The feeling that worms move, worry, can you feel the wilting of helminths?

The fact that the human body - a cozy and hospitable home for helminth information in the press is enough. Most people think to themselves: "I do not have them. .." But if you read the messages of visitors to the forums about the sensation of a stir that they feel inside and outside of their bodies day and night, the confidence will noticeably diminish. A lot of people complain to each other that they are experiencing something similar to wiggling worms. Who is in the stomach, who is in the rectum. And what's more, they witnessed how long tapeellers and roundworms leave them in the process of defecation.

But this is written by our fellow citizens, not aborigines from the tropical islands. We all eat roughly the same: fish, meat, sausage, imported fruit. We keep dogs, cats and hamsters, digging in beds and swimming in natural water. Why does someone have such confidence that worms do not threaten him? Even as they threaten! How many sores arise from nowhere!

Oh, it seems the worms move!

There is a category without the measure of hypochondriacs. They, on the contrary, are constantly imagining that the worms move within them. They are prone to increased gas formation in the intestine, discomfort in the navel and the pranal area to take the worms. Then the packs of antiparasitic drugs go one by one. Which, of course, "do not help" because they do not remove these phenomena. It is not always sensation of flatulence, itchy of inflamed hemorrhoids, nausea associated with the presence of helminths. The basic treatment prescribed by the gastroenterologist usually removes this symptomatology.

Worms worming - a sign of enterobiasis

Manifestations of helminthiases disguise themselves under the symptoms of a variety of somatic diseases - from migraine to dermatosis and bronchial asthma. And very rarely bothered by worms, causing a sensation of stirring. An exception is enterobiosis. The disease is considered childish, but often adults become pinworm carriers. It is transmitted through contacts with objects that are contaminated with eggs and larvae of these small white helminths. Usually the whole family is ill. Pinworms are considered harmless. But itching in the rectum and, especially, in the perineum is so strong that it is impossible to tolerate and not itch. The sensation of worms intensifies at night, when they get out through the anus to make a clutch. The worms move at the same time very actively and strongly disturb, disturbing sleep.

On what sensations at worms it is necessary to pay attention?

If a person feels constantly tired, he has disagreements with digestion, there are always some diseases attached and a feeling that the avitaminosis lasts 12 months a year, he should make a laboratory diagnosis. And, without delay, do not wait until the worms move, instilling confidence in their existence. Sensations that inside someone is fumbling and crawling, does not happen even with abundant infestations. Their life activity is not so obvious, they do not attract unnecessary attention.

Helminthes imperceptibly kill us with their toxins, destroy the nervous and immune system, destroy the liver and lungs, poison the blood, provoke cancer. Worrying worms indirectly, masking the traces of his stay under the plural, usual for the doctors of the symptomatology. And if the patient initiates the delivery of tests, those with a high probability will not give out uninvited guests. All as a result will write off to a phobia or a mania.

Some skeptics stubbornly wonder whether it is possible to feel the wiggling of worms? Apparently, other arguments for them are unconvincing. Probably not. Even 40-meter tapeworms sit quietly and drink the master's juices, and threadlike tangles of nematodes skillfully hide in the liver, in the heart, in the brain and in the eyes until cirrhosis, infarction and glaucoma are identified. By the way, a large and painful abdomen is one of the factors that makes it possible to suspect that someone has illegally settled in the bowels. In combination with a constant desire to eat - a bad sign. But again, indirect, here even ultrasound does not determine anything.

Of course, if you imagine that all worms will move at once, then surely strong feelings are guaranteed. But nobody needs this. It is necessary to periodically exorcise them with antiparasitic agents( well, what if suddenly there is?).Not necessarily highly toxic tablets. Can antihelminthic plants - wormwood, tansy, yarrow or pumpkin seeds, cloves, garlic, thyme. Any preventive measure will only benefit health.

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