How to properly bury the ears of a child: hydrogen peroxide, drops, plant juice

Treatment of ear ailments can not take place without medication. Modern drug manufacturers offer convenient forms of release, which allow to quickly and effectively cure most ailments. Basically it is about drops.

Ear drops

They can be used with:

  • pain,
  • itching,
  • of ear congestion,
  • discharge.

All these signs indicate the presence of the disease. The choice of medication should be handled by a doctor, since many have contraindications and are used depending on the localization of the lesion.

If there is a defect in the membrane, then the use of most drops is contraindicated. For example, alcohol-containing preparations with perforation cauterize the edges of the membrane. Because of this, the defect remains in the ear for life. This leads not only to chronic diseases, but also threatens to lose hearing for life. In the further to get rid of a problem it will be possible only by a surgical method.

All ear drops can be divided into five main groups:

  • against infection,
  • nonsteroidal agents,
  • anesthetics,
  • hormones,
  • for softening sulfuric emissions.

Advantages of

Due to the wide variety of formulations, a preparation is selected, which allows to effectively solve the problem. The advantages are:

  • convenient form of release,
  • possibility to apply to people of different ages,
  • quick action,
  • no need to drink more serious medications.

Pharmacological preparations are made on high-quality equipment that allows to observe sterility, to select correctly compatible components, to observe the accuracy of the concentration of active substances.

Therefore, such products are distinguished by their chemical and physical stability. Ear drops have a higher bioavailability compared to tablets or syrups.

How to instill?

For manipulation, you need a pipette, a warm composition of the medicine and a cotton swab. The procedure is as follows:

Procedure Handling
Ear preparation Clear the ear passage from sulfur and precipitates. Especially if they cover the ear canal
Heat the solution and shake Best if it is room temperature. Today, many medicines can be stored in such conditions.
Technique Toddlers pull the auricle back and forth. For adults, go back up. If the technique is not observed, the passage will not be straightened.
Dial the medicine The pipette before the procedure is best treated with boiling water. Enter it is at a depth of not more than 5 mm.
Click on the tragus Hold for several minutes. This will allow the drug not to flow back. At the same time, put a cotton swab in your ear.

There are several rules that should be followed. First, do not push the cotton swab too deeply when cleaning. Because of this, you can not only damage the tympanic membrane , but also the sulfur plug to ram even further.

Secondly, after instillation it is necessary to walk with a cotton ball for about 20 minutes. This time is enough to process the pass. Thirdly, after some medicines it is not allowed to go out into the street.

The picture shows how to properly instill the ears

How to bury the ears of a child

The structure of the ear in a baby differs from an adult. Features are hidden in the specific work of the vestibular apparatus. In children, it reacts sharply to various stimuli.

When the child is buried, the child lies on his side. Collect exactly as many drops in the pipette as prescribed by the doctor. Straighten the passage, pulling the shell a little down and back. This will allow the medicine to run down and along the wall of the passage. After the procedure, let the baby lie down for about three minutes.

How to properly instill ears see in our video:

Features of the use of medications

Before you start treatment, you need to warm up the drops.

Warning! Too cold or hot means can cause severe pain. Therefore, always warm up to body temperature. Because in some medicines the active ingredients can settle, try to shake the drug well.

There are some features when instilling certain formulations:

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide .To cleanse the ear canal, you can use a gauze turunda or a cotton pad moistened with the composition. You can conduct the procedure no more than once in 10 days. After treatment, the ear must be cleaned from the contents with a dry clean cloth. If you decide to drip peroxide, you can dilute in a 1: 1 ratio or use in undiluted form. After 10-15 minutes, when the hissing stops, tilt your head in the opposite direction so that the rests can flow out unhindered.
  2. Alcohol tincture .They can not be used for violations of the integrity of the membrane. Since such formulations have a warming effect, use a cotton pad or bandage after the procedure. You can not be in a draft for two hours. If you plan on going out, protect your ears. Alcohol tinctures should be stored in a dark glass vial.

Sometimes boric acid is used at home. If it is in the form of a powder, then water is taken for breeding with a temperature of not more than 40 degrees. To obtain:

  • 2%, add 5 gr.for a glass of water,
  • 3% - 6 gr.on the glass,
  • 10% - 100 gr.per liter.

How to use hydrogen peroxide for various ear diseases see in our video:

Contraindications for the use of

Depending on the active substance, some medicinal drops can not be used for children because of their ototoxic effect. Up to three years should not use Candibiotics, Sofredeks, Zipromed. Contraindication is also individual intolerance of individual components.

When pregnancy is prescribed with extreme caution to Polidex or Otofu. You can not use Normaks, Annauran, Sofraks. These same drugs can not be used in purulent lesions. Since they can cause hearing loss if they get into the middle ear.

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