Chronic gastritis: drugs, drugs, treatment with pills

This type of disease belongs to the category of ailments, from which it is impossible to get rid without resorting to medical intervention. In this case, a set of drugs for chronic gastritis should be prescribed strictly by a doctor. The fact is that it happens to be of different etiologies, so tablets that will help in one case, can harm in another.

The main groups of drugs for chronic gastritis

All the drugs used for chronic gastritis can be divided into four groups:

  1. Drugs that prevent and reduce the acidity of gastric juice. The most famous remedy in this group is soda, but it is often not worth taking, in addition, there are a huge number of other antacids, safer and more effective. This is perhaps the most numerous group of drugs for chronic gastritis, and every year manufacturers are releasing to the pharmacological market all new types of such drugs. In addition to soda, magnesium oxide, Maalox( well tolerated by people of different ages, quickly and for a long time eliminates stomach pains), and Vikalin - it includes many components, which eliminate spasms and inflammatory processes.
  2. Laxatives. This group includes funds that facilitate the act of defecation. Most often they are appointed in the form of rectal suppositories or syrups. They are necessary for violations of the stool, which is often found in some types of chronic gastritis.
  3. Group of drugs that improve the production of hydrochloric acid. Various enzyme-containing drugs are also classified here. This type of drugs with chronic gastritis is used with reduced acidity. They are needed to improve the digestive process and improve the appetite.
  4. Means that have the ability to envelop the gastrointestinal tract, the resulting film protects the mucosa from lesions. This group includes Almagel, although it also has the properties of antacid agents. This drug for the treatment of chronic gastritis has enveloping and astringent properties, in addition, it perfectly removes the pain syndrome, perfectly tolerated even by children, so doctors are not afraid to prescribe them this medicine. Here you can include medicines intended for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract with tannin, oak bark extract and others.

Antibacterial therapy

As already mentioned above, tablets from chronic gastritis are prescribed depending on the type and complexity of the disease. Because of these conditions, the dose of the drug may change in greater or lesser degree. In addition, the cause of the disease is important, if it is caused by the bacterium Helikobakter Pilori, in addition to the main course of treatment, antibacterial therapy is necessary. It is necessary only with a certain kind of chronic gastritis, the medication in this case should also be prescribed strictly by a specialist. To destroy it, you need to take antibacterial drugs according to a certain scheme. Depending on the severity of the case, Amoxicillin, Furazolidone and other medications are prescribed.

The final stage in the treatment of chronic gastritis

Once the main course of drugs is over, it is necessary to normalize the stomach, for this purpose, Sculpirid, Metoclopramide is prescribed. It is important to understand that even after the transfer of the disease to remission, she will immediately return if you do not follow the diet. You can drink pills handfuls according to the doctor's prescription, but eating foods from the forbidden list to reduce all efforts to a minimum. Only in combination, these two measures of taking medications and diet can give a positive result.

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