Treatment of shadows, prevention of pork thistle in humans, how to get rid, get rid of drugs, drugs, folk remedies( chanterelles)?

If a person is diagnosed with shadows, treatment is performed in a hospital. This is done in order to exclude the possibility of developing the most dangerous complications. At the moment there is no definite treatment scheme for pork chopsticks, but physicians, talking about how to get rid of pork chopsticks, pay attention to the need for complex therapy. It consists of taking certain medicines, applying alternative medicine and mandatory prevention of re-infection. Let's talk about each stage in more detail.

Pork Chain is very dangerous for humans, it can provoke the appearance of complications that can lead to death. That is why the treatment of shinosis should be under the supervision of a doctor. In the intestinal form of the shadowosis, antiparasitic agents are used to treat invasion, which leads to a decrease in the ability of the parasite to adhere to the walls of the small intestine. Therefore, prevention of re-infection becomes important. Most often prescribed Nichlosamide.

Medical treatment of shinose

The scheme of treatment of shinosis with this medication is extremely simple. Adults are given a single dose of 2 g. The tablet is chewed on an empty stomach and washed down with water. Children 0,5 gr.toddlers up to a year, 1 gr.year-old children and 1.5 children from one and a half years and older:

  • For a quarter of an hour before taking Nichlosamide, doctors recommend to drink 200 grams.drinking soda.
  • Two hours after taking the medicine, you must drink any laxative on a salt basis. Nichlosamide will immobilize the pork chain, and the laxative will help to remove it from the body outside.
  • Since taking a laxative reduces the effectiveness of any anthelmintic medication, it is important to repeat the medication exactly one month after the first dose.

What other tablets can be used to treat shadows in an adult and a child? How to get rid of pork chopsticks by other methods? In order to cure the helminthiasis, the causative agent of which is the parasite described, patients can be appointed Praziquantel - another means of a wide spectrum of action. It is taken once, the dose is calculated by the formula 15 mg per one kilogram of body weight. To treat the shadows and get rid of the pork tapeworm can and Vermil. This drug is most effective in mixed invasions and preventive measures.

Treatment of shadows with folk remedies

Folk treatment of shadows in an adult is performed with an extract of male fern and pumpkin seeds. Doses of extract and pumpkin seeds are determined taking into account the generally accepted doses specified in the pharmaceutical reference books. The treatment of shadeosis with male fern and pumpkin seeds is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. During treatment( two days) the patient must follow a certain diet( table №13).
  2. On the eve of the evening it is useful to take a salt laxative.
  3. On the day of treatment in the morning on an empty stomach is taken the broth of a male fern or the mass of crushed pumpkin seeds.
  4. After half an hour, a laxative is taken again.
  5. After an hour a light breakfast is allowed.
  6. After another half hour, the patient is given a cleansing enema.

It is impossible to engage in self-medication of the shadowosis, the risks of re-infection are always high, and this is a very painful condition that can lead to death. Traditional treatment of shinosis can not replace medical treatment, it is resorted to when, for some compelling reasons, the patient can not take antihelminthic drugs against the pork chopsticks. The most effective against parasites, oddly enough, are mushrooms chanterelles. They contain the substance D-mannose, belonging to the group of polysaccharides. It penetrates through the membrane and blocks the nerve endings of the pork chain. Immobilized, he quickly dies. These mushrooms are valuable in that they kill both eggs of parasites and its larvae, so chanterelles are often used during the prevention of shadows.

Prevention measures for pork chopsticks

Prevention of shadows is more urgent than ever. Those who live in the endemic areas of the shadow are simply required to strictly follow the simple rules:

  • You can not buy pork meat from your hands, it's better to buy it in shops where all meat products are under laboratory control. No one can guarantee the quality of meat in the markets. The buyer himself is responsible for the choice of the goods. It is worth choosing the meat on the carcass which has a special stamp of sanitary examination. Instead, a seller can have a document from the seller.
  • You should not eat poorly cooked pork, feast on meat with blood. It is important to understand that the larvae of the pork chain can be almost everywhere: in the muscles, in the fat layer, in the pile. That's why there is salted lard and smoked meat delicacies quite dangerous.
  • In the process of preparing meat dishes, it is not worth trying raw meat.
  • During the care of domestic pigs, it is important to thoroughly wash hands and treat them with any cosmetic disinfectant each time after contact with animals and with soil. Observing such preventive measures, you can try to prevent infection with pork chain.

Understanding how to remove the pork tartar from the body, how the treatment of the shadow is carried out, how the prevention of cysticercosis is carried out - a dangerous complication, gives a chance to preserve one's health.

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