How to get rid of the smell of feet at home

We get rid of the unpleasant smell of the feet

If you are recently shy to take off shoes in someone else's apartment and avoid talking with people because of the terrible smell coming from your feet, you should urgently solve the problem. Otherwise, life can turn into a nightmare that never ends. And how to cope with the unpleasant situation, we will tell in the article.

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Causes of

Before Treatingthe given problem, it is necessary to find out the reasons. So, the main factors for the appearance of a disgusting smell are:

  1. Fungal infection. Perhaps the most popular cause of the ailment. The fact is that some people suffe
    r from excessive sweating. It is this environment that is ideal for the spread of bacteria. Infection with fungi activates reproduction, provokes an unpleasant smell.
  2. Close and substandard shoes. The second reason that can cause a smell from the feet. It is footwear, made of poor-quality materials, close, is a wonderful medium for the spread of microorganisms.
  3. Physiology. There are people who have more sweat glands on their legs than most. In diseases, physical activity, stress, sweating is greatly increased. Therefore, the chances that the feet will make a fetid smell are quite large.
  4. Non-compliance with hygiene rules.
  5. Wearing stockings, socks made of synthetic fabric.

Treatment of an unpleasant odor

The reasons for the origin of the disease have been clarified. Now you can talk about the treatment. So, how to get rid of the smell of feet at home?

Remember: treatment should affect all family members, especially if the case is swinging fungal disease.

How to get rid of men

Often men's feet emit a sharper smell than women's. Closed shoes do not allow moisture evaporating from the sweat glands of the feet. The smell is formed due to the multiplication of bacteria.

Before applying deodorants to the feet, they should be washed with soap, thoroughly dried, and then used to control sweating. Be sure to change your socks every day. Buy only cotton socks. Use deodorants for the feet. These activities will help to cope with an unpleasant smell.

How to get rid of women

Women also do not pass such a phenomenon. This is unpleasant when the unpleasant spirit spreads when taking off shoes. First of all, carefully observe the hygienic rules:

  • thoroughly wash your feet;
  • periodically do a pedicure;
  • wear socks with a large percentage of cotton;
  • apply talcum powder to the shoes or feet;
  • use antiperspirants, narrowing the pores;
  • exclude from the diet: onions, garlic, as well as salty foods, coffee, strong tea and spirits.
  • use deodorants for the feet.

Regular observance of the rules will remove the unpleasant odor of the feet.

Important! We recommend paying special attention to increased sweating, which is not eliminated by the above methods. Since this can be an indicator of the disease of the cardiovascular system or kidneys.

How to get rid of the smell of feet in a child

An unpleasant smell can occur in a child. First of all, its appearance depends on the quality of socks and shoes. Comfortable sneakers, often do not remove moisture, and in the accumulated sweat secretions bacteria develop.

To get rid of the smell, you need to change socks and shoes, wash your feet with warm water and soap. After the feet have been carefully wiped and dried, put on clean socks. And footwear is better to use from a natural leather.

In pregnancy,

Sweating in pregnant women may increase. The sole gives off sweat, so during pregnancy, the legs need to be given more attention. Shoes for each season must have a minimum of two pairs to allow it to dry.

During this period it is not necessary to use drugs from retail chains. It is better to use folk remedies. For example, you can make baths with the addition of vinegar. Or baths with the addition of bitter English salt. This will help narrow the pores and reduce sweating.

Folk remedies


The use of herbs is an excellent method to combat the repulsive odor of the feet. In the pharmacy, buy lavender, sage and thyme. Mix in equal proportions.

  1. 20 g mixture pour 400 ml of boiling water.
  2. Hold for 20 minutes under the closed lid. Strain. Cool down.
  3. Dampen the swab in the broth and treat the feet several times a day.

Also no less effective way are the trays of these herbs. If possible, in the pharmacy you can buy essential oils, which you need to wipe your feet.

Sage from the smell of feet

Magnesia and sea salt

This wonderful method is widely spoken of among "admirers" of traditional medicine. Mix 100 g of the product, add 20 g of salt and dilute the mixture with hot water. Keep feet in solution for no more than 15 minutes.

Sea salt from the smell of feet

Remember: all procedures should be carried out only after thoroughly washed feet.

Black tea

This favorite by all the product will get rid of sweating of feet, will cope with an unpleasant smell. To do this, brew 20 grams of tea in a glass of boiling water. Hold for half an hour. Strain. Pour into a basin and dilute with a little hot water. This effective tool will allow you to narrow the pores, significantly reducing sweating.

Black tea from the smell of feet

Flax seed

In the pharmacy get a flax seed. Brew the product according to the instructions on the packaging. The resulting broth pour into the basin and add to it warm water. Take a bath about a quarter of an hour, preferably at night.

Seed of flax from the smell of feet

Oak bark

This product will help remove the unpleasant odor of the feet. Brew bark of oak, preferably strong concentration( use the annotation) and strain the broth. Dilute with warm water and lower your legs. After, it should be thoroughly wiped and treated with conventional talcum powder or powder for children. Guaranteed, within 5-6 hours the smell will not arise. Therefore, this procedure is best done in the morning.

Oak bark from the smell of feet

Salt baths

As you know, bacteria and fungi are afraid of salt. Therefore, daily take a bath of saline.20 grams of sea( salt) salt, dilute in hot water and hold your legs there.

