Which doctor treats the nail fungus?

Fungus can appear in almost every person. Sensations can be unpleasant. First you need to say about what a fungus is and where it can appear, and then find out which doctor heals nail fungus on his legs and fungus arms.

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Fungus and its species

At its core, the fungus is an infection caused by harmful small fungi. Disease in the medical field is called onychomycosis.

It's important to know! Many microfungi have acquired the ability to parasitize on the surface of the skin, nails and hair, not only humans, but also animals. There may also be a fungus on the head or between the fingers.

In this case, there may be no destruction or tissue damage. It turns out a kind of cohabitation.

An interesting fact! According to statistics, about ten percent of the population is affected by fungal nail diseases.

Species distinguish the following:

  1. Normotrophic. Very often accompanied by a change in the color of the nail itself. There may be any streaks or stains of yellow or white. It is worth saying that the nail on the outside is not damaged or tinnitus.
  2. Hypertrophic. With this form there is a strong deformation of the nail and damage. The thickening of the nail plate is most often observed. The process of crumbling can be traced. Sometimes there is pain while moving.
  3. Atrophic. The thickness of the nail is very much reduced and the color becomes faded. You can notice the appearance of spots or streaks.

The main symptoms of

The diagnosis of the disease is extremely simple. Distribution of the fungus is accompanied by significant changes. First of all, it should be said about the color of the nail plate. Coloring can change very quickly. The skin around the site of infection can also change color. The most famous shades:

  • white;
  • gray;
  • yellow;
  • brown;
  • black;
  • is even green.

Many fungi are accompanied by stratification and crumbling of the nail. This process is not very pleasant, but it is immediately noticeable. If there is a slight pain or itching around the nail, it is worthwhile to be on the alert. After a fairly long period, you can see the keratinization and strong sealing of the nail.

Determine the time when the fungus can begin by one criterion. Very often, the activity of the fungal infection is accompanied by the appearance of an allergic rash, which is very itchy.

An interesting fact! In young children and adolescents, the fungus appears rarely. This disease is common among adults and the elderly.

How to get the fungus

It is worth saying that the nail fungus is passed from one person to another. This happens by touching different parts of the body. If there were any microcracks, then the infection can easily get on the skin, and only after that on the toenails.

Another reason is genetic predisposition. It is inherited and it is almost impossible to get rid of such an organism.

In the greatest danger are all people visiting public places such as saunas, swimming pools and steam rooms and not using special protective equipment. The easiest way to protect yourself is to use an antifungal cream.

A separate item stands out for people who do not pay proper attention to their own hygiene. Here you can include a group such as incorrectly selected shoes. With its use, the legs during the working day can sweat very much, which creates the most favorable environment for spreading the fungus.

Doctor who heals nail fungus on his legs and hands

The very first doctor to visit is a local therapist. First it is necessary that he give his expert advice. He would just say which doctor is treating the nail fungus. To get rid of the consequences of the infection, several doctors will be needed.

Dermatologist. This person deals with all matters related to the skin. This includes the following types of exposure:

  • viral;
  • is infectious;
  • dermatitis;
  • eczema;
  • parasitic effects;
  • rash;
  • inflammation of the skin;
  • allergic reactions.

This doctor deals not only with skin diseases, but also with nail damage. Only a qualified doctor can make an accurate diagnosis and make a correct and effective treatment.

Mycologist. The work is similar to that of a dermatologist. The difference is that this person specializes precisely in fungal diseases that appear on the nails of the legs, on the hands and hair.

Important! Unfortunately, mycologists, as a rule, do not exist in many polyclinics. Their work is very often performed by dermatologists.

Fungi can appear even in the area of ​​the hairline. Then the doctor - trichologist will come to the rescue. This person can make the right treatment for lichens and fungal diseases in the hair area.

Sometimes you may need help and a gynecologist. Thrush is considered a fungal disease.

Treatment of fungus

It is worth saying at once that independent treatment of the fungus at home is not recommended. If it is wrong to determine the type of fungal disease, the fungus will continue to spread. You can simply very much reduce your immunity. It is important to determine the cause of the appearance of the fungus and try to isolate it. After this, you should immediately contact any of the listed doctors. About which doctor to go was written a little higher.

How is the examination of

? First of all, a dermatologist or a mycologist will ask about the observed symptoms. Then visual inspection of the problem site. Next is the procedure for sampling. The doctor will just scrape off the external unnecessary particles. After that, the collected skin is sent for analysis. After a week the results can be ready. Only then it is possible to name clearly, what exactly for a fungus has lodged on a body. In accordance with this, and the process of treatment is appointed, which consists in the use of a certain type of tablets in combination with ointments and creams. Sometimes you may need to remove the nail.

The main thing is to notice the symptoms in time and contact the right doctor. The earlier this is done, the better.

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