Knee joint knee arthrosis how to choose

Osteoarthritis is one of the joint diseases that can not be fully cured by modern methods. In case of exacerbation of symptoms, internal and external remedies are used. To ease the condition, as an additional method in this disease, wearing knee pads is used. But only in combination with medication treatment they can provide an effective result.

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Orthopedic fixatives that are wornon the diseased joint, reduce the load on it and this is saved from pain. The action of such knee pads is akin to the action of elastic bandages. Their difference in higher cost, undeniable convenience and practicality.

They are usually used by people involved in sports. But the joint is affected by arthrosis, it pains even with ordinary walking. Their use is relevant for physical exercises prescribed for the treatment of arthrosis. In addition to anesthesia during movement, the knee pads can stop the progression of the disease. The main difference from elastic bandage is that they do not need to be re-banded several times a day to ensure the required tension of the tissue.

Please note! If the bandage is not sufficiently stretched, it will not perform the required function, and if tightly tightened, it can draw blood vessels and cause problems. The knee brace provides this property throughout the day. And besides, it is more aesthetic.

How to choose the size of the

The knee brace requires an individual selection to avoid problems during use. If it is chosen correctly, it will not bring discomfort throughout the day. Some mistakenly believe that if he tightens his leg very tightly, this is the most suitable condition for providing orthopedic qualities. But this can be an obstacle to free blood flow, which is fraught with insufficient nutrients and oxygen of tissues. In this case, the limb can acquire a bluish shade and become numb.

Knee pads have several varieties. There are closed type and open. They need to be acquired based on the state of the disease:

  1. In the initial stage, when the place of pain localization is not precisely defined, it is better to use a closed type.
  2. If the pain is troubling during physical exertion, purchase a bandage with stiffeners, fixing the joint in the correct position and reducing pain.
  3. During adaptation after surgery, it is better to purchase with an adjustable degree of tension.
  4. For chronic arthrosis, use heated bandages to relieve pain.
  5. Deforming arthrosis requires knee joints with a hinge structure.
  6. If, with joint pain, there is a pain of the tendons, then you need to choose those that are able to fix this part of the leg.

Recommended! Before buying the knee, be sure to try it on. Even knowing your size, it's better to be safe.

Kinds of

Of all the variety of manufactured models, it is necessary to choose the lock most suitable for the anatomical structure and condition of the affected joint. Since the knee pads are a kind of therapeutic measure, one should approach it carefully, having consulted a specialist in advance.

Important! Of the many new species appearing on the market of goods, you can choose a suitable knee, after acquaintance with their abilities, to ensure the maximum effect from its action.

Depending on the material of manufacture and design features, the knee pads are divided:

  • bandages;
  • orthoses;
  • tutors;
  • of a special kind and others.


Brackets of the joints of the knee group called bandages gently support the joint. They can have different designs:

  • closed type of elastic fabric, used for any type of joint disease;
  • of the open appearance of the elastic material have the ability to adjust the compression of the tissues and are used for periodic knee pains if the motor function is preserved;
  • open type with additional stiffeners, made of elastic fabric are used for occasional pains from minor physical exertion( running, squatting, walking on the stairs).

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Orthoses rigidly fix the joint, but allow to perform the motor function. Produced in two design features:

  • with additional rigid plates on an elastic base, unlike bandages with such a design, provide more reliable fixation of the problem joint;
  • knee pads, the base of which has a hinge function, fixes the joint, but allows you to make limited movements, it is applied after the operations on the joint.

Important! About the symptoms of arthrosis of the hip joint and its treatment, you will learn in our article.


Tutors reliably fix the knee joint, providing a fixed position to eliminate pain manifestations even with minimal joint action. Produced from a dense elastic fabric with rigid plates. Adjustment of tension is possible. It is used for arthrosis with pain syndrome and after operations on the joint.

Special knee protectors

Special knee braces are used for preventive measures and in the period between exacerbations of joint diseases:

  • knee from animal wool or with infrared source perform a heating function;
  • magnetic knee protectors, reinforced with metal plates, improve the condition of the affected joint by means of magnetotherapy.


Orthopedic knee pads can be made from several types of materials. To find the most suitable product, you should know about their properties and distinctive features.

  1. The knee from neoprene does not allow air to pass through, therefore the skin can suffer.
  2. Good air-permeable products from cotton fabric suffer greatly after washing. Therefore, the period of their use is not very long.
  3. Dog wool products are strong enough and durable. They warm the sick joint well, soft and comfortable to wear, but can cause allergic manifestations.
  4. Modern polyester and elastin materials have a good effect on the joint, and they are wear-resistant. The only drawback is the high cost.

From dog wool

This knee is made of elastic fabric with the addition of inserts from the combed wool of animals. It not only keeps the damaged joint from causing painful sensations while moving, but also warms it, prevents cooling and can be used as a preventive measure of joint diseases.

With its use, there is a micro massage, which enhances blood circulation and metabolic processes near the joint. This contributes to the reduction of pain syndrome and the replacement of diseased tissues with healthy ones. After prolonged use, the mobility of the damaged joint is restored.

These knee pads have different design features. For larger sizes, they are made detachable to facilitate the process of putting on. Some models come with adhesive tapes. With their help, you can adjust the knee by volume.

The insert made of canine wool reliably warms the sick joint, thanks to the hollow structure of the hairs, which makes it indispensable especially in the autumn-winter period. Fans of winter hunting and fishing such knee pads are preferred for the prevention of inflammatory joint diseases.

This is achieved thanks to the ability of the wool to absorb moisture, but at the same time, to be dry. This method of heating is the most effective.

Recommendations on how to use

  1. Do not wear a knee joint for a long period. It should be worn on a sick joint only for the time of upcoming physical exertion.
  2. If it has fixatives, then you need to determine the optimal tightness of the clinging. If there is insufficient tension, it will scroll or slide and will not be able to influence the joint favorably.
  3. Also undesirable overly tight fitting. Fixed in this way the joint will not have a sufficient flow of blood. Too tight fitting can be determined by looking at the fixed knee. In this case, after a while after putting on the bandage the knee will look swollen.

If desired, a knee from a dog's coat can be worn both on the bare part of the body and over the clothes. When washing, only warm soapy water should be used. Do not use the washing machine. After rinsing gently squeeze out water. Before ironing, smooth and cover with a cloth. Iron is not too hot with iron without using steam, otherwise the knee can deform.

Advantages of using

The structure of the hairs of a wool fleece affects the nerve endings located on the skin. This provokes blood flow to the aching joint, which has a warming effect and helps to relieve inflammation.

The properties of dog hair irritate the nerve endings more pronounced than in the wool of other animals, including camel. To the knee from such a wool is more trusting attitude, since its action is checked by long-term use. Under the influence of wool neutralizes the static stress on the surface of the skin.

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