Manna porridge with gastritis

Dietary food for patients suffering from such a gastrointestinal tract as a gastritis, presupposes the use of various types of cereal. Very well proved in this disease such as manna.

The use of it in the therapeutic nutrition of people suffering from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, proved by nutritionists of different countries, is as follows:

  • Manna porridge with gastritis has an excellent enveloping action, which removes all pain symptoms;
  • When consumed in the food of this product, healing of all kinds of damage occurs on the mucous membrane of the digestive organ during the development of this disease;
  • Porridge, cooked from semolina, perfectly cleanses the body from the negative effects of toxins and toxins that accumulate in it in a large amount during the development of a disease such as gastritis. In addition, this croup can absorb all the components that can negatively affect the weakened by the disease man, which are available in other products;
  • Its undeniable benefit lies in the fact that it is able to prevent the formation of poor-quality tumors in the stomach as well as in the intestines.

Also semolina porridge - this is quite a satisfying dish, and a very small amount of it is enough to quickly saturate the body, which is important in such an inflammatory disease of the stomach as gastritis. After all, with it, the main digestive organ can not work in normal mode. In addition, its viscous and soft structure is not capable of damaging its wounded mucous membrane.

Preparation of semolina porridge for gastritis

It should be noted that with this disease the dish is cooked on the water, and not on milk. And the amount of salt and sugar should be minimal. And in the case when there is an exacerbation of the disease, adding them is not recommended at all.

The process of cooking semolina porridge for gastritis for 1 serving is as follows:

  • 300 ml of water is brought to a boil in a small bowl;
  • With slow boiling and constant stirring, 2 tablespoons of cereal are poured. Stir it all the time, so that the lumps do not form, and the consistency of the prepared dish was uniform;
  • Cook it at the lowest heat and with constant stirring, so that there is no burning.

In the case when there is an exacerbation of gastritis, you should not add butter to the prepared semolina, but during the remission of the disease the dish can be flavored not only with it, but also with wiped fruit or berries.

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