What shows ultrasound of the breasts and when it is better to do: preparation, video, cost

In recent years, the incidence of breast diseases has increased. Oncological processes in this area lead to 20% of death in women aged 40-50 years.

Experts note that the age of cancer is younger. From him suffer and those who have not turned 30 years old. Therefore, ultrasound of the breast is used for early detection of oncology.

Indications for prescribing

Direct indications are:

  • seals identified by the woman herself or by the physician,
  • tenderness,
  • diagnosis after insertion of prostheses and inserts,
  • age over 30 years,
  • presence of organ ailments in the anamnesis.

The latter also sometimes have tumors in this area. Gynecomastia, for example, occurs in 40% of young and 60% of older men. During an illness, an increase in the volume of glandular tissue occurs. Therefore, ultrasound is prescribed.

What can the procedure show?

This is a research method that allows differentiating healthy and pathological tissues of the body. With its help you can see diffuse changes, benign and malignant tumors. In women, it is determined:

  • mastitis,
  • abscess,
  • cyst,
  • tumor.

The photo shows how the breast cancer looks on the ultrasound image

In men, reveals a gynecomastia:

  • diffuse,
  • nodal.

The first implies an increase in the gland to 10 cm. The risk of developing a malignant tumor at this stage is minimal. The second type is characterized by the identification of dense patches. This form is often a prerequisite for the development of cancer.

Preparing for ultrasound of the mammary glands

Before carrying out the diagnosis, after consultation with the doctor, hormonal preparations are canceled. Hygienic procedures are carried out.

If a woman is breastfeeding, it is necessary to refrain from decanting or pressing the painful areas in the chest.

There are no special training for women and men. Men can undergo the procedure on any day of the week.

On what day of the cycle do ultrasound of the mammary glands?

Women should be treated more carefully when deciding on the date of diagnosis. The breast is a hormonally sensitive organ.

At different time intervals of the menstrual cycle, changes occur in it. In the follicular phase( 7-14 days), the ducts expand, and the tissue becomes compacted. On the 16-20th day, the glands that lead to the swelling of the alveoli expand.

How is the research done?

Diagnosis is painless( in the absence of painful knots).A man undresses to the waist, assuming a prone position. The doctor applies a special gel to the area under investigation, which provides a better contact between the sensor and the organ.

Simultaneously with this, dopplerography is performed according to indications. This study aimed at studying the nature of the blood flow.

The whole procedure takes about 15-20 minutes. The results can be immediately given to the patient or be pasted into the card.

In exceptional cases, ultrasonic elastography is assigned. It allows analysis of the cellular tissue structure, determines the nature of the formation.

Interpretation of results

The decoding of ultrasound differs among different groups of subjects. The results are affected by:

  • tissue density,
  • hormonal characteristics,
  • age.

Normally, the skin represents an echogenic uniform zone with a thickness of about 2 mm.

The latter increases in the area of ​​the areola. Fat lobules are visualized as polyhedral, ellipsoidal, low echo structures. In the mammar zone, connective tissue and parenchymal structures are visible.

With diffuse mastopathy, small seals are visible, which can be evenly distributed throughout the gland. If a fibrous component is connected to it, dense patches are also visible in the connective tissue. Nodular mastopathy manifests itself in a limited area of ​​compaction.

The cyst is seen by ultrasound examination as a round formation, inside of which there is liquid. When it is detected, it is advisable to perform a biopsy under the control of an ultrasound device.

Photo of breast fibroadenoma on ultrasound

With oncology, the mammary gland deforms, seals appear.

Visual manifestations depend on the stage of the cancer and its nature. Usually, the seal does not have clear boundaries, it grows into the connecting areas. If you suspect a diagnosis, a puncture is performed.

How often can I do a test?

Breast ultrasound is one of the safest diagnostic methods. The frequency depends on the state of health. With the preventive purpose of every two women over 30, once in adolescents, during the period of the formation of the gland.

Necessarily carried out when planning pregnancy. From 30 to 45 years it is recommended to undergo a study every year. Women of older age - once every 6 months.

What is more informative than mammography or ultrasound diagnosis?

Mammography allows more accurate detection of mutagenic processes in cells. Since this is X-ray radiation, it is prescribed only for indications and for women over 40 years of age. The

ultrasound is safer, but sometimes the tumor merges with the surrounding tissues. Because of this, diagnosing it can be problematic.

Women at risk are assigned a mammogram at regular intervals.ultrasound is conducted between them. It is also indispensable if you need a biopsy or puncture. Mammography allows you to determine the localization, so sometimes there are errors during decoding.

Study with CDD

Ultrasound diagnosis with color Doppler mapping provides an opportunity to assess the state of vessels, vascular formations. Often this is an additional diagnostic measure. As a result of the study, the rate at which the blood moves moves is recorded.

In the process, the middle, large vessels are stained. If an energy doppler is added, the capillaries become visible. Such diagnostics reveals the first signs of neoplasms.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding test

Pregnancy and lactation are not contraindications to the examination. It allows to reveal the nature of lactostasis, the development of mastopathy.

If before the pregnancy there were knots and other formations, then during the gestation period of the baby, when there is a complete hormonal alteration of the body, additional methods are required.

Note that during breast-feeding and breastfeeding, the structure of the breast changes, so the norms that apply to other women lose their relevance.


Patients note that the diagnostic efficiency is high, and the degree of soreness is low. Satisfies them and the fact that the results are ready almost immediately.

After receiving the results, immediately upon examination, the doctor voice them. If necessary, sends to mammologu.

In the reviews recommend to give preference to experienced doctors, to pass inspection where there is modern equipment.

Many clinics provide an individual approach, goodwill, lack of queues.

Where better to do?

According to the indications, you can go for a free examination at the mammology center or polyclinic. We'll have to prepare a policy, make an appointment with a therapist, a gynecologist, and stand in line. For the latter, use Internet services.

In paid clinics the procedure takes less time. In Moscow, services offer clinics, health centers, departments that work at scientific centers. They differ not only in the professionalism of the staff, but also in the equipment used.

How much is it?

The price of ultrasound of the mammary glands is formed from the survey itself and consultation, so the spread is quite large.

Video on how to do breast ultrasound:

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