Which doctor treats barley on the eye?

Barley is a disease of the century that is caused by a bacterial infection. It is an inflammation of a purulent nature that occurs inside a hair bulb or sebaceous gland. It should be noted that barley on the eye happens to be internal. In this case, inflammation occurs in the meibomian gland. About what doctor treats barley on the eye, and how he performs therapy, we'll talk in our article.

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Most often, the causative agent of this disease is Staphylococcus aureus. However, there are cases when barley occurs due to obstruction of the ducts.

Important! At the first symptoms of barley on the eye, you should consult an ophthalmologist.

Symptoms of the disease

Barley is a white or yellowish purulent head that is located on the edematous red century. But in some cases, the head is not formed, and the eyelid is significantly swollen.

Here you can talk about the inner barley, which is also called meibomite( inflammatory process in Meibovian glands).

So, what are the symptoms of the disease? This:

  • swelling in the eyelid;
  • painful sensations when touched to the eyelid;
  • redness, conjunctiva;
  • pain in the eyes;
  • headache;
  • slight increase in temperature;
  • sensation of weakness.

Remember: with an easy form of the disease, full recovery can happen in 4 days.

Causes of the disease

The most common cause of barley is the catarrhal diseases that are transferred, against which the immunity is weakened. Often, barley appears in people with hypovitaminosis. The disease is a frequent companion of gastritis, diabetes and colitis.

Important: should not violate hygienic standards( use other people's towels and cosmetics).

Which doctor treats barley on the eye

At the first signs of the appearance of barley, you should consult an ophthalmologist. The doctor will examine the affected area and interview the patient. With severe pain or blurred vision, the doctor can gently open the abscess. After that, he will appoint a treatment aimed at eliminating cosmetic defects, alleviating the patient's condition and increasing immunity.

Remember: never open the abscess yourself.

Methods of treating barley on the eye

Barley on the eye is quickly cured quickly. For this, it is necessary to carry out complex procedures combining folk remedies and medical treatment.

Important! What ointments from barley on the eye help from barley on the eye? Read here.


The doctor prescribes antibiotics depending on the individual drug tolerance. Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase such preparations on their own. The course of treatment is also determined by the doctor. Antibiotics are able to remove the inflammatory process, to prevent further spread of bacteria and the appearance of barley in the subsequent time( meaning the period to which the drug is exposed).


Simultaneously with taking antibiotics, the doctor will prescribe medications that can increase the level of body protection, as well as drugs that stabilize the natural background for the period of taking antibiotics and after using them. As immunostimulants, various agents( vitamins, dietary supplements, brewer's yeast, as well as medicines containing Echinacea) can be used.

Important! Find out which drops from barley are used on the eye.

Drops and ointments

Such drugs are able to remove inflammation in a short period of time, or to break an abscess. This eliminates the infection or further spread of the infection. Many ointments designed to fight barley on the eye, contain antibiotics, which makes it possible to quickly get rid of the disease. Typically, doctors prescribe tetracycline ointment, gentamicin or erythromycin. Of the local drugs is effective and green. The doctor may prescribe to apply the remedy several times a day on the reddened eyelid.

Remember: , when applying ointments or greens, you should use a new cotton swab each time to avoid re-infection.


Similar procedures are rarely prescribed by physicians. Usually physiotherapy courses last much longer than the disease itself. Therefore, such procedures are prescribed in the event that antibiotics do not help, as well as with relapsing barley.

Know: can not be touched with dirty hands. In particular, this rule applies to children.

Prohibitions of the doctor

When treating barley, all doctors strictly forbid self-medication. You can not make lotions and compresses on the affected area. So, additionally moistening the skin can lead to a rapid multiplication of bacteria and the emergence of additional inflammatory foci.

Important! How to treat barley in a child, you can find in our article.

Strongly not allowed to try to squeeze or open the barley on its own. Few people know that this can lead to inflammation of the orbit or phlegmon. In rare cases, independence leads to the appearance of inflammatory processes in the meninges.

Do not use lenses and cosmetics during treatment. Unfortunately, many women try to hide the defect with the help of cosmetics, thereby aggravating the situation even more. It should be remembered that no make-up will help hide the red and edemaceous eyelid from the views of others. Therefore, it is best to suffer, because the limitations in applying cosmetics will not last long.

Know: , when you have the first symptoms of a disease, you should not have a question about which doctor to go to. Urgently go on reception to the oculist.

Prevention of

disease Barley is not contagious. Most often it affects women than men. The explanation is quite simple. Women are much more likely to touch their eyes, for example, when applying makeup. Therefore, cosmetics should be chosen only quality and tested. It is necessary to regularly wash applicators and brushes for applying make-up. It is not superfluous to wash hands before washing with soap.

You should definitely take vitamins, especially in the autumn and spring periods, spend more time outdoors and eat right.

Under the guise of barley may be hiding and other more dangerous diseases. For example, - halyazion. This ailment is treated exclusively surgically. Therefore, immediately consult a doctor for a correct diagnosis.

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