Zinc ointment against pinworms, for the treatment of enterobiasis in children

Therapeutic measures for pinworms should be carried out in a complex. One intake of medication is not enough, because with this invasion it is very easy to re-self-infection. Often experts recommend using zinc ointment against pinworms. This tool, most often used in cosmetology for the healing of inflammations and cracks on the skin, fights quite effectively. It's all about the viscous structure of the drug. If you treat it with the skin of the anus, then the female parasitic worms crawling into the anal opening for reproduction will get stuck in it and will be unable to move. The eggs laid by them will also stick, which will prevent them from getting on bed linen, clothes and household items, and therefore the risk of repeated self-contamination of the patient. Applying this ointment to treatment of pinworms, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • To prevent the occurrence of infection, if any member of the family worms are found, its use is shown to all those in contact with sick people;
  • The drug is applied immediately before bedtime. In this case, the effect of its action is maximum;
  • Simultaneously with the use of zinc ointment with enterobiosis, vitamins and reducing agents are taken, which put the organism intoxicated by the worms.

In addition to the destruction of pinworms, zinc ointment acts soothingly on the irritated skin and relieves itching, which allows the invaded person to sleep peacefully. Compliance with these rules in conjunction with ongoing medical therapy guarantees full recovery of the patient in 2-3 weeks. An indisputable advantage in applying it is that the zinc that is contained in the ointment that destroys pinworm is absorbed into the skin and enters the human blood. Thanks to this, the patient, using this remedy for pinworm, receives this chemical substance necessary for the life of the organism additionally, which contributes to strengthening his health.

Zinc ointment for pinworms to children

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get rid of the worms of a child. Especially in the case when he visits a pre-school institution in which infection with parasites always takes the form of an epidemic and the risk of re-invasion persists at all times. An effective and original way to combat this kind of small parasitic worms laying eggs in the anus folds is the use of zinc-based ointment. In children's groups due to the use of ointment for therapeutic purposes, it is possible to prevent repeated infection of babies with pinworms.

In order to avoid the epidemic of helminthiosis, when detecting parasites at least one child from the kindergarten, experts recommend treating the anus area with all the contacting babies for 3 weeks. During this time, a complete cycle of parasite development will take place, they will perish and quickly be eliminated from the body. The entire period of treatment of pinworms with the help of ointment is necessary and adherence to a special diet, in which a large number of plant fiber and other products that accelerate the peristalsis of the intestine. This will also contribute to a more effective withdrawal of parasites from the intestines of babies.

It is recommended to use zinc ointment and when treating pinworms in infants. Due to the fact that therapy of enterobiasis in infants with drugs is mostly contraindicated because of their high toxicity, the use of this agent for 3 weeks will give the best results. During this period, helminths, having a short life cycle, will die on their own, and the risks of repeated self-contamination of the baby will be completely ruled out. But we should not forget that all therapeutic measures for the elimination of pinworms with the help of ointment in an infant should be carried out simultaneously and with the parents, as well as with other family members in contact with the sick baby. In addition, it is necessary to closely monitor the strict observance of the following rules of personal hygiene:

  • After washing the sick child and applying it to the folds of the anal opening of the ointment, preventing re-infection with pinworms, you should thoroughly wash with antibacterial soap. Especially it concerns areas under the nails, where eggs of parasites accumulate in large quantities;
  • Bed and underwear, as well as diapers for enterobiasis, not only wash and boil, but also ironed on 2 sides.

This method of treating pinworms with zinc ointment has a slight drawback. During the carrying out of therapeutic measures in young children with the help of this remedy, it is necessary to closely monitor the skin condition of the baby's anus folds in order to prevent over-drying and irritation. In addition, despite the safety of this type of therapy, it is necessary to conduct it only after consulting with a specialist and taking all the tests that confirm the presence of enterobiosis.

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