Worms in girls( girls) and their treatment

More and more doctors are inclined to claim that almost 90% of all diseases are to some extent related to the presence in the human body of worms or larvae( eggs) leading a parasitic lifestyle. Their ability to penetrate any human body, beginning with the intestine, bones or muscles and ending with the brain or eyes of a person, sucking nutrients necessary for a person and poisoning it with the products of their vital activity, leads to the provocation of the development of many diseases and even death.

The presence of worms in children is particularly dangerous, when the defenses of the body are not strong enough to repel not the guests who have been invited. Risk factors are dirt, non-compliance with personal hygiene rules, pets, flies, cockroaches, eating fruits and vegetables without careful handling. Among the most common types of worms, the most frequently damaging girls and girls are ascarids and pinworms.

Worms in girls

It is difficult to diagnose infection with worms in girls, as they rarely appear in the stool. You can do nine tests of feces, and only the tenth in the account will give a positive result. Therefore, in general, the presence of worms in girls is determined by the symptomatology. The development of helminthiasis passes in two stages:

  1. Acute, characterized by a number of symptoms.
  2. Chronic, occurring mainly asymptomatic and only in the case of massive lesions affecting digestion and specific signs of parasite-induced disease.

Signs of infection with worms are basically the same regardless of the sex of the child, but only not in case of infection with pinworms. Small, about a centimeter in size, white round worms cause infection with enterobiasis. In this case, pinworms already at the stage of the larvae begin to harm the body, causing inflammation in the intestinal wall. Adult individuals, gnawing through the intestinal wall, contribute to the penetration of pathogens.

The specific sign of infection with parasites is the presence of severe itching in the anus, which causes helminths to creep out. Getting out of the anus, pinworms lay eggs near the anus, which then spread through the bed, fall on household items, provoking repeated infection. In addition, combing the itchy places, along with the trauma of the skin, there is again infection with worms through the dirt accumulated under the fingernails.

However, in girls the worms of this species cause additional diseases associated with the child's anatomy. Crawling out of the anus, the worms get into the sexual organs of the girl. As a result, in girls other than enterobiosis, the development of inflammatory processes in the vagina, combined under the common name of vulvovaginitis, is possible. Treatment of worms in girls is carried out taking into account the characteristics of such a lesion of the child's body. Therefore, in addition to special preparations against parasites, it is recommended that in the morning and in the evening, the hygienic procedures of the genital organs and near the anal region are carried out. Then, these parts of the body lubricate children's cream on an oil base or medical petroleum jelly. Worms can also cause bedwetting.

The problem of worms in girls is aggravated by the fact that with the onset of puberty, menstruation begins monthly. In this case, worms cause painful periods with irregularities in the menstrual cycle. Infection with a dwarf chain can provoke the formation of benign tumors on the genital mucosa. The absence of treatment for helminthic invasion in girls can lead to inflammation of the ovaries or fallopian tubes.

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