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Among modern high-performance drugs designed to stimulate the processes of skin regeneration, we should separately focus on the Eplan, which has excellent indicators in the fight against many skin diseases with a minimum of negative manifestations. The use of Eplan is shown as an effective wound-healing preparation, which has a pronounced bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect.

A large number of positive reviews received the use of this drug in the treatment of injuries of various skin types, which can be accompanied by death and necrosis of damaged tissues with the formation of a dry scab. Also, a severe pain syndrome is removed: the elimination of itching and burning of the skin, the restoration of its normal pH level with the elimination of increased dryness occurs along with regenerative processes even with the first few applications of this medication.

Features of the preparation

Combining parameters such as high degree of efficiency, minimal amount of side effects when used and affordable enough, the drug for external use Eplan has proved itself in the treatment of a variety of dermatological lesions also due to the balanced composition, the thoughtfulness of its formula. A multicomponent composition, a neutral effect on healthy areas of the skin with the application of the drug and the choice of several of the currently available dosage forms, have ensured a high level of interest in it from buyers.

Photo of Eplana

Dosage forms of

Today there are several varieties of the drug on sale:

  • ointment , which has a uniform thick consistency, uniform light beige hue, differs in a rather dense structure. At the same time, absorption of it occurs quickly, there are no oily visible traces on the skin;
  • cream , which has a less dense consistency and is white, well absorbed when applied to the skin. It is used in those cases when it is necessary to conduct a therapeutic effect on superficial damage to the skin;
  • liquid solution , offered in the form of droppers of small size;
  • wipes , antimicrobial and wound healing.

All forms are convenient to use and have a pronounced therapeutic effect, therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions attached to the preparation to obtain the necessary therapeutic effect without exerting negative effects on the epidermis.

Pro Eplan tells the video below:

Composition of Eplan

Active substance in all presented dosage forms is glycolan, which in several different concentrations provides both the speed of the therapeutic effect when using Eplan and the long-term preservation of the result. The auxiliary components are:

  • triethylene glycol;
  • glycerol;
  • purified or distilled water;
  • polyethylene glycol;
  • is ethyl carbitol.

In solid forms of the preparation( cream and ointment) in 100 g contains 7.2 g of active substance, in liquid form in 100 g - 8.5 g of glycolane.


The cost is considered one of the important indicators, which basically determine the degree of purchase of the medicine. And Eplan should be considered one of the most popular drugs precisely because of the most optimal combination of the quality of exposure and availability of the remedy.

The price of the drug can be from different vendors from 230 rubles to 310 rubles for 30 g of ointment or cream, liniment( liquid form of the drug) is slightly lower - 135-150 rubles( although the volume of liniment is less than 20 ml).

Different forms of Eplan

Pharmacological action


Excellent handling of negative effects on the skin and the consequences of this effect, Eplan eliminates the degenerative reactions of the skin with the occurrence of pressure sores on it, stimulates the rapid healing of cracks, cuts and abrasions. Even significant lesions and mechanical injuries are quickly cured with the help of Eplan: a pronounced stimulation of positive dynamics makes it one of the most popular and effective in the application.

Penetration of the active substance into the upper layer of the epidermis within a few minutes after the application of the drug to the affected areas of the skin allows to begin an early action on the skin, increasing the rate of regenerative processes, preventing the aggravation of inflammatory processes in the skin. Even with the action of toxic substances on the skin, the formation of mechanical damages of various nature on its surface, at various degrees of development and aggravation of the pathological process, the application of the given preparation makes it possible to obtain a pronounced positive effect.


The rapid absorption of the active substance by the skin is due to its balanced formula. Having an insignificant number of restrictions in the application, Eplan has proven itself in the treatment of patients with increased sensitivity of the skin, with a tendency to allergic manifestations.

The cleverness of the formulation is also expressed in the absence of the propensity of the drug to accumulate in the body products of its decay: the residual components of the product are cleaved by the cells of the liver, their excretion is performed by the kidneys with urine.


The drug can be used in case of numerous negative changes in the upper layer of the epidermis, with skin lesions of a different nature. These conditions include:

  • dermatitis;
  • eczema;
  • frequent acne and furuncles on the skin;
  • household wounds - burns, cuts, abrasions, cracks;
  • thermal and sunburn, even in large areas;
  • manifestations of psoriasis;
  • trophic ulcers;
  • radiation injury of the skin;
  • insect bites, accompanied by burning and itching of the skin;
  • as a preventive agent with the skin's tendency to peeling, allergic reactions, irritation.

Napkins Eplan

Instruction for use

The process of using Eplan is simple, it does not cause complications. Before applying any dosage form to the affected areas, the skin should be pre-cleaned of contaminants and remnants of other medicinal products, then the Eplan preparation should be applied in a thin layer( in case of using an ointment or cream) or for profuse wetting of the damaged area( using the drug solution).


For adults, the dosage of Eplan is determined by the attending physician-dermatologist and is from 1 to 3 applications per day. With a large area of ​​damage, the agent can be applied up to 5 times per day.

Duration of application depends on the general condition of the skin and usually is 3-6 weeks, after which a short break( 2 weeks) is made, then treatment can be continued.

For children and newborns

Because children's skin is sensitive, use extreme caution when using any form of medication. After applying the product, do not rub or apply a fixative bandage to prevent allergic reactions to the baby's skin.

Frequency of application of the drug is 1-2 times a day, while it is necessary to monitor the reaction of the skin: with any negative reaction, the use of the drug should be discontinued.

In pregnancy and lactation,

  • Pregnancy also requires increased caution in the use of Eplan. Although the active substance has no property to penetrate through the placental barrier and there is no penetration of it through the placental barrier into the fetus, it is necessary to carry out the treatment under the supervision of the attending dermatologist.
  • The lactation of is also not considered an excuse for not using the substance in question. However, the main condition for its use should be considered the absence of negative manifestations on the part of the child and the female body.


Contraindications include hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Side effects of

To side effects when using Eplana, one can attribute:

  • allergic reactions to the treated skin;
  • skin redness;
  • rashes;
  • appearance of hypersensitivity to the epidermis.

As practice shows, when using the drug, side effects are extremely rare.

Special instructions

The absence of addiction to the constituent components of the product makes it possible to apply it for a long time. Also, the remedy does not cause toxic effects, does not tend to accumulate in the body.

Interaction with other drugs

The drug Eplan can be used in parallel with other drugs.


Positive feedback from customers has been obtained due to both the high effectiveness of the drug and its affordable cost. Many people note as a plus the possibility of choosing the dosage form of this drug, as well as its ease of use.

The balance of the composition and the thoughtfulness of the dosage formula makes it possible to obtain a quick positive result even with a relatively short period of drug use.


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This video provides feedback on the use of the Eplan:

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