Phenazepam with a hangover: whether it is possible to combine, side effects, reviews of people and doctors

Phenazepam is an inexpensive tranquilizer that is easy to buy on prescription at any pharmacy. Often it is used for a hangover, in order to "improve health".However, does not harm Phenazepam with a hangover, is it dangerous for mental health to use this drug to fall asleep?

Phenazepam with hangover

A strong tranquilizer Phenazepam was created more than 40 years ago, intended for use as a sleeping pill, an anticonvulsant. Refers to a group of psycho-sedatives( anxiolytics).

Manufacturer - Valenta Pharmaceuticals, Russia, the price of tablets on average is 90 rubles. Analogues of phenazepam - Tranquesipam, Fezipam, Phenasef, Fenorelaxan.


Active substance Phenazepam - bromohydrochlorophenylbenzodiazepine. Auxiliary components - lactose, starch, talc. It is produced in tablets, ampoules for injections into the muscle, and injections into the vein.

Tablets are packaged in 1 g and 2.5 g, packed in contour cells of 10 pieces.

Indications for use

Indications for treatment with phenazepam are:

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  • Insomnia;
  • neuroses;
  • epilepsy;
  • emotional instability;
  • hypochondria;
  • panic attacks;
  • phobia;
  • high muscle tone;
  • tics;
  • alcohol abstinence.

Phenazepam is used in the treatment of abstinence syndrome with alcoholism as part of a comprehensive treatment. Duration of the course, the dosage is prescribed by the narcologist individually.

The drug is used only in a hospital due to the danger of overdose, the formation of dependence.


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The course of treatment usually does not last more than 2 weeks. If you take the drug longer than this time, the risk of dependence increases, which further complicates the treatment of alcoholism.

Principle of action

Phenazepam is a tranquilizer of the benzodiazepine( DB) series, it can bind to DB receptors, which increases the activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid( GABA) receptors.

GABA is a brake mediator of the central nervous system. Increase of its activity depresses the nervous system, causes:

  • decreased excitability, drowsiness;
  • decreased emotional stress;
  • reduction of muscle tone;
  • disposal of fear, anxiety.

The use of phenazepam in alcohol withdrawal is explained by its ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier of the brain, bind to DB receptors, reducing brain agitation.

By the time they start treatment for withdrawal symptoms, alcohol is no longer present in the blood, there is no danger of interaction between these two depressants. If you drink Fenazepam with a hangover, these depressants mutually reinforce each other's action, which leads to unpredictable results.

Phenazepam is used in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal in a dose of 2.5 mg to 5 mg per day.

Can I drink from a hangover?

Phenazepam is not prescribed concomitantly with sleeping pills, anesthetics, anesthesia. The intake of phenazepam with alcohol enhances the inhibitory effect of ethanol on the nervous system, depresses the brain centers responsible for life support - breathing, palpitations.

Phenazepam is rapidly addictive, especially when alcohol is used. It is very difficult to get rid of this dependence. With the refusal of Phenazepam, the patient has hallucinations, a violation of self-perception, seizures of epilepsy.

Combine the use of phenazepam and alcohol can not. If the blood contains even a small amount of ethyl alcohol, taking Fenazepam provokes motor disorders, headache, depression, memory disorders, a violation of the rhythm of the heartbeats.

Side effects of

With a hangover in the blood, alcohol remains, which in combination with phenazepam acts in an unpredictable manner. A man can suddenly be overtaken by an irresistible desire for action.

He is ready to communicate with all light, to rush to solve problems anywhere in the world. However, sociability and friendliness at any time can develop into aggression, outbursts of rage.

The presence of alcohol in the blood strengthens the action of phenazepam, causing an exaggerated response of the nervous system. Instead of relaxing sleep, a person can immerse in a phenazepam sleep - a condition threatening to stop the heart, suppressing the respiratory reflex, vomiting, memory impairment.

After such a dream a person does not just feel bad. He feels the weakness of the cotton, the lethargy of the muscles in the whole body, the sufferer's pulse increases, the temperature rises.

Taking Phenazepam with a hangover can cause elderly people, adolescents, drug addicts, alcohol addicts to have an acute attack of unmotivated aggression, intimidating hallucinations, nightmarish dreams, and an increased level of anxiety.

Phenazepam with a hangover exacerbates the course of chronic diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system. The patient has symptoms such as dizziness, coordination disorders, inhibition of muscle reactions, mental activity.

Overdose of

Phenazepam in case of overdose causes life-threatening complications. Overdose drug with a hangover is not difficult. In such a state, the patient may take the drug repeatedly for absent-mindedness, which, on the background of alcohol, creates a threat of cardiac arrest.

If you do not notice this condition, the patient may fall into a coma who without medical assistance ends in death.

If you suspect a drug overdose with phenazepam during a hangover, you should try not to let the patient fall asleep, call a narcologist, and before his arrival rinse the stomach if the patient is conscious.

In a state of sleep, the stomach can not be washed, the victim may be drowned with vomiting.


People who have used Phenazepam in the past agree that the drug acts soothingly in a healthy mind. With alcoholic and narcotic dependence, phenazepam causes delirium, hallucinations, outbreaks of aggression.

Alcoholic, when taking Phenazepam, becomes unmotivated by spiteful, irritable, conflicting. Loses under the influence of tablets the ability to recognize loved ones, loses self-criticism, control over one's behavior.

When a combination of alcohol and Phenazepam there is a deep depression or, on the contrary, unmotivated euphoria. In all the reviews there is the appearance of delusional thoughts, emotional instability.

According to narcologists, alcohol and phenazepam multiply the effect of each other. Their joint use causes a persistent psychophysical dependence on the progressive degradation of the individual, which is difficult to treat.

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