Why the blood flows from the ear: the causes and treatment of a dangerous symptom

Bleeding from the ear signals a person has a serious problem that must be dealt with promptly and without delay. The point is that the appearance of bloody discharge indicates a situation out of control, which means that a person has an inflammation, a rupture, a tumor has acquired those forms that can no longer remain without attention and proper treatment. Otherwise, it can endanger human life.

Why the blood flows from the ear

Although the blood from the ear is a rare symptom, it still occurs. The main feature of this kind of secretions is their danger.

After all, most likely, the problem sits now so deeply that it touched many important components of the auditory system, whether it is the middle or inner ear. The severity of the symptom also lies in the possible loss of hearing or complete loss of hearing.

Bloody discharge is nothing more than a loss of blood from the circulatory system. These discharges can appear, both from the vessels inside the ear, and from its damaged tissue sit


Not always blood indicates a trauma. Thus, the hope that a scratch or a small boil inside the shell does not stop the trip to the specialist.

Types of bleeding from the ear

why the blood flows from the ear

Causes of

The formation of blood in the ear canal and its systematic leakage can occur for several reasons. Most often, these reasons are associated with traumatization of the ear canal, but usually such manifestations are easily eliminated and are noticed by a person almost immediately, as soon as they were formed.

There are other reasons that can cause the appearance of blood, which scares the ignorant victim, who discovered clots of liquid near the auricle.


The first cause of the causes that cause blood is mechanical damage. Most often they become the culprits for the appearance of this symptom. It happens usually under the following circumstances:

  • A blow on the head, an accident, a head injury - a small amount of blood from the ear appears, which quickly passes. Possible minor headache, dizziness, nausea.
  • Incorrect cleaning with earwax is a common phenomenon, due to which the tympanic membrane traumatizes. In this regard, and appears blood or a sour with an admixture of bloody discharge.
  • Injury of the tympanic membrane - can occur due to a sudden jump in pressure inside. Most often this happens when traveling on a train, on an airplane, as well as during musical concerts, with artillery shelling. In this case, you need timely help from a doctor, since hearing loss is likely.
  • Injury of the skull - in cases of fractures of the skull bones or trauma in the temporal region, a significant amount of blood is always released.


It is possible to excrete blood from the ear and in infectious as well as inflammatory processes. The thing is that when the condition is running, the virus or infection present in the body progresses and spreads quite rapidly. Therefore, it is not surprising that having ear pain, temperature and malaise, you will soon find purulent discharge with blood.

Often, the blood appears in the otitis media of the middle and inner ear, which has a fungal and viral origin. However, the appearance of bloody discharge is an alarm signal indicating the extreme neglect of the disease.

Also, blood inside the ear canal is formed due to polyps. Most often, a person who has fallen ill and does not suspect the presence of this problem in his, so there is a momentary spread of the area of ​​infection.


Various neoplasms can also make themselves felt by the appearance of blood from the ear canal. This does not necessarily indicate malignancy of the tumor, but the symptom suggests that it grows and does it more than rapidly.

Additionally, a person can seriously suffer from headaches, eyes ripple, sharpness disappears, weakness and dizziness appear.

For diseases not related to ENT

Rarely, but sometimes it happens that the blood appears due to the foreign object falling into the ear cavity. At the expense of a tissue injury, there is a bleeding that does not go away if the object is not removed and does not provide the necessary assistance to the victim.

Also, blood may appear due to the formation of a furuncle on the outer part of the auricle. When it is opened or careless lop-up, blood appears, and pain and burning are also felt.

It is not excluded and the candidiasis of the ear, in which bleeding from the ear is not uncommon. Provoke this pathology of Candida's special fungi. They lead to inflammation of the wall of blood vessels, thinning them and causing, thus, the release of blood.

First aid at home

first aid for bleeding At home, you can not take anything radical. That is, no personally taken drugs and funds.

You also need not try to find out what caused the blood, by carefully examining the cavity of the auricle and using handy objects for this.

The blood must be wiped off. It is advisable to make it a sterile bandage using hydrogen peroxide or warm water .If the blood continues to go and does not stop, insert a sterile swab inside the ear, wet it with anything, or not at the same time.

After these simple procedures, you should go to the doctor or call an ambulance if there is a headache or nausea from the additional symptoms.


Diagnosis takes place directly in the office of your treating lor. He examines the outer covers of the ear, assesses the degree of secretions and conducts palpation of the parotid patch.

Not always the problem can have an ENT-origin. Therefore, if after a series of studies, collecting anamnesis and taking tests, the doctor does not find the cause, the surgeon is connected.

However, in most cases, the research conducted by a physician is sufficient. Together with the surgeon, they can prescribe objective treatment and physiotherapy, which will stop bleeding and bring the patient's condition back to normal.

Treatment of

The type of treatment is appointed by doctors depending on the kind of problem that is present. So, in the presence of inflammatory process and infection, the patient is almost always prescribed a course of antibiotic therapy, a number of physiotherapy procedures and auxiliary drugs that contribute to the speedy healing of damaged tissues.

If the problem is caused by a trauma, then the surgeon appoints the treatment. The patient is recommended complete rest, also prescribed droppers, restorative drugs and dressings in case the allocation for some time will not stop.


With the help of medications such pathologies are treated:

  • candidiasis of the ear - antimycotic agents are used for treatment. Most often, ointment and drops "Candibiotik" and "Clotrimazole" are prescribed. In more serious cases, you need antibiotics.
  • otitis purulent and acute - antibiotics, antimycotic ointments, and also drops are used. To improve the condition, folk remedies for washing the ear canal are used.
  • furunculosis of the auditory canal - treatment of ulcers with special means, antibiotics in the presence of a serious inflammatory process, after the breakthrough treatment of the place after the abscess with a solution of boric acid will be required.

Surgical intervention

Surgical care is necessary for serious injuries to the skull when suppuration occurs in the immediate vicinity of the brain. Also, the operation is necessary in detecting neoplasms.

Often resorting to surgery for purulent otitis, when relieve the patient of unbearable torment is possible only through manual cleaning and removal of the focus.

What you can and can not do

The first thing you need to remember a person who has got blood from the ear is that you can not ignore the problem, eliminating only its initial manifestation. Do not try to clean the blood using ear wax, it is better to use soft sterile tampons.

About the causes of bleeding from the ear in our video:

Recovery and prevention

With a properly assigned professional treatment, recovery is relatively quick. However, in order for the problem not to return again, it is better to follow some tips:

  • to consult a doctor in a timely manner;
  • be careful when flying in an airplane and traveling on a train;
  • beware of skull injuries;
  • monitor your health;
  • strengthen immunity.

Caution and respect for your body will allow you to maintain your health for many years, and also to protect you from all sorts of troubles associated with various diseases .

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