Oil from worms( against helminths) - sunflower, ethereal, vegetable, hemp, sea-buckthorn, olive, vaseline

Traditional medicine widely uses a variety of oils in the fight against helminths. The effectiveness of the action of such agents has been proved by laboratory methods, and is confirmed by practical experience. Moreover, a big plus of such methods of struggle is that they are safe for health, environmentally friendly and, in parallel with the striking effect of influence on worms, have a general strengthening effect on the human body.

Oil against worms acts as a natural destroyer, provoking pathological changes in parasitic organisms and destroying the protective mucous membranes of the oviposition, which contributes to the destruction of parasites at the stage of formation. The secret of such a complex effect is the chemical composition of the agents used against worms. Extracts extracted from a number of plants, as well as some synthetic agents( for example, petroleum jelly), have an excellent purifying and softening effect, which makes them not only curative, but also quite loyal to the human body.

With the help of essential oil from worms one can get rid without risking to "earn" toxic intestinal lesions, as it often happens when using patented medical products of synthetic origin.

Conducting systematic studies of chemical properties has demonstrated that most of the currently known products of this segment have a powerful antiparasitic effect. In this case, the use of oil from worms will not only destroy them, but also to avoid the relapse of infection.

Oil against worms, how to apply?

Ways of using natural remedies against worms are several:

  • inhalation - that is, inhalation of aromatic vapors;
  • oral - ingestion of drugs;
  • rectal( enemas and suppositories);
  • by affecting the skin( massage, rubbing).

In addition, it is also practiced the manufacture of medicinal patches based on oils that are applied to the cleansed abdominal skin around the navel, preferably overnight.

To achieve the maximum effect on the elimination of helminthic invasion, it is recommended to apply the drugs in several configurations at once.

Widely known in folk medicine is a simple and affordable way to get rid of worms - sunflower oil, but with it you should be careful, because the remedy is quite potent. Apply it as rubbing, and also internally - there are several basic recipes based on sunflower oil. It is a natural scavenger, therefore it helps to free the body from worms. But it should be used in parallel with restorative agents, and it is not recommended to treat it with helminthiosis of children under three years of age. The method of application is simple - one teaspoon of a drug per day, two to three hours before meals. If the effect is too strong, the treatment can alternate with the days of recovery and rest of the intestine.

Hemp oil obtained by cold pressing, helps to cleanse the body and increases the level of regeneration.

Sea buckthorn oil from worms is not so widely known, but, nevertheless, it helps to purify the body, purifies blood from the products of parasite metabolism, negatively affects the function of reproduction of parasites.

A popular remedy in the fight against worms is olive oil, which, in addition to complex purification, has a wonderful rejuvenating effect and promotes the regeneration of depleted resources of the human body.

Oil in worms - an indispensable component of the

diet Among the general recommendations for use, it should be noted that oils against worms can be used not only as a medicine( the standard dosage is 1 teaspoon per day before meals), but also as a food product, usingprocess of cooking main dishes, salads, casseroles, juices and medicinal teas. Along with such widely known and favorite oils as sunflower or olive oil, it is recommended to include in the daily ration of food such unique in chemical composition means, as apricot, hemp, linen, watermelon squeezes, as well as squeezing of walnuts.

All these tools contribute to the destruction of toxins, remove slags and other contaminants from the human body, contribute to the strengthening of immunity. It is especially worth noting the unique impact on the human body of the means obtained by treating seeds and cobs of plants - the embryos of the future life contains a tremendous healing and restorative effect.

Using vegetable oil from worms, it must be remembered that the product works best with other antihistamines, and has a strong cleansing effect. However, sometimes it can render low efficiency through a high level of contamination of blood and body tissues by the products of vital activity of parasites - in these cases it is necessary to conduct a complex for dehelminthization of the organism under the supervision of a specialist.

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