Onions from worms, does onion water help, tincture to get rid of helminths, helps, whether their decoction( infusion) kills?

Many of us have faced such an unpleasant problem as worms, the infection of which can significantly worsen the health and quality of life. The presence of helminths in the body leads to a lot of problems. Often helminths affect individual tissues and vital organs, clog the intestines, provoking the development of chronic diseases.

Infection usually occurs through contaminated water or food, poorly washed hands, undercooked or raw meat or fish. Often people become infected from each other and from pets because of non-compliance with hygiene rules. As they grow, larvae of helminths feed on the vital juices of people, poisoning the blood with the products of their vital activity.

Infected with diarrhea or constipation, vomiting and nausea, changes in appetite, fatigue, pain in the head or abdomen, sleep disorders, irritability, weight loss, bluish under the eyes, bad breath and other signs. Worm infections for children are especially dangerous. They may experience a weakening of memory and a lag in physical and mental development.

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At the first suspicions of the appearance of worms, you need to see a doctor for analysis and an accurate diagnosis. In addition to drug treatment, a lot of effective folk methods are used to treat helminths. One of the most popular and affordable products, long used against worms, is the onion.

This is due to the fact that in onions, in its husks, broths from it there is a large amount of phytoncides killing the pathogenic microflora. Slime, which is contained in onion water, accelerates the excretion of larvae and eggs of worms with calves, and also helps to get rid of the products of their vital activity.

Regular consumption of onions helps to improve appetite and stimulates the processes of its digestion. It is noticed that in people who eat a lot of onions, worms almost never happen. Therefore, it is recommended to add it daily to salads, soups and second courses.

When asked if the onions kill worms, folk medicine gives an unambiguous answer-actually kills. Tinctures and decoctions are offered for their destruction.

For preparation of onion tincture against worms, one bulb and a glass of water will be needed. The vegetable is finely shredded and poured with boiling water. After a day's settling, the resulting liquid must be filtered and drunk on an empty stomach at 100-150 grams for 4 days.

To get rid of worms in adults, the following recipe is suggested. Half of the bottle is filled with chopped onions and filled with moonshine or vodka. The mixture is settled for ten days. Infusion of onion on alcohol is drunk on a tablespoon twice a day before meals.

Well, the method of expulsion of worms with tincture from the husks of onions helps. For its preparation, three tablespoons of raw material are poured into 300 ml of boiling water. After insisting for 5 hours take 100 grams after eating twice a day for four days.

Onions are often combined in anthelmintic collections with wormwood, tansy and buckthorn, which enhances the healing effect.

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