Parafarmatsevtik Extra Blocker from alcoholism: instruction, principle of action, efficiency

Parapharmaceuticals are a special kind of dietary supplements, which are as close to drugs as possible, but are in fact only a useful supplement. The effect of the parapharmaceutical Extras The blocker is based on powerful plant extracts, which have long been used in the treatment of alcoholism and the restoration of a poisoned organism. The effect of the drug is confirmed by practicing doctors and narcologists, and theoretical studies.

Extra Blocker from alcoholism

All dietary supplements( dietary supplements) are divided into three groups:

  • Nutraceuticals( provide vitamin and mineral support of the body).
  • Eubiotics( contain live microorganisms, normalizing the work of the digestive tract).
  • Parapharmaceuticals.

Preparations of the third group are necessary for disease prevention, as part of complex therapy or as stand-alone medications. Officially they are not medicines, in the composition - first of all herbal preparations in strict dosage. All components are allowed for use by government standards, are included in foreign and Russian pharmacopoeias.

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The production of the drug is Russian, it is produced by the Moscow companies NPK "Bionika" and "Komfarm".The basic form of release - a suspension in flakonchikah and ampoules of different volume.

Composition of the preparation

Extra Blocker is a classic dietary supplement, only medicinal extracts and extracts, vitamins and amino acids in the drug:

  • glycine( aminoacetic acid);
  • extract of fungus coprinus( dung);
  • extract of Asian grass kudzu SGMV;
  • vitamins B1 and B6;
  • extract of green tea( antioxidants);
  • amino acid tyrosine;
  • complex water extraction( sporish, centaury, thyme creeping).

The main active components that work to get rid of alcohol dependence are kudzu and koprinus. In this case, the methods of grass and mushroom-manure are completely different. Kudzu after taking a dose of alcohol dramatically increases the effect of alcohol on the psyche. This means that a person gets drunk much faster than usual, but the body gets less poison. And a hangover after such drinking almost does not happen.

Koprinus, on the other hand, blocks special spirituor-destroying enzymes and at times enhances the hangover. This leads to the fact that a person refuses alcohol to avoid such torment.

Glycine reduces the toxic effect of alcohol on the long-suffering organism of an alcoholic, reduces aggression, normalizes sleep and returns a stable mood. Green tea has a diuretic effect and allows you to quickly remove all products of alcoholic decay. A vitamin-plant complex helps maintain the health of internal organs, which do not receive useful substances in such a dangerous lifestyle.


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Principle of action

The basic principle of the drug is based on the unusual effect of the fungus coprinus. In a normal state, any alcoholic beverage, getting into the body, begins to split. First, ethanol turns into an extremely poisonous acetaldehyde, and the latter already decomposes into water and acetic acid. Acid is soon excreted from the body with the kidneys.

Two enzymes are responsible for these processes: alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. The first provides the appearance of acetaldehyde, and immediately connects a second enzyme to as soon as possible to split the poison to water and acid.

This entails the strongest alcohol poisoning. The person fully "enjoys" all the signs of alcohol intoxication - pressure jumps and the head turns spinning, strong tachycardia and weakness begin, vomiting attacks, problems with coordination of movements, speech, etc.

Such an attack causes the alcoholic strong fear - it seems to him that the body can no longer take alcohol - so it is poisoned. And if this condition repeats 2-3 times, then the fear that terrible symptoms will return will overcome the desire for alcohol. And a person deliberately refuses the next dose.

Instructions for use

Immediately specify - the instructions for use of Extra Blocker does not indicate directly that the drug is needed for treatment of alcoholism and withdrawal from drinking-bout. Recommendations for use are made according to the traditional scheme for dietary supplements - this is an additional source of nutrients, in this case - vitamins and glycine.

The way of using the antialcoholic drug is very simple - it is necessary to stir 1 ml of the drug( 35 drops) in half a glass of any soft drink and shake it 2-3 times. Suitable options are simple water, tea and juice, compote, fruit juice, etc. Take Extra Blocks 3 times a day with a meal - washing down a lunch or dinner with a glass of your favorite drink.

Features of using

Parapharmaceutical Extra Blokator is almost never used as part of complex therapy of alcoholism. Official medicines and supplements are aimed at reducing psychological dependence, removing all the painful hangover symptoms and helping a person return to normal life without unnecessary suffering.

Extra Blocker acts on the contrary - it makes a person bad that he decided that everything is guilty of alcohol, and because of this, he stopped drinking. This effect is indispensable in cases when the patient is not ready to recognize his illness or does not want to give up alcoholic doping.

Therefore parapharmaceuticals are often used without the knowledge of the patient himself - this method is recommended in exceptional cases by doctors and narcologists. The drug can be unnoticeably poured into the tea or water alcoholic at dinner, and after another portion of alcohol, he will feel a sharp malaise.

But there is one nuance - this original technique works only in cases when the patient drinks at home or near relatives have the opportunity to control it. If an alcoholic is lost in a drinking company for hours and days, it is impossible to observe the entire course of treatment precisely from a technical point of view.

Efficiency of

Manufacturers of "Extra Blocker" declare that herbal supplements provide a powerful complex effect: they help to simultaneously overcome dependence and eliminate the toxic effect of alcohol on internal organs and systems.

Parapharmaceutical is able:

  • to prevent the development of alcohol dependence;
  • to get a person out of drinking-bout thanks to aversion to alcohol;
  • to neutralize the toxic effect of alcohol with the next alcoholic drink;
  • to restore the damaged immune system;
  • protect the main organs that destroy alcohol: the heart, liver, brain, and also the central nervous system;
  • normalize the mental state and remove the symptoms of post-alcohol depression;
  • to return a full sleep.

Practitioners who are drug users are also attuned to the drug rather inconsistently.

On the one hand, the medicine really helps to cause the strongest hangover syndrome and scare the alcoholic with the consequences of his terrible dependence. Extra Blocker is also able to significantly reduce the actual consumption of alcohol thanks to kudzu grass, while - without any side effects. This is not only the testimonies of the narcologists, but also official research conducted in 2012 by the scientists of the Harvard Medical School of the Laboratory of the Psychiatric Clinic of Maclean( USA).

But experienced medics are sure: a full treatment of alcoholism is impossible without the participation of the patient. The effect of Extra Blocker in most cases is short-term - once you finish taking the drug, the alcoholic will return to the bottle again. Parapharmaceuticals will help only if the person is aware of his dependence, is ready to fight it and takes the supplement at his own will.

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