( eggs, larvae and adults).There are drugs that kill ascarids. They drank together with laxatives. They help to quickly remove parasites. The fight can be carried out with medicines that paralyze, and do not kill ascaris. Such therapy is used during treatment of intestinal helminthiasis. In this case, during the treatment it is necessary to take preventive measures that help to prevent re-infection. It's easier for adults to do this than for children. The fight against ascariasis in children and in pregnant women is conducted in the most sparing mode. Treatment of expectant mothers can begin only after the end of the first 12 weeks. And all because in the first trimester all the vital vital functions are laid. Including the formation of the placenta. Existing medicinal measures against worms can provoke various complications. Is it safe to remove ascarid from the body? The answer to this question can be given only by an experienced doctor. Self-medication in this situation and during infection of children is unacceptable. Even treatment of ascaridosis with folk remedies should be carried out under the supervision of physicians.

How to deal with ascarids in pregnant women and children?

There are special measures against ascarids that can be used during the treatment of young children and pregnant women. The therapeutic complex is based on the use of Piperazine. It is available in the form of tablets, this drug is low in toxicity, it has almost no side effects. Its active substance does not kill parasites, but only paralyzes them, deprives them of the ability to move and fasten to the walls of the intestine. Using this drug to fight with ascarids, you can count on 95% success. Piperazine is the only medicinal antiparasitic drug that can be taken to children under one year and pregnant women, as well as nursing mothers. Tablets are taken twice a day for two consecutive days. Given the fact that Piperazine does not kill ascaris, but only paralyzes roundworms, it is advisable to do cleansing enemas after a night's treatment.

Since the fight with ascarids is carried out with the help of medications, it is useful after treatment to take measures to help restore the intestinal microflora. That is why in the therapeutic regimens compiled for all the above categories of persons, probiotics are necessarily included. You can take Lineks, Bibiiform and Bifidumbacterin.

Given the fact that medicines can not provide a 100% effect( they kill only 95% of worms), people who fight with ascarids are recommended to include in their diet foods that have antiparasitic effects. Round worms are afraid of spices, acids and odorous pitches, so you need to eat fresh carrots, garlic, onions, pomegranate and strawberries, as well as walnuts. The introduction of such products into the daily diet is a necessary measure to effectively attack parasites.

How to remove ascarids with folk remedies?

It is possible to use folk remedies in the fight against ascarids, but only in conjunction with medical treatment. They will help to strengthen the effect of drugs and accelerate the recovery. It is important to first understand what the ascarids are afraid of and how to deal with them. The following recipes are helpful in the fight:

  • Pasta made from pumpkin seeds. Raw seeds are ground into a powder in a coffee grinder. A spoonful of liquid honey is added to the resulting mass. Everything is thoroughly mixed. The medicine is taken on an empty stomach( in the mornings on a tablespoon).
  • Pasta made from fennel seeds. The medicine is prepared in a similar way, and it is taken exactly as the pumpkin paste. This folk remedy will help to remove only adults.
  • Freshly squeezed beet juice. Before use, you must give the juice to stand for an hour. Take beet juice should be on a tablespoon every day for a week.
  • Herbal infusion, made from leaves of valerian, strawberry and fragrant lavender. Herbs are taken in equal quantities and brewed like tea. The resulting beverage has a pronounced anthelmintic effect, so it should be included in the treatment regimen, which helps fight with ascarids, until complete recovery.

Measures against ascarids can not be effective if, during treatment, the patient and his environment do not prevent re-infection. It is necessary to constantly monitor the purity of your hands, drink only boiled water, twice a day completely change clothes, use antiseptic drugs every time after visiting public places. Knowing how to kill an ascarid, how to protect yourself from re-infection, how to remove existing risks, you can try to prevent the emergence of dangerous complications.

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