Broke the rib: how to treat at home

Rib fracture is the most common chest injury that occurs as a result of an accident, a strong impact, squeezing, falling. There are single and multiple bone injuries. The main symptoms of a broken rib: severe pain, worse with coughing, shortness of breath, pain in the area of ​​damage, bone crepitus. What you need to do with a broken rib will be covered in this article.

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According to statistics, 16% of the fractures are precisely the damage to the ribs.

IMPORTANT! With a complex fracture, it is possible not only to damage the bones, but also to the internal organs, which can lead to pleuropulmonary shock and serious complications dangerous to life.

Symptoms of a rib fracture in a child, what to do

Children are often susceptible to various fractures, including fracture of the rib. If a child's rib is broken, he has these symptoms:

  • a complaint of pain in the chest area at the time of inspiration or exhalation;
  • the child may refuse to move, because it hurts him;
  • covers the sore spot;
  • is superficial breathing.

If you find such symptoms of behavior in a child, it is likely that his ribs are broken. Examine his body carefully and carefully, perhaps you will find bruise on the bruised place. Ensure complete rest to the child and be sure to contact the nearest hospital.

The first emergency aid for fracture of the

rib The injured help to take a comfortable position of the body and apply a pressure bandage on the bruised area. In the absence of bandage, use a towel or any piece of fabric.

IMPORTANT! In some cases, chest fixation can lead to serious breathing disorders, resulting in stagnation of sputum, pneumonia develops.

If a person has an open fracture, it is immobilized and called an ambulance.

Fracture of 6-7 edges of

It is worth to pay more attention to the examination of fracture of 6-7 ribs, because most people get a fracture of the first six ribs and to reveal it quite simply. The difference is a fracture of the 7th rib, because the symptomatology is expressed in the following: rapid breathing, pulse up to 90 beats per minute, painful sensations during palpation. Also, hematoma can appear from the bruise, and during the examination it can show the formation of a fracture or fracture. The patient, as a rule, complains of general weakness, malaise, and pain on the right or left side.

After first aid is provided, it is necessary to urgently apply to a medical institution, to undergo examination and begin treatment of broken ribs.

See video how to treat fracture of rib, and speed up the fusion.


If you suspect a fracture of the ribs, the injured person should contact the medical center to determine the severity of the disease and provide assistance. To make an accurate diagnosis, specialists carry out an X-ray of a sore spot.

Important! If the ribs are broken, the treatment is prescribed only by a doctor! Do not self-medicate!

How is a rib fracture treated? A fracture of one or two ribs is treated at home, multiple lesions are an indication for emergency hospitalization. Do not also ignore the fact, if you have broken ribs, and you feel severe pain. What to do in this case? Ask a traumatologist, you may need to be hospitalized.

After the examination, the traumatologist conducts an alcohol-procaine blockade to relieve the pain syndrome and prescribes the following treatment:

  • taking analgesics;
  • expectorants;
  • special gymnastics for improving ventilation of the lungs;
  • bandage for fracture of ribs;
  • procedures that reduce the likelihood of stagnant phenomena: banks or mustard plasters on a healthy area.

IMPORTANT! Restorative period - not less than 4 weeks.

Fracture of the ribs - treatment at home

Getting into this situation, many people do not know what to do and try to go completely to bed rest. This is not entirely correct. To quickly cure the rib, the patient needs to move a lot, walk in the fresh air, practice therapeutic gymnastics and adhere to a certain diet.


Foods that are rich in protein and calcium should predominate in nutrition: cottage cheese, jelly, jellied, kelp. The menu should be varied with fresh fruits, berries: currant, cauliflower, lemons, olives, persimmons. You should also use vitamin teas from yarrow, lungwort, nettle.

IMPORTANT! Before using herbal drinks, read the contraindications.

For fastest bone splicing, it is recommended to eat dried and ground egg shells or tendon of the beef leg. Take an empty stomach for 1 tsp / day for 20 minutes.before meals.

One of the best recipes for healing ribs is the boiled onion. Preparing the medicine is very simple: onion cook in a small amount of water and eat 2-3 pcs / day. It can be eaten not only during the rehabilitation period, but also for preventive purposes. Indian yogis have been using this remedy for hundreds of years to strengthen the bones.


