Treatment of pharyngitis in adults: drugs

Treatment of pharyngitis in adults

Pharyngitis is an inflammatory disease of the mucous membrane in the throat, which usually develops against the background of colds and infectious diseases. If the treatment of this disease is not started in time, it can go on into a chronic form and lead to many serious consequences. Therapy is usually required complex, it is important to get rid of the symptoms of the disease and eliminate the causative agent of the inflammatory process. Treatment of pharyngitis in adults with drugs is an important part of the whole complex of therapy.

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Drugs for the treatment of pharyngitis

All drugs used inthis disease, can be divided

into several groups. Usually, the following drugs are used depending on the underlying causes and symptoms of pharyngitis:

  1. Antibiotics. Antibacterial agents are usually required for bacterial lesions. Depending on the extent of the bacterial spread and the activity of the infection, antibiotics may be needed in the form of topical sprays or complex treatment tablets.
  2. Anti-inflammatory drugs. Usually they are supplemented by a powerful analgesic effect, help to remove the pain and perspiration in the throat that occur with pharyngitis. It is worth remembering that such drugs never eliminate the cause of the disease, they only help to cope with the symptoms.
  3. Homeopathic remedies. This group of funds is usually used as an auxiliary treatment, homeopathy is used to maintain the defenses of the body, helps to cope with the infectious lesion that caused pharyngitis. It is worth remembering that the effectiveness of these drugs is not recognized officially, so you should not rely solely on them.

In viral pharyngitis, agents can be used that help suppress the activity of the virus. However, for this it is necessary to first pass the examination in order to establish the exact cause of the disease. It is worth noting that even if the inflammation has a viral nature, antiviral drugs are not always necessary, in this case it is usually more important to strengthen immunity.

Preparations for the treatment of pharyngitis

With some forms of inflammation, dry cough occurs, it is provoked by purulent discharge on the mucosa in the pharynx. To improve the flow of excreta and get rid of coughing attacks use antitussive drugs. For example, with granulosis pharyngitis, cough preparations are especially necessary.

Most drugs for pharyngitis are sold without a prescription, with the exception of some types of antibiotics. However, this does not mean that one should strive for independent treatment. For the therapy to be most effective, it is necessary to accurately determine the pathogen of the inflammatory process.

Also, in addition to taking medications, do not forget about other aspects of treatment. To the effect of medicines was the most pronounced, it is necessary to comply with bed rest with an acute form of the disease. You need to drink enough fluids, ordinary clean water, warm tea.

You should go on a diet without irritating the mucous products. They include too hot or cold dishes, dishes with a lot of spices, too salty or acidic foods.

Important! Before starting treatment, always consult a physician.

How to treat the disease

To make it easier to navigate among the drugs and find the most suitable means, it is worthwhile to list the most popular and effective drugs against pharyngitis and other diseases of the nasopharynx.


Tablets with a systemic effect in this disease are rarely required, usually using local drugs. They include: Bioparox, IRS-19, Imudon. It should be noted that these drugs do not relieve the symptoms of the disease, they help to eliminate the cause exclusively. Therefore, the effect of their application becomes noticeable not immediately.

Bioparox from pharyngitis in adults

For the same purpose, rinse with Miramistin. This solution has an antiseptic effect that helps to destroy bacterial damage. Rinse should be as often as possible, especially at the very beginning of treatment.

Anti-inflammatory analgesics

Usually, topical preparations are used, which are available in the form of sprays and tablets, lozenges for resorption. They do not fight the cause of the disease, but help to remove pain and choking in the throat. In this category, there are many inexpensive but effective drugs, usually using the following tools:

  1. Pastilles and tablets: Grammidine, Strepsils, Pharyngocept and their analogues.
  2. Sprays: Yoks, Geksoral, Tantum Verde and their analogues.

Grammidine from pharyngitis in adults

Most of these drugs are quite safe, but do not use them more often than indicated in the instructions. If the inflammatory process in the throat is accompanied by an increase in body temperature, one should turn to anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs in the form of tablets, for example, Nurafen and other means based on ibuprofen of a broad spectrum of action.


Homeopathy is used as a concomitant therapy, do not fully rely on these drugs. With pharyngitis and other inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx, the following tools are usually used:

  • Rumex;
  • Causticum;
  • Ehinatseya Angustophalia and others.

Actually, there are many names for homeopathic preparations, but not all of them are effective enough. To select a medicine follows with mind, it is necessary to familiarize with the description of several different means before making a choice.

Important! To strengthen immunity in this disease, you can also use vitamin-mineral complexes and home medicines based on herbs.

Pharyngitis treatment by causticum.jpg

The order of preparations for inhalation

Inhalations are especially important in pharyngitis, which is accompanied by a cough and the formation of purulent discharge on the mucosa. Inhalations help to facilitate breathing, improve sputum discharge and kill pathogens. Especially advised inhalation to facilitate breathing after fifty.

The procedure should be carried out with the help of special preparations - nebulizers. Usually the following agents are used:

  1. Mineral water or saline. The most common and useful with pharyngitis funds, it is advised to use Narzan or Borjomi. Inhalations with these substances will help to eliminate dryness and perspiration.
  2. Furacillin. The ready solution is sold in pharmacies in ampoules, half of furacillin and half of saline solution are taken for one procedure. This drug has a pronounced antibacterial effect.
  3. Lazolvan or Ambrobene in the form of solutions for inhalation. These funds are needed when a cough occurs on the background of pharyngitis. They will help improve the output of sputum and secretions on the mucosa in the throat.

It is advised to do a few inhalations a day, alternate different means. You can do this in the sequence shown. Inhalations will also help to strengthen the effect of other drugs that are used against pharyngitis.

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