Treatment of St. John's wort with gastritis

St. John's wort treats a lot of a variety of diseases. Its effectiveness is due to the high content of strong substances on the human body. The use of this plant helps to improve the health and gastritis.

The grass is harvested during flowering, which usually lasts from June to September. The collected plant is dried, put in a tissue bag and threshed with a stick to separate the hard parts from those that can be used to make the medicine.

For the treatment of gastritis it is recommended to use St. John's wort infusion. It removes inflammation and soothes irritated gastric mucosa. To prepare the infusion, take a glass of boiling water on a tablespoon of dried herb. After the grass was filled with boiling water, wait 15 to 20 minutes. Best of all, that all this time he was on a water bath. When the infusion is ready, it is filtered and taken as a medicine.

Neither during the infusion nor afterwards can it be poured into metal or aluminum utensils, as in St. John's Wort there is a lot of ascorbic acid and other substances that can react with the metal, which will reduce their concentration and, accordingly, the medicinal value of the medicine being manufactured.

Infusion of St. John's wort with gastritis is taken on a tablespoon after eating.

But there is some probability that the grass will not only have a curative effect, but will also provoke an increase in pain and spasms in the stomach. In that case, it is better to try another method.

Cautions in the treatment of St. John's wort

Due to the fact that medicines made on the basis of St. John's Wort have a very strong effect on various body systems, their administration can have a negative effect in many conditions of the body.

Care should be taken when combining with anesthetics, in the presence of heart disease. St. John's wort changes the effect of both anesthetics and cardiac drugs. It is also noted that it affects the drugs that correct the blood's ability to clot. With simultaneous use, unforeseen side effects can develop.

Folk remedy for gastritis is contraindicated in pregnancy, at elevated temperature, hypertensive disease, with the intake of antidepressants.

During the medication you need to refrain from visiting the beach, as there will be increased sensitivity of the skin to the sun's rays, because of which it will be easy to get a sunburn.

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