Physiotherapy with Sollyx lamp: indications for hardware procedure, application

The implementation of light treatment procedures has become very popular lately. For heating tissues, health workers use infrared, ultraviolet rays. The difference in the effect of these two types of rays is the effect on the tissue: ultraviolet rays have a superficial effect, only with a depth of 0.5 mm. Infrared rays can penetrate much deeper inside the tissues( about 5 cm).

Three types of lamps are used in the light treatment practice:

  1. With infrared rays( infrared reflector).
  2. With ultraviolet rays( mercury quartz lamps).
  3. With visible, infrared rays( Sollux, light bath, Minin lamp).

Consider the principle of action, the indications for the use of the lamp Sollux.

Lamp Sollyks

infrared lamp Sollyx Lamp Sollux is an artificial light source. The device is represented by a high-power piercing lamp, which was placed in a special reflector. For carrying out physiotherapeutic procedures in medicine, a lamp of two types is used:

  1. Big Sollux. It is a stationary lamp equipped with a burner whose po
    wer is within 500 - 1000 W.
  2. Small Sollyx. This is a portable lamp equipped with a burner, the power of which is between 200 - 300 W.

Naturally, for home use more convenient is "small Sollyuks."Such a lamp can be of two types:

  • desktop. This model is equipped with a tripod, which is fixed on a cast-iron base, UFO company produces good lamps;
  • portable. This model is characterized by the strengthening of the tripod on the wall of the case.

Exposure to the body

The lamp in question is used to perform local irradiation on different parts of the body. It is prescribed for more intense, deep heat impact on body tissues .It by its action surpasses light physiotherapeutic procedures performed by means of a Minin lamp, an infrared reflector.

The Sollux lamp uses waves of a shorter length than the indicated lamps. These rays penetrate very deeply. Irradiation with such rays is very simple. To influence a certain area of ​​the body, it is sufficient to direct the beam of light by tilting the reflector.

Infrared rays of the device are able to penetrate deep under the skin. They exert such actions on the epidermis:

  • heating;
  • stimulation of blood flow;
  • enlargement of blood vessels.

Indications for procedure

Physiotherapeutic light treatment procedure is prescribed to patients in the presence of inflammations of the following organs:

  • of joints;
  • of the liver;
  • muscle;
  • of female genital organs;
  • of the biliary tract;
  • of the nerves;
  • of the urinary tract;
  • pleura.

In the photo, the Sollyx lamp when working with different areas of exposure

indications for the procedure


The use of the Sollyx lamp is contraindicated if the patient has such a condition:

  • hypertension;
  • tendency to bleeding;
  • marked atherosclerosis;
  • of CNS disease, in which there is a violation of sensitivity;
  • heart disease, manifested in circulatory failure;
  • neoplasm;
  • tuberculosis.

How is the

performed? For the procedure, the patient should sit down and assume a lying position. In this position, it will remain until the end of warm-up.

To perform a physiotherapy procedure with a Sollyx lamp, it is necessary to install the latter in parallel with the irradiated surface of the body. Also, the lamp can be installed at an angle to the body. In other words, the lamp is located on the side of the patient.

The main thing is that the lamp is not perpendicular to the patient's body. This is a kind of precaution against splinters in the event that the lamp bursts. But modern lamps use unbreakable glass.

Thanks to the tilt of the reflector, you need to direct a beam of light to the area of ​​the body that should be heated. During the procedure, the specialist periodically consults about the patient's warmth. The intensity of exposure is regulated by the approach / removal of the lamp from the patient.

The dosage of the procedure is calculated taking into account such indicators as:

  • distance. It should be selected so that the patient does not experience discomfort during the procedure. Usually it is 20 - 50 cm;
  • duration. Warming is carried out for 20 - 30 minutes.

The entire course of physiotherapy includes 20 - 25 procedures, they can be performed daily, every other day.

On the treatment of the infrared lamp Sollux in our video:

Physiotherapeutic value

Most often, the Sollyx lamp is used for painful sensations in the throat and nose( with colds).The procedure is recommended to achieve such goals:

  1. Reduced pain sensitivity.
  2. Dilution of infiltrate.
  3. Antiseptic action.
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