Krotamiton: composition, form of release, indications for use, instructions, price

Scabies - a dermatological disease in which the skin is affected by a tick. It provokes an unbearable itch, it is extremely difficult to get rid of. But with the help of special medications you can quickly get rid of the pathology, without the risk of relapse.

Features of the drug

Crotamiton( an international variant of the name - Crotamiton), is one of the most effective drugs for the treatment of scabies in the market of modern pharmaceutical products. Its effect allows both to eliminate the root cause of the disease, and its manifestation - itching.

Dosage Forms

Crotamiton is available in two forms: cream and lotion. Lotion has a lighter and more liquid consistency, which simplifies its application to the skin. Both products are dosed in a package of 60 grams:

  • cream - in tubes,
  • and lotion - in vials.

Composition Crotamiton

Crotamiton includes a ten percent solution of crotonite - an anti-scratch substance.


At pharmacies, the drug, whos

e active ingredient is crotonitone, can be found under the name "Yurax".The price of packaging the drug in Russia is about 1400 rubles.

Pharmacological action

The drug works simultaneously in three directions: it destroys the causative agents of the disease( itch mites), minimizes itching.


After applying the cream to the skin, it penetrates into the epidermis, accumulating in the bodies of parasites, thereby destroying them. Simultaneously, crotamiton blocks the skin receptors, which relieves itching for 6 hours. Given the fact that the symptoms of scabies are manifested exclusively at night, the indicated number of hours is enough for a clear relief of the condition.


No data on excretion of the substance from the body exists.


  • Indications for the use of the drug is scabies - skin lesions of itchy itching( especially nodular).Demonecosis.
  • Use of crotamitone-based ointments can be an itch of any etiology as a symptomatic drug.

Instructions for use

The lotion is applied externally, to clean, dry skin. Regardless of the strength of the lesion and age, the cream is applied to the skin from the neck to the tips of the feet and is rubbed up to full absorption. After that, you need to put on clean clothes and go to bed with clean clothes.

The next day, the application of the lotion should be repeated, and the bath can be taken only 48 hours after the first application of the lotion or cream.

Photo of Crotamiton


The course of treatment is three days, but if necessary, prolong the course, the period may be increased, but only after consultation with the attending physician.

For infants of

Cramitone-based creams and lotions for children under the age of twelve are categorically prohibited. After 12 years, the drug can be applied in the same way as an adult.

In pregnancy and lactation

  • Application of crotamiton during gestation of fetus is possible, but only in case of emergency - with proven scabies. Use ointment as a symptomatic remedy for itching of unspecified genesis is inexpedient.
  • During the feeding of baby breast milk to apply the drug the manufacturer does not advise.


Crotamiton should not be used when:

  • has inflammations;
  • up to 12 years of age;
  • allergies to the substance from the formulation.

Side effects of

During the period of application of a cream or lotion, allergy may occur, which manifests itself as irritation of the epidermis. When a characteristic rash appears, it is necessary to wash the composition off the skin and take any enterosorbent, for example, activated charcoal. If symptoms do not go away or cause severe discomfort, you should seek professional help from a doctor.

Special instructions

To prevent the medication from causing harm, two conditions of its use must be observed:

  • avoid penetration of the cream into the body, mucous membranes, eyes;
  • begin the course of application of the drug solely after consultation with the medic.


The drug is excellently tolerated by patients and produces a quick healing effect, so reviews about it are predominantly positive. Undesirable effects occur extremely rarely and are usually associated with intolerance.


  1. Benzyl benzoate is a Russian drug whose active substance of the same name destroys scabies as well as lice. The cost of a tube with an ointment of 40 grams is within 40 rubles for an ointment and 135 rubles for an emulsion.
  2. Spregal - a preparation against scabies of French production in the form of a spray. Convenience of the drug lies in the fact that it can process and skin, and clothing, and bed linens, which accelerates the dynamics of recovery and minimizes the risk of recurrence. The price of a bottle of 152 grams is 940 rubles.
  3. Permetrine ointment is a remedy for scabies and lice that is produced in Latvia. The cost of the medicine is 650 rubles for a tube weighing 50 grams.
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