From available for all means, for example, you can use baking soda. The smell does not appear if you pour it into your shoes every day.

Salt trays against the smell of feet


This method is included in the category of "treatment with folk remedies".Take a daily bath of vinegar. To do this, 1 tsp.dilute in warm water and lower your legs there for 25 minutes. For a smell and giving of an antiseptic effect it is possible to add 2-3 drops of oil of a lemon, a sage or a lavender.

Vinegar against the smell from the feet

Cream of potato starch

To prepare the product, take 5 g of starch and dilute it in 0.5 tsp.water. To them, add 5 grams of cinnamon and a couple drops of favorite oil. Mix all the ingredients and apply them to the feet. The procedure is better at night.

Potato starch against the smell from the feet


This remedy is perhaps the most effective in controlling the repulsive smell, especially in men. To make it, mix 20 g of sugar, 10 ml of herbal tea( water) and 5 g of isopropyl alcohol( 91%).Several times a week, wipe with a mixture of feet. The effect will be immediate.

Sugar will help with the smell from the feet

Important! This procedure should not be performed if there are cracks or abrasions on the feet.

Foot massage

Massage can help in solving the problem of foot odor. To do this, buy lavender oil in the pharmacy. It is able not only to get rid of the unpleasant odor, but also to fight bacteria. Massage your feet daily before bedtime.

Foot massage with a foot odor

The best pharmacy method

Buy a Domeboro powder or Burov's solution in the pharmacy( 2 tbsp for one procedure).Dilute one of the products in water and take a bath in the solution for ΒΌ hour. Then rinse thoroughly the remnants of the drug.


One of the ways to eliminate the smell that comes from the feet, the use of creams that prevent increased sweating. When using them, the pores become narrower, less sweat is released, which is less favorable for the reproduction of bacteria. Due to the decrease in the number of bacteria and the products of their vital activity, the unpleasant odor decreases.

Such creams can be purchased at pharmacies.

  1. You can choose a cream that is used once a week( cream brand Vichy 7 days).The cream is smeared on washed feet once a week. The smell is absent for a week.
  2. The same property of the cream GalenoPharm 5 days. They differ in the frequency of application. The latter is applied every 5 days.


An unpleasant odor can be a feature of the body, but can also arise from wearing shoes that do not allow air to pass through. In them, sweat does not have the ability to evaporate, and the bacteria multiply rapidly. This smell can be eliminated using furatsilin. It is sold in pharmacies. For use, boil 1 tablet in 1 liter of water until dissolved. After cooling, hold your feet in this solution. Furacilin acts as an antimicrobial agent. As a result, the odor is eliminated. But this does not help to eliminate it for a long time.

Boric acid

The effect of using boric acid to get rid of the smell of the feet, you can feel two weeks after the application. This acid is used as an antimicrobial and antifungal agent. It has antibacterial action and does not cause irritation. It can be used in the form of a bath of lemon and boric acid. This composition can cure not only increased sweating, but also fungal diseases on the skin of the legs.

Important! Boric acid, poured into socks will remove not only the smell, but also the foot fungus.

Special foot baths for odor


If you can not use folk remedies to get rid of the "aroma" of the legs, you can buy ready-made products. Pharmacies and cosmetology shops sell ointments, gels and ready-to-use fluids for application to clean skin of the legs. They reduce sweating and eliminate an unpleasant odor.

These are the following:

  • paste Teymurova. A good antiseptic, dries and disinfects the skin. For 4 days of use, you can see the effect;
  • Formagel. Reduces perspiration, prevents the appearance of fungal diseases of the feet. Suitable for those who often use sneakers. Applied once a week;
  • benzoyl peroxide gel dries the skin, used daily;
  • cream 7 days from Vichy. Apply once a week. Eliminates itching and cracks. Softens the skin.

Unpleasant foot odor is a common phenomenon that can be eliminated by using both folk remedies and drugs purchased in a retail chain or pharmacy.

Cosmetic companies offer foot care products, including eliminating an unpleasant odor. They can process not only their feet, but also their shoes. But, first of all, the activities should be aimed at keeping the feet hygiene.

Shoe care helps prevent odors:

  • regularly wash and ventilate shoes;
  • if you suffer from the problem of repulsive odor, use deodorizing means for shoes;
  • treat footwear with salicylic alcohol or vinegar several times a week;
  • store shoes only in a dry and cool place;
  • for the night fall asleep in shoes( shoes) soda or cornstarch. This will get rid of the smell;
  • for disposal of an unpleasant smell for the night in footwear also it is possible to place a carnation or a piece of cedar wood;
  • purchase insoles that are able to absorb odor;
  • buy two pairs of quality shoes and change it daily so that each of them has time to dry out.

Remember: for full drying and airing shoes is required at least a day!

Preventative measures

Do not forget to wash your feet with bacterial soap several times a day. After each wash, wear clean socks.

Do not wear synthetic socks and stockings. Wear only those that are 100% cotton.

Struggling with the smell of feet

  1. Regularly clean feet with pumice from keratinized skin. To do this, lower your legs into hot water to properly steam them.
  2. If you have a problem with the repellent smell of your feet, try to pick up your shoes if possible.
  3. Eat right.
  4. Try not to wear closed shoes without socks.

Remember: does not need to run the problem, otherwise the situation can be aggravated many times and bring a lot of problems.

Health to you!

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