Ascarids during pregnancy, treatment of ascaridosis in pregnant and lactating mothers, what to treat, what to do?

Ascariasis during pregnancy is very dangerous, because parasites can enter the body of an unborn baby. This threatens the fact that when a child is born, then because of helminthic invasion can occur complications such as pneumonia, allergies and other equally dangerous diseases. Parasites also negatively affect a woman's condition, because of them nausea intensifies, pain in the right side appears and weakness arises.

Ascarids in pregnant women repeat their usual life cycle. As soon as the infected eggs of the helminths enter the intestine, then after some time the larvae hatch, which through the walls of the organ penetrate into the bloodstream and are carried throughout the body. Ascaridosis in pregnant women is dangerous because larvae in the stage of migration can penetrate the placenta into the fetus. In this case, the baby is already born infected, he will have adult worms in his body.

The worms cause a lot of discomfort for the expectant mother. She may have symptoms such as general weakness, cough, insomnia. In some cases, cough may produce sputum, which contains blood. In addition, there is also an increase in the liver. Often there are various allergic reactions, such as urticaria and an allergic rhinitis.

When the intestinal stage occurs, this is when the larvae accumulate in the lungs and then fall into the mouth together with sputum, re-swallowed and re-enter the intestines, the parasites become adult individuals and begin to multiply actively.

In the intestinal phase, ascarids during pregnancy contribute to the appearance of such symptoms as vomiting, abdominal pain, poor appetite and general weakness. A woman may not see a glaucous invasion, because the above signs often appear during pregnancy.

Treatment of ascariasis in pregnancy

Many women are worried about the question of how to treat ascariasis during pregnancy? Medicines from worms are usually very toxic, so future mothers are afraid to take them. If a pregnant woman or a nursing mother has ascarids, then in no case can you do self-medication, you need to see a doctor.

Treatment of ascariasis in pregnant women should in any case be complex. Usually, less toxic drugs are selected, for example, Piperazine. In addition, the doctor may prescribe medications to restore the intestinal microflora. Sometimes oxygen therapy is used.

It is very important to fight with ascariasis in pregnant women to maintain a diet, if possible, you should exclude sweets and flour products. The doctor can advise the future mother to include in his diet products that helminths do not tolerate, for example: carrots, garlic, pomegranates, pineapples and pumpkin seeds. But they need to be eaten only if there is no allergy and other contraindications.

What to do with ascarids during pregnancy? The main thing is not to panic and immediately turn to a specialist, because independent intervention can greatly harm. To get rid of ascariasis during pregnancy, you can, but in order to avoid trouble, you need to be surveyed before planning the baby, and in the period of his gestation, you should carefully monitor your health. Observance of hygiene will help prevent many parasitic diseases.

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