Focal sigmoiditis

Focal sigmoiditis manifests itself in the form of sites of the inflammatory process in the sigmoid colon. Symptoms of this disease are similar to other signs of similar diseases. As clinical symptoms of focal sigmoiditis, a triad of signs appears:

  • The appearance of sharp and dull painful sensations in the lower part of the peritoneum on the left. It happens that during the movement the pain radiates to the left leg, the groin area and the anus.
  • Diarrhea appears, accompanied by a fetid odor. The number of tenes is increasing. In rare cases, there may be constipation.
  • There is a general intoxication, consisting in: headaches, body aches, drowsiness, weakness and a slight increase in body temperature.

In some cases, focal sigmoiditis has signs of an allergic reaction. This is mainly due to the development of pathological microflora in dysbacteriosis, cholestasis and reaction to certain products or substances. In this case, the patient can be observed deterioration of the skin, that is, the appearance of urticaria. It is also possible to develop psoriasis and dry eczema.

Treatment of focal sigmoiditis

The main principles of treatment of focal sigmoiditis are the elimination of the original cause, which became the causative agent of the development of pathological processes. If infectious etiology is observed, then antibiotic therapeutic measures will be prescribed. So, medicines can be prescribed: Ftalazolum, Ampiox, Enterofuril and others.

To prevent the emergence of dysbiosis, corrective manipulations are carried out, which contain strains of bacteria that are in short supply. Prescribed drugs such as: Lineks, Hilak-forte and others.

For elimination of diarrhea in focal sigmoiditis, preparations with absorption properties are used, for example, Smecta, Activated charcoal and others. To restore the balance of water and electrolytes, a solution of Regidron is prescribed.

Candles act as auxiliary substances, and mainly they have antibacterial components. The application is rectal. They should contain sea buckthorn oil, actovegin or methyluracil.

Diet for focal sigmoiditis is a fundamental factor for successful treatment. It is necessary to follow all the recommendations of a specialist, so you will completely get rid of the disease.

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