Physical activity and respiratory gymnastics in hypertension

1 Recommendations for physical education

For medical gymnastics, patients with 1 and 2 degrees are indicated, and for other groups of patients, such loads are treated individually.

Specialists identify the following forms and means of therapeutic physical training in hypertension:

  1. Charge in the morning.
  2. Therapeutic gymnastics.
  3. Dosed walks.
  4. Walking with obstacles.
  5. Classes on an ellipsoid or an exercise bike. Basically, the action will be on the heart and blood vessels.
  6. Swimming in the pool.
  7. Sports games or their individual elements.
  8. Massage of the collar and head.

Therapeutic physical training( hereinafter LFK) for hypertension should be performed by the group method at an average or slow rate with the overall amplitude of limb movement, but this should not apply to the muscles of the trunk and neck. It is also necessary to exclude exercises with a prolonged static stress.

It is important to consider that for the 1st stage of the disease, different initial exercises can be used, and for stage 2 the initial position should be first lying / sitting, then standing.

Specialists recommend using hypertension for coordination of movements, for relaxation and balance, and also for the spine.

Exercise for hypertensive disease should not be performed if the following indicators or circumstances exist:

  1. If the diastolic blood pressure exceeds 110 mm Hg,st, and systolic - 180 mm Hg. Art.
  2. With immediate and hypertension, and arrhythmia.
  3. If chronic insufficiency of stage 2 is established. Identify this ailment can be on the following symptoms: palpable dyspnoea and increased heart rate at the slightest load;the size of the liver is higher than normal;the onset of edema on the legs.
  4. If physical exertion immediately shows shortness of breath and severe weakness.

It is important to remember that exercise therapy in hypertensive disease should have a positive effect, rather than aggravate the ailment. Therefore, when choosing a sport and in class, it is necessary to take into account the course of the disease and listen to your own feelings.

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2 Treatment exercises from Strelnikova

For the prevention and treatment of hypertensive and hypotensive diseases, doctors especially recommend the course of exercises developed by the famous singer Alexandra Strelnikova. Doctors also recognized that it helps with neuroses, stuttering and obesity. For one lesson on this technique the patient will make 500 breaths-exhalations: for 8 breaths-exhalations 12 approaches of each of the exercises.

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova on the body will have a complex effect, and a lot of time and effort will not require. The main thing is to follow the exercises and recommendations correctly and accurately and regularly carry them out. If to speak more specifically about the results of using this technique, then gymnastics Strelnikova will help improve the situation in the following directions:

  1. In a short time, the metabolic processes of the body will return to normal, thereby normalizing and pressure.
  2. The circulatory system will get stronger.
  3. Stagnant phenomena, blockages and inflammations disappear. Useful substances, together with air, will enter the previously unavailable areas due to the disease.

Let's consider some basic gymnastics exercises by Strelnikova. Beforehand, you should take the correct starting position: stand upright, raise your chin;feet should be placed on the width of the shoulders, and hands should be lowered parallel to the body. Relaxing in this position, you can start the exercises:


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  1. It's better to start with a warm-up. Take a deep breath, and put your fingers in a fist. On exhalation, you should smoothly unclench your fingers.
  2. Hands should be bent at the elbows and put on the waist, and shoulders should be lowered. Squeeze your fingers, as in the previous exercise, by "fold" - lower your limbs, straighten your fists;with a sigh, strain your shoulders, and try to represent the frog's legs with brushes, then return to the initial position. Smoothly exhale. On the "two" again, strain in the shoulders and arms, inhale and repeat the "paws."Then release the air and take the original position by clenching your fingers in the fist. At the expense of "three" - quickly and loudly inhale, and simultaneously squeeze hands, but fingers spread out. At exhalation it is necessary to accept a starting position.
  3. You should make a tilt forward, relax your arms and hang them. After that, you need to lower your head and try to relax completely, take a deep breath. At exhalation take the initial position. Again we breathe in, lean and relax. Breath - the starting position. Then the head needs to be lifted and stand straight, while straightening the shoulders, and hands to put along the trunk. The main thing is to keep your hands at the level to the knees.
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This is only a small part of the useful gymnastics exercises Strelnikova. However, it is highly not recommended to perform them under high pressure, since breathing in this case can aggravate the situation.

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