Therapeutic exercises and respiratory gymnastics are mandatory components in the complex treatment of fracture of the rib. Physical culture is conducted from the first day of the injury, provided that the pain syndrome disappears. Breathing exercises will avoid stagnant phenomena in the lungs, and exercises will restore the motor function of the upper chest.

IMPORTANT! Physiotherapy is prohibited for persistent pain syndrome, large blood loss, or bleeding hazard.

The complex of exercises

  1. The starting position( hereinafter referred to as the AI) is sitting. Deep breathing with a delay of 2 sec. Repeat 10 times.
  2. I.P. - sitting. Raising hands over your head. Repeat 5 times. You can change the position of the hands when lifting.
  3. I.P. - sitting. Shoulder lift. On the rise, fix for 5 seconds, lower in and. Item
  4. An item - standing, hand on hand. Raise your arms to the shoulder. Run 5 times.
  5. IM - standing or sitting. Stretch as much as possible without feeling pain.
  6. of the IM - standing. Walking in place until 1 hour.
  7. I.P. - sitting. Breast breathing calm to 30 minutes.

The complex can be supplemented or changed depending on the severity of the disease.

Traditional medicine

Unconventional and folk remedies will help the body to cope with the disease faster and will have a significant impact on recovery. Infusions and decoctions are used inside, and also externally in the form of compresses. To do this, the cloth is moistened in a cooked broth and applied to the chest, covered with a piece of polyethylene to create a greenhouse effect and fixed with a hard bandage.

How to treat a fracture with tinctures and decoctions of

  1. A tablespoon of ground pomegranate peel should be poured with boiling water and cooked over a low heat for about 30 minutes. In the resulting broth, add the boiled water to the original volume. Used as a compress.
  2. 1 tsp.grass, pour a glass of boiling water, bring to a boil and take 2 tbsp.l. / day before meals.
  3. Fresh flowers of cornflower( along with the leaves) finely chopped and mixed with the bramble juice. Take 2 tbsp.l.on an empty stomach. Course - 8 days.
  4. 1 tbsp.l.the grass of the golden rod is covered in a thermovoice and filled with a glass of steep boiling water. Insist 2 hours. Applied as compresses.
  5. Mix in equal proportions the flowers of dandelion, mother-and-stepmother, lilac, burdock root, fall asleep on ¾ in a bottle, pour alcohol or vodka to the neck. Insist in a dark place. Apply in the form of lotions. Has a good effect with senile fractures.

What ointments can be used for fracture of the

rib Mumiye

Product of natural origin in the form of a solid mass with inclusions of animal, mineral and vegetable origin. It is used in Ayurvedic practice and alternative medicine in the treatment of various diseases.


0.1-0.2 g of mummy diluted in 50 ml of warm water. Take an hour before eating. The course of treatment is 10 days, then take a break for 5 days and repeat the reception of the remedy.

With rose oil

0.1 g of mummy dissolved in 10 ml of oil. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the damaged area.

Ointment from spruce resin and copper sulfate

Mix 15 g of copper sulfate, 2 tbsp.l.chopped onions, 50 ml of vegetable oil and 20 grams of resin( can be any coniferous tree), warm up a lot in a water bath and rub the area of ​​damage.


Fresh root is ground in a meat grinder and mixed 1: 1 with fresh unsalted fat. Apply to a sore spot.

Crude potatoes

Vegetable grind( twist through a meat grinder or grate) and attach to a bruise. Weight will help to remove the pain for a while.

Fir oil

Possesses the strongest anti-inflammatory, wound-healing effect. Oil the sore spot 2 r / day.

IMPORTANT! Fir oil can cause burns or bronchial spasms. Before using, consult a doctor and read the contraindications.

Nontraditional methods

  1. A copper coin to wash and fry in the oven. Using a file to adjust the powder from it and mix it with milk or sour cream. Take 2 r / week inside. Promotes rapid fracture fusion.
  2. Use of a magnet.15 -20 min / day keep above the injured zone: 10 min.- one side of it, 10 min.- Another. The procedure is 2-3 r / day. After 15 days, there is a decrease in puffiness, a decrease in pain, normal blood circulation in tissues resumes.

IMPORTANT! It is forbidden to use magnetic therapy for hypotension, tumors, blood diseases, infarction.

Ridge fracture is a serious injury that can lead to dangerous consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to approach with all responsibility to treatment and strictly follow the recommendations of the attending physician.

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