What to do to restore speech after a stroke at home

1 Daily lessons

The process of speech restoration after a stroke is a long time-consuming period in which you need to be as careful and careful in choosing treatment options so as not to harm the patient. There are a huge number of ways to combat this effect, which is chosen depending on the degree of the disease. For example, the technique by which speech can be restored, for such an extent as efferent motor aphasia, is that the patient must complete the proverbs, count the objects, select the sayings for a certain meaning. This includes oppositions such as black - white, small - large, etc.

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Doctors believe that only close ones should restore speech, as the patient trusts them most, and it is easier to arrange for treatment. If a patient has afferent motor aphasia, then one should read poetry, pronounce them with a certain rhythm and even tap the pronunciation. Often speech therapists prescribe an account from 1 to 10 with the listing of the days of the week, months or seasons. If dynamic aphasia is exhibited, then emphasis should be placed on role-playing conversations, with playing scenes and situations. There are a number of other degrees of the disease, when also it is worth paying attention to the lessons with the patient.

Basic types of exercises:

  1. The exercises for sensory aphasia are that you need to select a specific object, name it and describe it. This includes engaging in answering the simplest questions, or at all creating a dialogue with the filling of voids where phrases should be.
  2. You can restore speech with acoustic-mnestic aphasia by listening to books, texts, writing questions and answers to them. If you gradually write short dictations, it will also help to return the speech as soon as possible.
  3. With semantic aphasia, such actions as planning a room, proposing with prepositions, drawing up a role-playing game, as well as a small story or story, are desirable.
  4. If amnestic aphasia is detected, then the speech can be reconstructed by viewing pictures and creating pictures on a given topic by the patients themselves.

Do not forget about the description and study of natural processes such as rain, leaf rustling, changing weather conditions, the time of year, day and night, etc.


speech therapist's help After the patient has determined the specific phase of the stroke, one must immediately startto work with a speech therapist. It is worth noting that, according to statistics, those close patients who underwent stroke, who attracted a speech therapist, achieved the best result, and at the time of discharge from the patient speech was restored by almost 100%.

Speech therapy is an area of ​​science that studies the violation of the speech process, and also through speech therapists overcome and prevent severe speech defects. If after leaving the clinic continue to visit a doctor-speech therapist, then you can completely get rid of the consequences of a stroke.

It is important to choose a speech therapist who not only will conduct his sessions to restore speech, but also support him, as an experienced psychologist. It is support, presence near the sick relatives at the most difficult moment - this is what the patient needs to be rehabilitated as soon as possible after a stroke and return to a normal lifestyle. It is often useful for relatives to communicate with speech therapists, as they will teach correct communication with the patient without harm to his psyche.

3 Special speech therapy techniques

Initially, it is necessary to "stir up" the speech by using the basis of the previous speech stereotype. Namely, it is necessary to check how the patient will react to external stimuli.

Logopedic work always increases the pace, and gradually the lessons should become more complex. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the patient himself and the degree of his illness, so as not to harm, but to cure. For example, the first lesson is always considered a test case, as the person's abilities and abilities are studied, including violations that need to be corrected.


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If you keep on the same level of difficulty all the time, then the restoration will stand in one place. As a rule, after a test session, speech therapists begin to use those methods of speech restoration, in which there are especially important moments for the patient. To be more precise, emphasis is placed on those activities that can cause emotional arousal.

The main thing is at the initial stages not to allow the most sick will to choose the context and treatment, as this can not only confuse it, but also lead to a negative result due to a wrong new perception of reality.

As a rule, speech therapists create the situations beforehand and subsequently play them with the patient, which is much easier and more effective. A good option is to use music and study musical instruments to relax the psyche of the patient and at the same time teach him the sounds.

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Some patients are easier to treat by reading, and others - singing, which depends, of course, on the phase of the disease, on the personal capabilities of the patient, because not every healthy person has an excellent musical ear. For example, those who suffer from sensory aphasia should use only visual material.

Regardless of who is conducting the activity, you should always comment on each action so that the patient can remember them and gradually repeat them.

4 Techniques for later rehabilitation weeks

If speech recovery after a stroke with the help of a speech therapist did not begin in the early stages, a verbal violation can become not only more serious, but even "rooted".In this case, you need to contact a speech therapist-aphasiologist, who works with more complex cases.

5 Can I recover at home?

The process of speech recovery after a stroke at home is quite possible, but only after such actions are approved by a speech therapist. It is very important to exclude harm to the patient, too much stress on his psyche and brain, which can shake not only his mood, but also at all to provoke deterioration.

It is not uncommon for the relatives of patients to complain about the lack of patience and the fact that they need a positive immediate result. Do not despair, because the main thing is to wait. Patients after a stroke, limited in movement or in speech, always notice the reaction of their relatives, and this leads to apathy, depression or even refusal of treatment and speech restoration. In some cases, speech therapists conduct classes for the rehabilitation of patients personally with them - one on one.

A person who is surrounded by care, attention, understanding, will be much quicker to go on the amendment, and therefore each relative must make a contribution and provide the patient with the usual situation.

It should be remembered that:

  • categorically excludes ignoring of speech contact with the patient;
  • you need to talk to the patient slowly, quietly and calmly;
  • it is necessary to ask the patient prompting questions, and perhaps, to sing songs to arrange it to yourself.

After a while, the effect will be visible, provided that you regularly practice and ensure the presence of a speech therapist.

After a stroke, you can recover, but not without help. The treatment can include the study of numerical series, alphabet, days of the week, etc. Some moments, for example, reading with a patient or studying letters, can be done not only by a speech therapist, but also by a relative, but do not forget about overstrain, since the patientmust be in a constant calm and completely calm mental state.

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