Worms in the stomach, move around the navel in a person, photos and videos, can you feel this sign?

The prevalence of helminths among the population is very high. The following groups of people are particularly affected by helminthic invasion: children, fishermen, hunters and immunocompromised individuals. Parasites invisibly penetrate the human body and gradually poison it with the products of their vital activity. Most of the worms live in the abdomen, namely in the intestine, but they can also be in the brain and in the liver and other organs. Worms in the abdomen of a person can not always be recognized, because parasites masquerade as various diseases.

Common manifestations of helminthic invasion are familiar to many among them, usually the following are distinguished: weight loss against a background of increased appetite, pallor of the skin, chronic fatigue, itching in the anus. All this is typical for a massive defeat. But sometimes there are signs that can be confused with other diseases, but they are actually caused by the intrusion of uninvited guests into the body. Can worms move in the abdomen around the navel?

Signs of worms in the abdomen

Many types of worms are located in the digestive organs - this is their favorite habitat, which is why in the presence of parasites in the body, there are often disruptions in digestion. Some people may think that the worms move in the stomach. In fact, such sensations can be caused by increased gas production in the intestine. Parasites irritate the organs and poison them with the products of their vital activity, so often there is flatulence, digestive problems, pain near the navel. Glistes in a man in the stomach can be seen in the photo, the spectacle is not pleasant, but it makes you think about your health.

Worms in the stomach cause not only problems with digestion, they release into the body a lot of toxic substances, which negatively affect the nervous system. The more parasites in the body, the stronger the symptoms of intoxication. Symptoms of worms in the abdomen in this case are usually the following: migraine, nausea, fever, chronic fatigue and anemia. The patient may suffer from insomnia, and in children in the dream there is gnashing of teeth.

Worms in the abdomen often manifest with various allergic rashes, it may be itching or hives. In severe cases, parasites can cause bronchial asthma. If the helminths are located not in the abdomen, but in the lungs, then they can cause a painful cough.

The immune system, like the entire body as a whole, suffers from the presence of worms in the body. Worms in the stomach feed on useful substances that come with food, the patient lacks vitamins, resulting in reduced immunity. Against this background, various chronic diseases can become aggravated. Often there are inflammations in the genitals, in addition, there may be stomatitis, sinusitis and other diseases.

In advanced cases, parasites can cause even an oncology. This is due to a strong and persistent intoxication, a malfunction in the immune system, trauma to the organs and a chronic shortage of nutrients.

Can I feel the worms in my stomach? The presence of worms in the body can be suspected by the above symptoms. Diagnosis is often difficult, because all these manifestations may indicate other diseases. Pain in the navel, nausea, anemia and chronic weakness - all these manifestations can not be ignored, so it is necessary to pass the diagnosis.

What types of worms live in the stomach?

There are many kinds of worms, about 300. Most parasites prefer to live in the intestines, watch a video about the worms in the stomach.

Ascarids are most common in children. The cause of infection are dirty hands. Larvae enter the body, reach the intestine, and then from them hatching worms and begin to multiply actively. Helminths can penetrate the blood and thus move around the entire orgasm. The glistes in the abdomen may not cause any pronounced symptoms. Usually, indigestion, insomnia and irritability are observed.

Pinworms are found in different layers of the population. As a rule, this species is not dangerous for health, but it gives the patient a certain discomfort. Worms live in the intestine mainly in its lower part, they provoke itching in the anus, chronic fatigue and bad breath.

The group of tapeworms includes: pork tapeworm, echinococcus, broad ribbon, and also bovine tapeworm. These worms are usually large in size. Infection occurs due to poor heat treatment of meat and fish. As a result, the patient may have a large abdomen from the worms, and pain may also be present, nausea, indigestion and allergies. The wiggling of the worms in the abdomen can lead to a certain discomfort.

Round worms live in the intestines, they attach to the walls and release toxic substances into the body. With a large number of worms can penetrate into other organs and cause serious damage there. The cause of infection lies in the non-observance of basic hygiene rules. Such worms are dangerous to health, they can cause jaundice, gastrointestinal disruptions, anemia, severe weight loss, pain in the navel. Sometimes even a violation of blood sugar levels.

If you feel discomfort in the abdomen and suspect the presence of worms in the body, then it is better not to pull with the examination. The longer the helminths live in the body, the more difficult it is to get rid of them. Modern ways to identify parasites can quickly identify many types of worms.

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